The Nowhere King

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The Nowhere King
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Dates run: May 1-May 4, 2015
Run By: Walks
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No, I'm an agent of SWORD — don't you even know what agency you're breaking into?

Guarding a SWORD warehouse in Alaska becomes a whole lot more exciting for Clint when an old associate turns up.


Clinton Barton, Susan Storm, Namor

Mary Storm, Storm Family


May 1-4, 2015

Plot Summary

Due to previous infractions against SWORD policy, Clint Barton was exiled to Barrow, Alaska — as far out of pocket as Brand could put him — for some character building and forced humility. Instead the man found a scientific marvel: a cyrotube, in storage, dating from thousands of years ago with an internal power source and no apparent culture of origin. Even more curiously, the relic, for all catalogued purposes dormant and boring, started radiating energy in February. Clint threw himself into research mode to stave off the boredom of being in a town with only one pizza parlor.

Clint wasn't the only one who noticed. On May 1, Mary Storm sends her long estranged daughter an email requesting Sue use her talents to secure the cyrotube for Mary's employer. Sue goes quickly to work, using her grandfather's company to stage the first steps of a corporate acquisition of a Barrow oil company. This places her right where she needs to be to secure her prize, but she didn't factor that her old TA would be in Barrow as well. They catch up over pizza.

Sue wastes little time in infiltrating the SWORD facility. Clint, the only staff member on duty, catches her red-handed and they argue. Their altercation is interrupted as the cyrotube opens and its occupant joins the conversation. The stranger, strangely clothed in a toga and brandishing a trident, attacks the two in a fit of adrenaline and rage while speaking an unknown language.

Susan is knocked unconscious and Clint subdued, but the stranger falls unconscious before striking a killing blow. Clint is left to clean up the mess of both a ruined warehouse and what to do with his assailant. He texts his adopted brother, Matt Murdock, and contacts Clarice Ferguson at the X-Mansion to ask for extraction to New York. During this, Sue disappears with the cyrotube.

The stranger is left in the care of the Xavier's medlab staff. Clint tenders his resignation from SWORD.

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Mary Storm's email address is "MStorm@gmail.ltv"


Plotrunner: Walks

The SWORD Warehouse in Barrow, Alaska is a reference to Marvel's Agents of SHIELD episode 01.13 (T.R.A.C.K.S.) in which Coulson threatens to send Ward to Alaska to guard the cyro-cells located there.

Namor's imprisonment and Mary Storm's interest in Atlantis are pulled from the Ultimate Fantastic Four's "The Tomb of Namor" plotline. Poster by Walks

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