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May was weirdly busy. And busily weird. The blood bank attacks continued among increasing controversy over the ban of mutant donors, with debate ongoing about the ethics of the ban plus plans being suggested to host a "mutants-only" blood drive in District X. The ACLU also got involved, announcing they would be representing a rejected mutant donor in a discrimination suit. A teleporting accident landed a random group of mansionites in Limbo with Illyana Rasputin doing her best to keep them alive and make it to a power source untainted by the demon realm - her mentor's garden. During the several days they were gone, Warren Worthington stormed off from the group and had sex with someone who looked like Felicia Hardy, Topaz drained Gabriel Cohuelo's emotions without permission and Miles Morales found a giant sword, which turned out to be handy in defeating the demon protecting the garden, Carnage. After killing Carnage (twice), Illyana managed to teleport them home, draining the garden of the last of its power. They came back largely safe and sound, although Rahne Sinclair had a hair crisis involving Carnage-blobs and a pair of scissors. Marie-Ange Colbert and Felicia came to the rescue. Topaz was read the riot act by Amanda Sefton for her powers abuse while Gabriel needed some days to recover. Amadeus Cho, having displayed some disturbing behaviour in Limbo, went to Muir Island for testing and treatment.

The dust had barely settled on that adventure when Generation X found themselves caught up in another - a rogue bear-spirit terrorizing Bayville Charter High as the result of a Native American artefact being unleashed. The students were rescued by the elder contingent of the team, and everyone was able to defeat the bear and escape, although Monica Rambeau was less than impressed about her birthday outing. Clinton Barton suggested uniforms to his unnamed group of people and got a rather negative reaction from Kyle Gibney and Topaz, which had him hastily retracting the suggestion. It was also around this time that Jennie Stavros left the mansion, concerned about The Disciples and the safety of residents.

Xavin Majesdane joined the X-Men as a trainee, adding to their ranks, while Jean Grey retired the name "Marvel Girl" and requested suggestions for something new. Wanda Maximoff did her own recruiting, luring Natasha Romanoff to X-Force with the power of donuts.

Quentin Quire's frustration over the loss of his telepathy and a frustrating case spiralled into a night of disaster when he decided to try Rave as a way to kick-start things. His high impacted Jean Grey via their link, and she abandoned her post at the hospital to proposition Warren Worthington. Warren, thinking he was doing what he was supposed to, texted Barbara Morse to let her know he was thinking of sleeping with Jean, unaware she was on Bobbi's "don't go there" list of hookups for Warren due to their earlier relationship. Bobbi stormed off and left New York, refusing to answer texts or calls. Meanwhile, Quentin decided to deal with his case by threatening the individual involved (only to be stopped by Jean), which resulted in Warren and Lorna Dane having to take drastic steps to avoid losing the agency's licence. A still-hostile Quentin expected to be fired, but was humbled to realise that he was part of a team that wanted to help him, not toss him aside.

In the midst of this drama, Miles and Bobby Drake had their first date, after some soul-searching about their preferences. It went well enough for them to want a second date. Quentin also made his peace with Gabriel, after considerable time and being an asshat.

Finally, a plan by General Thaddeus Ross to frame The Hulk and set himself up as saving New York from his rampage went terribly and horribly (and perhaps inevitably) awry when the fiery android he was to use to defeat the Hulk went rogue, destroying large swathes of the city. The X-Men paired up with SHIELD and the Avengers in an effort to shut the threat down, while Generation X and various mansion volunteers were deployed to help with rescue and damage control. The android was contained and General Ross arrested for treason - he later escaped from the ambulance taking him to hospital and accepted an offer he couldn't really refuse, given his circumstances..


May 1 -

May 2 - Alex posts pondering about a blood drive for mutants. Doug posts about a May the Fourth Star Wars RPG party.

May 3 - Laurie considers the ethics versus the morality of rejecting mutant blood. Xavin talks to Jean about becoming a trainee.

May 4 - Natasha texts Clint asking about the chapel and his new pets. Tales of Magik: Imus ad Infernum: A teleporting accident drags Illyana, Topaz, Rahne, Warren, Amadeus, Miles, and Gabriel to Limbo, where they immediately encounter zombies; after finding shelter, Illyana tells the group about her past; Illyana and Topaz discuss Limbo and magic; Rahne, stuck in werewolf form, gets some comfort from Miles; Warren storms off from the group and meets Limbo!Felicia. Lorna demands to know who left banana bread burning in the wake of the disappearances. X-Men Mission: Type X Negative: Sooraya posts about another blood bank attack. Clint and Kyle chat about their nascent team and Kyle is officially made co-field-leader with Topaz.

May 5 - Jean decides to retire her codename Marvel Girl, and asks for suggestions. Tales of Magik: Imus ad Infernum: Miles finds Warren and they talk about their options; the group runs into a puzzle; more trouble when the group runs into a gaggle of gargoyles and demons; Miles and Gabriel discuss Miles’ kiss with Bobby; Topaz offers Gabriel a light for his cigarette, and they discuss the weirdness of their lives; Gabriel helps Rahne process the weirdness; Rahne asks Topaz about her time at the mansion and if it’s worth it to stay there; Ganke Lee texts Bobby asking where Miles is. Angelo posts asking if Doug wants to do the usual for Cinco de Mayo.

May 6 - Alex texts Lorna about a hiking trip next weekend. Amanda wonders where Topaz is. Wade asks where Gabriel is. Tales of Magik: Imus ad Infernum: The group finally gets to Illyana’s garden, and encounter Carnage; Warren and Rahne protect Illyana, while Miles, Amadeus, Topaz, and Gabriel fight Carnage; after two forms of Carnage, Illyana takes out Carnage 2.0 and gets them all home. Amanda confronts Topaz about draining Gabriel’s emotions, and Topaz blows her off. Miles texts Ganke about his crazy weekend. Rahne freaks out about Carnage goo in her hair. Marie-Ange texts Felicia about Rahne’s hair emergency; Reed wonders if walking away from the angry Scot with the scissors was a good idea.

May 6 - Gabriel emails Snow Valley to call out sick. He then texts Clarice about dehydration. Topaz emails Gabriel to apologize for draining his emotions, and offers help if he needs it. Tandy posts about the first week of her food bank being a success. Bobbi takes Alex to the gun range for some training.

May 7 - Demon Bear: Clea texts Stephen, Rahne, Maya, Nica, Miles, and Xavin about doing something for Nica’s birthday. Felicia posts a picture of Rahne’s new haircut. Doug wonders who bet on him forgetting his birthday again.

May 8 - Bobbi trains Sharon the way of the twin batons, and they catch up post-practice.

May 9 - Ev posts about Jennie leaving. Clarice posts about eating glass. Clint posts to his Team of Awesome asking if anyone needs anything, suggesting volunteering at Tandy’s uncle’s food kitchen, and asks about uniforms, getting very vocal protests from Topaz and Kyle. Topaz further texts Clint informing him she didn’t sign up to be a superhero. Kyle texts Topaz offering alcohol.

May 10 - Clint posts to retract the uniforms thing, but does offer to trick things out for people. Generation X: Demon Bear: Clea’s and Stephen’s history professor shows them his new artifacts. Darcy posts a disturbing commercial.

May 11 - Maya is annoyed Brooklyn Nine-Nine was (briefly) canceled. Angel posts about Amadeus leaving for Muir Island. Generation X: Demon Bear: The kids get to school, and find out there was some vandalizing; through the day, they have weird and terrifying encounters; while talking, Maya sees a girl who disappeared earlier in the day, only for her to disappear again; Nica, Miles, and Xavin arrive at school to meet the kids for a movie, and the world turns upside down; Miles, Nica, and Clea are separated from everyone else; the rest realize something weird is going on; Angel posts about the GPS on the kids’ phones going crazy; Alex, Darcy, Megan, and Julian go to the school to find out what’s going on, and get caught up in the weirdness; more missing, more finding; Nica and Clea find the adults who came to look for them, as well as Rahne; Jean-Phillipe posts about the group that went to the school also falling out of touch; Molly, Meggan, Jean-Phillipe, and Sharon Friedlander arrive at the school and begin investigating; Darcy, Megan, Nica, and Clea find Sharon, Molly and Meggan; all the groups finally reunite, and a plan is set to go at the bear; they have their final encounter with the bear, finally taking it down; Alex, Julian, and Jean-Phillipe find the missing girl, who has no memory of what happened, and bring her to the hospital. Miles complains to Gabriel about ending up in another world. Ty kidnaps Topaz to bring her home for a good old-fashioned Mother's Day with his parents. Topaz asks for someone to feed her cat for the weekend, as Ty has kidnapped her.

May 12 - Clea texts Nica about doing something for her birthday. Angelo posts about Eurovision. Hope A. invites friends to her 21t birthday next weekend. Miles and Bobby talk - and then do more than talk.

May 13 - Maya is done with how weird the mansion is. Bobby and Clint meet up the kitchen and combine their respective hobbies. Bobby and Miles have their first date. Gabriel texts Bobby asking about the date. Clint texts Topaz to ask if she’s out of school yet. Molly ambushes Topaz with good news.

May 14 - Jubilee ponders nail polish colours. Topaz and Clint experiment on the ways magic interacts with technology. Natasha texts Clint about keeping an eye out for small comforts for the chapel. Johnny asks Sue about surfing possibilities. Demon Bear: After studying the dagger from the bear incident at the school, Amanda consults with Sharon, Topaz and Maya and the decision is made to take it to Maya’s grandfather for safekeeping.

May 15 - Laurie texts Clint about sending him the bills for setting up a triage location in the chapel for emergencies. X-Men Mission: Type X Negative: The news reports the ACLU will represent a mutant turned away for treatment by a hospital in Arkansas. Marie-Ange comes across Irma and Esme Stepford playing violin and they talk about music and art. Quentin tells X-Factor about his frustrations with one of their cases. Logan reflects that the recent trend of refusing visible mutants access to services will end badly.

May 16 - Jubilee teases Garrison about video of him doing karaoke with a unicorn head. Miles and Bobby are cute via text. Warren takes Bobbi out to a corgi breeder for her birthday present. Gabriel lets Clint know he has unofficially passed his GED.

May 17 - Gabriel invites folks to join him in celebrating his GED. Quentin is offered Rave at a club and takes it to try and kickstart his lost telepathy; Jean abandons her shift at the hospital and makes determined efforts to sleep with Warren before she realises she’s being influenced by her link with Quentin; Jean tracks down a very-high Quentin at the site of his stalled XFI case and after a lot of arguing, Quentin starts to listen to her; Warren tries to apologise to Bobbi for almost sleeping with Jean (who is on the barred list) via text and only makes things worse; Jean texts Bobbi to apologise for almost seducing Warren; Warren finds Bobbi at the apartment, messes things up and she leaves.

May 18 - Lorna emails X-Factor pulling everyone off the case in the wake of Quentin’s actions the night before; Lorna tries to get in touch with Warren after talking to the lawyer representing the individual Quentin harassed; Alex texts Quentin to find out what is going on; Jean emails Rogue to let her know about the previous night’s disasters.

May 19 - Maya is smug that she’s not the screw-up this time; Maya provides Lorna with “hippy tea” to help her stress. Set Fire To The Rain: Firestar alerts to the mansion to something setting New York on fire and calls for everyone available to help; Angel, Johnny and John use their fire powers in concert with Ty, Bobby and Clea to control the fires; Julian and Reed rescue people trapped in cars; Miles and Gabriel meet the other Spider-Man while stopping subways; Kyle provides leadership to Xavin and Megan while evacuating residents; Cyclops and Wolverine encounter Captain America and are cautiously invited to assist; Dominion and Bruiser deal with looters; Deadpool and the Sub-Mariner stop some enterprising criminals from taking advantage of the situation; Nica and Rahne assist Bruce Banner with a gunshot victim; Laurie is surprised by the Stepford’s medical knowledge; Sharon F.and Clarice deal with paperwork, bigots and triage; Wolverine and Dominion, working with the Avengers’ Black Widow, encounter General Thaddeus Ross while trying to work out a plan to deal with the cause of the drama, a flaming android; Firestar and the Sub-Mariner herd the android over the water where there’s less room for damage; Wildchild, Deadpool and Wolverine come up with a plan, of sorts; Dominion and Wolverine try to herd the android into containment unit when Ross tries to take charge of the situation, which backfires badly and reveals his role in releasing the android in the first place; Namor fights the android to a standstill and manages to herd him into the containment unit while Yelena arrests Ross for treason; Heinrich Zemo intercepts the ambulance which contains Ross and makes him an offer he can’t refuse; Fourteen texts Doug to let him know he owes them for their help; Angel lets people know there’s a lot of pizza available for those who need it; a drunken Topaz wonders why the city was on fire; Natasha reflects New York's "redecorating" attempt failed.

May 20 - Amanda has sunburn due to her connection to New York and last night’s fires. Warren and Lorna meet with XFI’s lawyer and discuss their options in dealing with Quentin’s mess; Lorna checks in with Bobbi to make sure she’s all right after a two-day silence. Logan wishes Rogue a happy birthday. Namor comes to Clint to find out why his trident wasn’t working properly the night before (in typical Namor fashion); afterwards, Clint tells Natasha he deserves four gold stars for dealing with the Atlantean; Clarice treats Logan and Wade for radiation poisoning and reflects on her own experience.

May 21 - Sue checks on Warren in the aftermath of his break up with Bobbi; Bobbi emails Lorna to let her know she’s back in New York and that she has a puppy now; Bobbi finally answers Warren’s texts to let him know they need to talk; Quentin returns to X-Factor and is faced with a still angry Lorna and Warren, luckily they're willing to give him a second chance.

May 22 - Wanda recruits Natasha to X-Force with donuts and flattery.

May 23 - Clarice questions her ability to consume after realizing she's hungry again after a large, satisfying meal. Bobbi and Warren discuss the incident with Jean and the future of their relationship.

May 24 - Darcy demands an explanation for DC losing it over hockey.

May 25 - Gabriel and Quentin run into each other at the gym and reconcile.

May 26 -

May 27 - Bobbi and Jean run into each other for the first time since Bobbi's big argument with Warren, and things are kinda awkward.

May 28 -

May 29 -

May 30 - Gabriel texts Illyana to ask if she's okay. Rahne posts complaining about people wanting to touch her hair.

May 31 - Matt asks for song recommendations. Marie-Ange complains about ravens.


X-Men Mission: Type X Negative

Tales of Magik: Imus ad Infernum

Generation X: Demon Bear

Set Fire to the Rain

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