The Synthetic Man

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This page is about the NPC. For other uses, see The Human Torch (disambiguation).


John Hammond
Human Torch MCU.png
Portrayed by N/A
Known Aliases: The Synthetic Man, The Human Torch
Affiliations: U.S. Military
Socked By: Twiller
Introduction: Set Fire to the Rain

Created during the Second World War, the Synthetic Man has spent the past almost-eighty years in storage at SHIELD, due to its tendency to burst into flames with contact to air. It was unearthed in a plot to discredit The Hulk, before being shut down and put back into storage.


Name: "John Hammond"

Aliases: The Synthetic Man, The Human Torch

Occupation: Weapon for the U. S. Military, research project

First appearance: May 19, 2018

Family: None.


The “Synthetic Man”, aka John Hammond, was the creation of Dr. Phineas Horton as one of many projects, including Project Rebirth, aimed at countering the scientific threat posed by HYDRA and the Red Skull. This android was designed and constructed from artificial materials and given the capacity for creative intelligence, self-motivated activity, and even human-like emotions. Because of this human facsimile, Horton even gave the android a name - John Hammond.

Unfortunately, Horton’s creation burst into flames when exposed to oxygen, and the project was shut down. The Synthetic Man was displayed in an airless display at the 1943 Stark Expo as a mere curiosity and Horton ultimately died penniless. The Synthetic Man was placed in an SSR/SHIELD vault and forgotten until the events of this plot.

Horton powered his creation with a small primitive gamma reactor, which is what drew Ross’ attention in his search for something that could attack and withstand the Hulk. Upon release, the android Torch was able to project flames in either a stream or small bursts, but was unable to completely eliminate the fire surrounding its body. While the Torch’s energy signature contained trace amounts of gamma radiation, enough to be detected, the flames were not radioactive, though this changed when the gamma reactor was cracked by Ross' ordinance.

During the New York incident, android Torch was an unspeaking foe obeying the orders that Ross gave him. While the android does have a personality, it was largely quiescent after 70+ years of solitary confinement. Questions of morality were beyond it, and it defaulted to obeying military commands since it was created for war.


It can use the flame streams to fly, although maneuverability is imprecise. Able to project flames as a stream, or small fireball bursts. As the result of its artificial construction, the android Torch has enhanced strength, enough to stand toe to toe with the likes of Namor or Garrison.


Set Fire to the Rain



Socked by: Twiller