Case File: The Triskelion Files

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The Triskelion Files
Dates run: May 26 - June 2, 2015
Run By: Dex
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"What if I told you that they were people who only wished to help. But to make them public would not only endanger them but it was also endanger for some of them the only safe haven they've ever known. People who can't put on a black suit and fight."

An X-Man's identity is under threat when a leak to the media within SHIELD is uncovered.


Adrienne Frost, Arthur Centino, Barbara Morse, Garrison Kane, Jessica Jones, Lorna Dane, Susan Storm, Warren Worthington

Fred Duncan, Ben Urich and staff of the Daily Bugle


May 26 - June 2, 2015

Plot Summary

The Daily Bugle releases a news story as a follow up to the Ryker's Island incident. The story discusses an unknown team - potentially an FBI based mutant group - battling the Avengers as well as some photos. The photos aren't good enough to pinpoint the X-Men but they are enough to tell that the photos had to have come off of a SHIELD Quinjet. It also has the note that SHIELD and the FBI had some kind of turf war over Ryker's island.

The story creates huge concerns in both the Bureau and in SHIELD. Garrison discovers that he's a target of interbureau wars. Duncan has officially taken Garrison off of normal duty, instead hiding him under a new roving investigation he's created called PROJECT: Wideawake, designed to highlight the differences between mutant related investigations and mutant terrorism. He's also informed that a reporter, Ben Urich, has contacted the FBI and asks to speak with him. In order to settle the issues with SHIELD, Garrison's first job is to identify the person in SHIELD who leaked information to the press and find a way to keep them from potentially revealing the X-Men.

He goes to talk to Adrienne and X-Factor. With their help, they launch an investigation into running down the information on the possible source of the leak. Those details include:

1. Getting a list of SHIELD specialists who could have feasibly had the info flow through them, including surveillance staff, technicians and specialists.

2. Eliminating people who were not in the position to deal with the information for whatever reason and narrowing down the list.

3. Connections between the remaining list members and either Bugle staff or with motivation.

4. Finally narrowing down the list to three people and looking for evidence in their homes.

5. Discovering the leak source.

The second part is to test the suspected source - a SHIELD technician by the name of Paul Stoddard - to see if he's just being motivated by greed, an agenda or something else. They make an offer for sensitive materials as a group no where near as benign as a newspaper and set up a meet. When he shows, X-Factor records the meeting and passes the info along to SHIELD, closing the leak. Following that, Garrison approaches Urich and the Bugle, letting him know that the source was an opportunistic traitor. While Ben wants to follow the story, Garrison makes it clear that the people who where there were there to help, showing him the footage of them fighting the other villains trying the jail break before the Avengers deployed, and convinces him that going after them would compromise the safety of a lot of innocent people. Ben agrees although makes clear that if there's reasons in the future to think that the unknown group has another agenda, he won't hesitate to dive back into the story.

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Plotrunner: Dex