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Warren Worthington showed his privilege and incurred the mockery of most of the mansion when he voiced his objections to Kraft dinner mac and cheese. Tandy Bowen set Topaz up on a blind date as a way to get her out of the house, which was very much not appreciated. Angelica Jones and Angelo Espinosa found themselves teaching the local bigots a lesson when their business lunch was interrupted, and X-Factor looked into anti-mutant graffiti attacks in District X. Clinton Barton resurfaced to explain what he'd been doing behind the scenes to set up the new team. Sooraya Qadir graduated from college.

X-Factor also acquired a new case when Alex Summers and Lorna Dane foiled a bank robbery and discovered the bank robber was only trying to raise awareness of his missing mutant son. The boy was eventually located and made safe with the Mutant Underground, and while his father went to jail for the robbery, he did so with relief that his family would be waiting for him when he was released.


May 1 - Laurie posts about her need for a tiny baby pig cooling itself in mud. Bobbi cooks Warren a meal of Kraft Mac and Cheese, and deeply unimpressed he posts to the journals only to find most people aren’t impressed with his disdain.

May 2

May 3 - Miles posts cheering that he only has 1 AP exam left this semester. Tandy texts Topaz asking her to meet her in town for a coffee.

May 4

May 5 - Garrison and Jubilee discuss her upcoming wedding and a challenge for pool is extended.

May 6 - Reed and Garrison spend some time in the Danger Room working on his powers, leaving Reed all wrapped up. Maya posts about a link about the Fyre Festival being mixed with the Ball Pit from Dash Con. Alex emails Amanda to let her know that he and Lorna had examined her rock but they had found nothing special about it. Topaz texts Tandy steaming after Tandy had tried to set her up on a blind date; later, Topaz vents to Darcy. Angelo and Angel go out into town to talk about the newspaper until they get interrupted by a bunch of bigots, it doesn’t go well for the bigots.

May 7 - Doug posts about him and Haller having forgotten their birthdays. Again.

May 8 - Sharon emails Cecilia about being rostered out in the Medlab for the next week because of an assessment.

May 9 - Lorna and Hope A. plan to reorganize the XFI case filing system.

May 10 - Marie-Ange posts about the Eurovision Song Festival Party.

May 11 - Warren calls Hope A. to tell her about how the deal between Worthington Industries and Regal Crest Trading went down.

May 12 -

May 13 - John posts about having burned down his cabin and needing to rebuild it. Sooraya and Rogue enjoy an evening out. Molly posts about the mooner at the Eurovision Song Festival. Case File: Cat Scratch Fever Reports of a hostage situation appear on Twitter; Alex’s and Lorna’s simple day of errands comes to an end when they get caught up in a bank robbery; Alex posts about having XFI helping the hostage taker find his visibly mutant son.

May 14 - Kurt finds Topaz coming back from a run, and the two chat. Kitty posts about Mother’s Day. Case File: Cat Scratch Fever: Sue and Lorna go to visit Randy Bush in jail, trying to find out more about his son, then visit his mother; Quentin, Alex, and Hope A. track down Collin’s friends; Alex posts about searching Central Park for Collin. Reed and Kurt meet outside and have an illuminating conversation.

May 15 - Kurt introduces Sharon the central command centre of the Mansion. Case File: Cat Scratch Fever: The XFI team searches Central Park for Collin -- Quentin and Lorna eventually find him; They bring him home afterwards and help move him to a safe house.

May 16- Jubilee rants on the X-Force comm about 45 divulging classified information. Sharon F.emails a video clip to a friend for a second opinion. Sooraya emails Kurt, Rogue and Angelo and invites them to her graduation. Lorna emails Warren, asking for time off. Lorna also texts Alex about how this last case has really affected her.

May 17 - Hope A. posts about being stressed with regards to college majors and asks everyone for their opinions.

May 18 - Warren sends Lorna a present to help her feel better. Warren and Topaz send Hope A. a birthday present. Doug discusses his disgust with the new cicada schedule, as they’re four years early.

May 19 - Matt posts about how he didn’t celebrate his birthday, as it’s really only for family, especially considering his best friend is mad at him. Spider-Miles texts Matt and asks if he wants to go out to beat people up with him. Darcy is not impressed with Harry Potter pick-up lines.

May 20

May 21 - Alex finds a puppy, and talks with Angelo about marriage and life. Clint posts to the his new team and outlines all the progress he’s been making behind the scenes. Alex introduces Lorna to his new puppy, and she names it “Magnus”.

May 22 - Hope A. sends out a message to the XFI network requesting for help regarding a report about some anti-mutant graffiti scrawled on a store window. Alex and Lorna decide to check it out.

May 23 -

May 24 - Nica takes a break from studying to ask if anyone’s going to prom.

May 25 - Rogue invites everyone to celebrate her belated birthday at Harry’s. Jean-Paul calls Topaz for a "not dead" check in.

May 26 -

May 27 - Maya makes a post asking if anyone’s interested to join her for a sit in at school to show support for mutants and immigrants.

May 28 - Bobbi posts about the Nutella cafe in Chicago. Gabriel asks if anyone’s interested to volunteer as a chaperone for a prom/pride party for queer teenagers.

May 29 - Sharon F.emails the medlab staff to let them know she’s doing a nurse to paramedic bridge program over the summer. Sharon F.emails Reed, Sue and Hank to ask them to look at an unusual weapon she came across during the incident with the Avengers.

May 30 - Laurie wonders about playing ER bingo.

May 31 -


Case File: Cat Scratch Fever

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