The Disciples

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The Disciples
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases:
Affiliations: Mother
Socked By: Azzy, Walks
Introduction: Katabasis, Into The Fog

The Disciples are the sadisitic followers of a demon called Mother. They are responsible for the slaughter of Clarent House, an organization within the British Secret Services, along with large-scale attacks on the British population in the last seventy years.

First Appearance



Donal McGrath
Jennie's former partner in Clarent House, described as being noble, kind, and "a bit of a bone-head" before his Recruitment, now acts as one of Mother's more sadistic disciples. A mutant with blood that changes to acid once it is exposed to the nitrogen in the air.

PB: Michael Steger, socked by Walks

Ran Nakamura
Not much is known about Mother's latest Disciple, other than he is from Scotland and may be former military.

PB: Hidetoshi Nakata, socker: TBD

Giles Turpin
Ringleader of the Danish National Museum break-in. Former MI-5 officer. Currently Mother's second favorite.

PB: David Dencik, socked by TBD

Marie Deveraux
Aided in the Danish National Museum break-in. French citizen. Not much else is known.

PB: Rachelle Lefevre, socked by TBD

Marcus Higgins
Fought with Clint in Copenhagen. Mother's second mutant recruit after Donal. Body contains elements of liquid mercury.

PB: Neil Jackson, socked by TBD

Mother's right hand. Nothing is known about this man, he appeared like a ghost nearly six years ago.

PB: David Oyelowo, socked by TBD


Phase 2

The Disciples are a group of 13 servants of a demon they all call Mother. They are recognizable by their eyes, they all have white irises and pupils with black, jagged lines exploding out of them. They are faster and stronger than a normal human being, and can heal to an absurd degree. The only way to properly kill a Disciple is to remove the head and burn the body to ash.

They are currently lead by a man called Cutter, who acts as Mother's liaison with the outside world. He appears completely human, allowing him to move within society at will.

Disciples rarely appear together in large groups. In a group of two or three they can wreak massive amounts of havoc, in larger groups they will prove even deadlier. They thrive on mayhem, and will do as much as they can to please Mother.

Disciples are former humans, forcibly "recruited" against their will. These innocents were once pillars of the community, heroes and leaders. Mother loves taking them and twisting them into something new. They retain their memories and personalities, but she unleashes within them their shadow. Every bad thought a person has, every dark desire becomes manifest. They become psychopathic former versions of themselves. Rumor has it Mother does this by eating their souls.


Phase 1


Phase 2

Into The Fog

The Hedgehog and The Fox


Socked by: Azzy, Walks