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The mansion saw several new arrivals - Billy Kaplan and Clinton Barton finally moved in, Illyana Rasputin was handed over by social services by way of the Mutant Underground, and, most spectacularly of all, Namor, Ruler of the lost city of Atlantis, was revived from a cryotube in the care of SWORD during an attempted theft by Susan Storm (at the behest of her estranged mother, Mary. Namor's arrival - and subsequent interactions with various mansion dwellers - were unusual, to say the least.

In the meantime, Topaz continued to not-cope with the new world, while Rachel Kinross-Dayspring had an equally uncomfortable encounter with the "new" Matt Murdock. The discomfort wasn't limited to the Frankenberry Cat people, with Xavin Majesdane totally unable to understand their odd new roommate, Illyana and a computer winding up being thrown out of the window as the result of some misplaced teasing. Quentin Quire continued to be a headache for the Generation X mentors, and Alison Blaire heedlessly got herself into a situation with a rabid fan, to be rescued by Daredevil.

X-Factor, at the behest of a concerned Roxanne Washington, sent a fact-finding team to investigate a sandwich-making fox in Russia, who might be a mutant.

X-Force had their first mission with the new team, tracing a series of Chinese antique thefts to Georges Batroc and a new incarnation of the Mandarin. While they foiled the Mandarin's plans to ascend to godhood, they were unable to prevent him being rejuvenated, and he escaped with the Ten Seals of Qin Shie Huang.

Garrison Kane, moping over his suspension from the FBI with the aid of Cheese Poofs, had his future determined by way of an investigation into a SHIELD data leak which threatened to expose the X-Men to the public. With the help of X-Factor, the leak was traced to the Daily Bugle.

Finally, Hope Abbott caught up with a fellow escapee of the Foundation for Genetic Harmony, CJ Ward.


May 1 - The Nowhere King: Sue gets an email from her mother, giving her a potential job. Roxy emails Warren, asking X-Factor to investigate the Russian sandwich-making fox; Marie-Ange emails X-Factor with a contact in Russia; Wade emails Warren with the same; Warren emails Arthur about going to Russia. Rachel comes across Matt in the library and Doesn’t Cope with the ‘new’ version. Megan and Julian meet for the first time, she reminding Julian of an old friend. Alison and Matt catch up after their last meeting.

May 2 - Warren texts Lorna about going to Russia with Arthur. Topaz’s quiet time in the gym is interrupted by the arrival of Matt.

May 3 - Hope A. comes back and she is concerned about Topaz’s way of not-coping and they fight; Amanda tracks down Topaz and tries to comfort her, as much as she can; Amanda texts Marie-Ange to let her know Topaz is crashing with them again. Wade comes across Xavin and offers food. Haller stops by for a check up with Cecilia and she discovers his lack of affect. Felicia makes an instagram post about her Sunday brunch. Wade asks Gabriel for a pick-up, much to his confusion. The Nowhere King: Clint encounters Sue Storm in the pizzeria at Barrow, Alaska and texts Matt about it.

May 4 - The Nowhere King: Clint comes across Sue breaking into the facility with intent to steal one of the artifacts there; the cryotube that Sue is trying to steal opens, releasing Namor, King of Atlantis, who is Not Happy about things; after a short battle, Namor passes out and Clint has some decisions to make; Clint gets debriefed by Phil Coulson, then runs into Gabriel at Gabriel's bar. Domino makes her presence felt by posting about May 4 on her journal; Matt does the same. Felicia comes across North washing his motorcycle and is gratified by the sight.

May 5 - The Nowhere King: Scott debriefs Clint. Laurie emails Artie about getting a check up. Clint texts Matt about events in Alaska. Illyana arrives at the mansion and meets with Haller. Amanda posts about acquiring Namor’s trident for study. Adrienne mails Garrison and Warren about a delayed return. Clint texts Laurie to find out how Namor is doing.

May 6 - Alison introduces herself on the journals. Sooraya and Cecilia go out for lunch after Sooraya gets back from Washington. Lorna texts Sue about messing with Warren’s phone. Xavin and Illyana meet as suitemates for the first time. Warren texts Lorna and Felicia about moving into a suite near to them. Amanda emails Kurt and Meggan about finding the Szardos clan. Clint texts Rachel. Jean-Phillipe takes Xavin out for the afternoon.

May 7 - Sooraya and Warren meet and Warren gets hit with a metaphorical hammer. Doug posts about a supposed Knight Templar Police Force. Wade texts Doug about birthday plan. Alison helps Roxy try to figure out her image inducer.

May 8 - Warren visits one of his properties and meets Megan Gwynn working there. Cecilia leaves earbuds outside Haller’s room. Hope A. meets the new version of Matt for the first time.

May 9 - Gabriel and Artie talk about X-Force. Laurie posts about experiments with puppies. Deadpool checks in on Maverick in their own unique style; Wade posts about checking in with North and things being fine. Illyana goes to Cecilia for a check up.

May 10 - Tabitha posts about wanting to learn how to drive. Cecilia texts Wade about meeting Alison and Illyana. Clint texts Matt about a birthday dinner. Clint's looking for scrap metal. He finds Molly instead and they find they have some unusual things in common. Miles posts on Mother's Day about his mother being the best. Felicia posts about meeting Warren for dinner.

May 11 - Amanda and Bobbi meet in District X while conducting their own separate rounds.

May 12 - Jubilee makes a journal post about wanting to sleep for a week. Garrison gets a visitor in in miserableness who is winged, blond, rich and any number of hittable things; Garrison is visited by North and explores his secondary mutation of rancid cheese powder; Gabriel is bribed into delivering beer to Garrison.

May 13 - Garrison is challenged by Felicia. Tandy goes looking for Hope A., they talk and end up going shopping. Molly posts the new Supergirl trailer to her journal. Warren sends gift to Matt. Warren neglects Felicia and sends Matt to have lunch with her instead, where they get to know each other and plot to get back at Warren.

May 14 - Wade leaves Dori a $200.00 Visa gift card and two packages of every kind of nut available for purchase in various stores around New York City for her birthday. Operation: Big Trouble In Little Lowtown: Kevin posts to X-Force about a pair of mysterious robberies of very specific artifacts that they’re asked to look into by Christian Kane. Clint stops in at Hooligan's on the off chance that Billy might show up, and he does. Wade and Megan meet in the garage. Angel and Rachel catch up with each other in the Danger Room.

May 15 - Operation: Big Trouble In Little Lowtown: Kevin and Amanda visit a wealthy Upper West Side collector about the theft of a particular item; Cammie and Kevin visit a Japanese "businessman", another victim of a mysterious theft. Arthur tries to be a Happy Sunbeam in Garrison's morose world but it does not go well. Clint texts Scott to let him know he’s almost there with a visitor. Clint makes a journal entry about his new doctor not knowing that NLP means No Light Perception, then invites people out for drinks.

May 16 - Operation: Big Trouble In Little Lowtown: Jubilee e-mails Domino, North, and Felicia asking what they’ve got so far. Megan makes a journal entry about Miley Cyrus and her video for "Tiger Dreams" in which she sports a fairy costume. Sooraya’s handling of some groceries leads to her meeting one of the mansion's new inhabitants. Clint introduces Billy to the mansion and then to Scott, who explains the deal.

May 17 - Laurie e-mails Clint to ask how to make things up with his brother. Jubilee texts Garrison to see what the hell’s going on with him. Operation: Big Trouble In Little Lowtown: Wanda and Artie investigate another theft, or possibly just a mis-cataloguing - university security really sucks; Marie-Ange and Artie talk to the curator of a small museum where another piece has gone missing; Emma and Wade schmooze at an arts benefit and investigate another theft; Wade and Wanda are outraged that an Awesome Pointy Thing has also gone missing. Billy texts Clint asking him to never let him play poker with him. Wade texts Felicia and asks her to steal something for him. Jean-Phillipe makes a journal entry announcing the impending arrival of Eurovision 2015. Topaz leaves a bracelet for Hope A. as an apology.

May 18 - Alison posts she can’t sleep and gets advice on good blinds for her room. Marie-Ange emails Doug asking if he can talk to her about the Frankenberry Cat Allison. Operation: Big Trouble in Little Lowtown Acting on the information gathered, half of X-Force lay in wait for their thief who turns out to be a handful, while the rest of the team work out what their target is trying to do.

May 19 - Operation: Big Trouble in Little Lowtown With the information taken from Batroc, X-Force crashes the Mandarin's party. There's slightly more opposition than they expected. Back from Madripoor, Wanda visits Garrison and finds him in the middle of cheese induced hallucinations. Bobby brings Garrison a pizza, advice on impressing girls is shared, beer is not. Clarice asks if Allison and Roxy know Taylor Swift, leading to more Kyle confusion and Allison not being impressed. Illyana tries to use Google but her ends up sending her list of Google questions to the journals instead, Xavin decides to have a little fun with her. Haller lets everyone know not to be alarmed by the crash as Xavin’s joke backfires and Illyana throws her computer out of the window.

May 20 - Xavin posts an apology for tricking Illyana the day before. Wade texts Marie-Ange a question about if he should drink more milk to help his teeth goes back and decides that extra cheese on his tacos should do the trick. Allison asks if people have any thoughts about pop music she should listen to that she never got the chance to before. Laurie posts an article and complains about how people take medical professionals for granted. Roxy asks if anyone in Generation X wants to come to a concert in Norwich with her the coming weekend, there are a few takers. Felicia posts an instagram post complaining about her flight home. Hope A. asks Doug to tutor her on observational skills. Sue and Clint run into each other at the mansion; it's not pleasant.

May 21 - Laurie posts an article about how medical technology now allows amputees to use their minds to control bionics. Cecilia, Laurie and Doug wake Namor up after his 2 week coma, he doesn’t break down the mansion. Laurie asks Doug if they can spend the weekend not moving from their suite at all, possible with Wade and Marie-Ange if they can convince them to come over. Tandy comes to visit Namor and finds she can understand him more clearly than she thought. Adrienne arrives at home only to find her boyfriend sprawled out on the couch covered in cheese dust. Tandy emails Amanda about Namor, with sadly not much information. Emma stops by to offer Namor the ability to understand people by dumping the English language into his head. Jean arrives back at the mansion and asks Felicia for some of the coffee she had been talking about earlier. Clint and Namor meet for the first time since the dustup in Alaska, it doesn’t go well. Gabriel and Roxy meet in the sunroom and discuss the problems with being homosexual mutants. Jean apologises that she missed Matt’s birthday and tells him she got him a present. Adrienne texts Amanda about helping out with the demon thing. Clint introduces himself to the mansionites. Matt offers up a game of baseball this weekend for memorial day. Matt goes to check up on Xavin and see how they’re settling in. Wanda comes across Billy and Clint as they're settling into their new suite.

May 22 - Gabriel posts a cryptic comment about how life sucks, people realize it’s about Clint. Cecilia lets the medical staff know to be especially patient with Namor. Amanda is finally over the side effects of her mission and lets people know she is just catching up. Adrienne sends Matt an e-mail telling him about fight club and offering to sponsor him there. Amanda runs into Billy for the first time and gets to know the Frankenberry Cat version of her old student. Clarice and Jean make up after their argument several weeks earlier. Amanda lets Topaz know about new Billy and Namor and offers to listen if she needs to talk. She then asks the teams about Namor and Clint, asking what the story is. Clint decides to organize a Memorial Day fair for the mansionites. Adrienne and Clint meet at the archery range and discuss plans for Memorial Day.

May 23 - Wanda posts that she has returned to the mansion and will be retreating to Harry’s soon. Jean and Haller run into one another by the lake and discover a few things about one another. Jubilee lets X-Force know that she has found a contact in China who deals with certain kind of antiques. Clarice puts on a mansion fashion show. Jean-Phillipe lets people know that the annual Eurovision Song Contest party is starting. Bobby goes to meet Kyle about his typing, and they end up making ice cream, because if Kyle can't have Bobby Drake's home-made ice cream he will end the universe. Laurie and Matt discuss their respective injuries and Matt offers advice on dealing.

May 24 - Gabriel posts he is having trouble operating the coffee machine. Felicia puts up an instagram cross post that she is driving to Long Island for Memorial Day.

May 25: Wade comments on the Memorial Day festivities. Felicia posts a picture of the fireworks. Garrison and Adrienne visit the mansion Fair and get wet.

May 26: Angel emails Julian and Jess about Quentin's refusal to participate in Generation X self defense classes. The Gen X mentors try to talk to Quentin; it doesn't go well. Alison posts complaining about having to meet with her manager. While walking home from the meeting, Alison is harassed by a fan and saved by Daredevil. Case File: The Triskelion Files: Garrison talks to Fred Duncan about his future with the FBI and gets some information. Wade and Jean meet by the pool.

May 27: Alison posts complaining about an incident with a fan and needing a rescue the night before; the response isn't pleasant. Miles texts Matt asking if he was the one who saved Alison. Clint texts Matt saying he's going to tell Alison who saved her. Clint texts Adrienne asking if she knows anything about Latveria. Doug emails Alison about self defense classes, then emails Laurie, Wade, and Marie-Ange wondering what his life has come to. Case File: The Triskelion Files: Garrison goes to the Daily Bugle to try and get information about the information leak.

May 28: Adrienne posts asking someone from X-Factor to give Clint a hand looking into Latveria. Amanda and Kurt debrief Namor. Case File: The Triskelion Files: Garrison goes to Adrienne to ask for X-Factor's help, then discusses the case with X-Factor at large.

May 29: Laurie emails Alison offering help with her insomnia. Case File: The Triskelion Files: Sue and Arthur break into SHIELD's Triskelion building to find the information they want. Quentin sneaks into Gabriel's bar and convinces him to make some bad decisions (even for him). Hope A.'s work day with Julian gets a fun twist.

May 30: Felicia posts a photo of the city skyline. Gabriel posts apologizing for anyone he drunkenly texted. Alison texts Roxy for company and a Doctor Who marathon. Miles and Billy meet, this time without the masks.

May 31: Felicia texts Warren bemoaning her age. Miles texts Warren to make sure he's still up for dinner with his parents. Hope A. catches up with CJ Ward. Warren and Miles go to dinner with Miles' family to discuss Warren giving Miles a job as his social media guru.


The Nowhere King

Operation: Big Trouble in Little Lowtown

Case File: The Triskelion Files

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