Set Fire to the Rain

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Set Fire to the Rain
Dates run: May 19, 2018
Run By: Twiller
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Looting. Rioting. Shit set on fire. And yet, it is still calmer than a Walmart on Black Friday.

New York is on fire, forcing the X-Men and the Avengers to work together to stop the responsible party.


Clarice Ferguson, Logan, Wade Wilson, Garrison Kane, Miles Morales, Kyle Gibney, Angelica Jones, Namor, Tyrone Johnson, Laurie Collins, Monica Rambeau, Fourteen, Rahne Sinclair, Sharon Friedlander, Molly Hayes Scott Summers, Bobby Drake, Clea Lake, John Allerdyce, Johnny Storm

General Thaddeus Ross, Human Torch (android), The Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow


May 19, 2018

Plot Summary

Thaddeus Ross desperately wanted to prove the Hulk was a monster. His previous attempts having failed, it galled him to see Bruce Banner lauded as a hero, one of the Avengers. Learning of a long-secret military project in storage, he came up with another plan.

One evening in May 2018, Angel, who was on monitor duty, alerted the mansion to something attacking New York with a series of fires. The X-Men mobilised, along with members of Generation X, to help where they could. When they arrived, they found a humanoid figure in flames flying throughout the city, setting fire to buildings but, oddly enough, avoiding casualties among the citizens. The X-Men were able to make a tentative agreement with the Avengers to try and help and they and the Generation X members were deployed to assist with evacuation, search and rescue and controlling the fires.

A plan was hatched - to herd the android over water, where it would do less damage, and from there into a containment unit provided by SHIELD. Wolverine and Dominion, working with the Avengers' Yelena Belova, encountered an obstacle in the form of General Ross, who had his own plan to take down the android. He tried to take charge, secretly issuing commands to the android to stand down, but when it failed to respond, he tried again more loudly, revealing his connection with the weapon. After a pitched battle, Namor managed to herd the android into the containment unit, but not before Deadpool and Wolverine were exposed to its radiation while saving General Ross. Yelena Belova arrested Ross for treason and he was put, under security, in an ambulance to get treatment for his fatal radiation exposure.

He would not see the hospital. En route, Heinrich Zemo intercepted the ambulance and offered him a deal - treatment for the radiation poisoning and his freedom, in return for joining Zemo in his plans.

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Due to her connection with the city, Amanda Sefton later complained of feeling sunburnt.


Plotrunner: Twiller