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X-Factor uncovered the SHIELD leak to the press and a deal was struck with the Daily Bugle. Newcomes Billy Kaplan and Namor introduced themselves on the journals, each in his own particular way, with Namor especially raising questions from the mansion residents as a whole. Amanda Sefton announced a series of talks on magic, with an emphasis on "don't touch the thing", while Scott Summers and Garrison Kane discussed X-Men training.

During a talk with new student Illyana Rasputin, Wanda Maximoff discovered the role an alternate version of herself played in Limbo. Kurt Sefton saved two children from being run over by a truck, but in the course his image inducer failed and he himself was rescued by Jean Grey and some handy telepathy. And Laurie Collins, still adjusting to the loss of her arm, had a mishap in the Danger Room and a subsequent talk with Jean about her state of mind.


Jun 1 - Lorna texts Sue about going shopping. Case File: The Triskelion Files: Warren and Adrienne go through the information provided by Sue and Arthur; Bobbi and Lorna search through suspects' apartments for any clues, Garrison and Jessica stake out the suspected leak and confirm he is the one they have been looking for. Billy introduces himself on the journals.

Jun 2 - Alison texts Wade that it is late and that she can’t sleep but apologizes. Jubilee asks what does she need to do to get minions to deliver her food. Wade announces that there will be a waffle bar in the kitchen in about an hour. Case File: The Triskelion Files: X-Factor sets up a sting to confirm they have the found the leak. Rachel and Clint meet in the gym for the first time. Clarice leaves Roxy a knitted cat ear beanie.

Jun 3 - Rogue announces her love of junk food. Dori posts the Fallout 4 official trailer. Felicia posts to her instagram this picture. Wade leaves Clarice ten bolts of the loudest fabrics with a note that reads "Happy Birthday". Sooraya and Megan meet at a subway station.

Jun 4 - Case File: The Triskelion Files: Garrison goes to deliver the news of Stoddard’s arrest to Ben Urich and strikes a deal.

Jun 5 - Wade and Gabriel meet in the city and they stop at IHOP on their way home. Felicia leaves Wade two black envelopes containing an invoice and a address printed on it with a short note. Matt teaches Monet about self-defense.

Jun 6 - Alison texts Roxy about just finishing the first season of Dr. Who and asks for the second season. Angel and Kyle hang out. Sue gives Miles some lessons in stealth.

Jun 7 - Gabriel gets caught in a rainstorm on his bike and Clint offers him a ride home. Warren ponders the difference between underwear and swimwear.

Jun 8 - Felicia posts about curing her late-night dance party and Monday blahs with coffee and a croissant. Jessica posts about wanting to wanting to work off tension by smashing things in a deserted area and being unreachable. Monet posts about how she files her nails to appear more disinterested in ridiculous and asinine things people tell her. Sue and Warren go shopping together.

Jun 9 - Tandy posts asking when she became an adult and complaining about her working hours; in the comments, Doug asks if she went to the underground battle league which piques Kyle’s interest. Amanda posts with information about her upcoming magic lectures. Scott and Garrison have a conversation about training in regards to the X-Men.

Jun 10 - Jubilee emails Kurt wanting to spend time together. Kitty and Cecilia meet and talk about the weirdness of a second stay at Xavier's. Roxy and Xavin hang out at school and talk about summer cheerleading camp and underground battle league. Roxy posts to the Generation X comm about battle league. Monet posts about Tori Kelly being brilliant and listening to her songs on repeat.

Jun 11 - Adrienne posts about going to Boston with Garrison for the weekend for the baseball series between the Red Sox and Jays. Rogue and Jean-Philippe watch TV and talk about lube and reality shows.

Jun 12 - Warren texts a joke to Matt. Scott runs Amanda through a basic combat program in the Danger Room to test her form.

Jun 13 - Alison posts an excerpt from a short story a friend sent her and how she can’t stop thinking about it. Gabriel posts about calling in sick and asks who wants to get into trouble. Matt and Jessica train together and he gives her some pointers.

Jun 14 - Laurie posts about how annoying the need for sleep is. Jubilee posts asking the new residents to ask her questions to get to know her. Felicia posts about going for brunch with her mother. Wanda and Illyana meet and Wanda finds out that Illyana knew a previous version of Wanda (and killed her) while in Limbo. Gabriel and Namor meet and Gabriel decides to take Namor off the mansion grounds to go buy clothes. Molly posts a picture of herself and Wade in front of the Ghostbusters car. Namor introduces himself on the journals and asks where to find nude photos on an iPad. Matt posts about insomnia. Jean texts Cecilia asking if she saw Namor’s post.

Jun 15 - Hope texts Topaz regarding the “new” Namor; Tabitha texts Xavin about the same thing.

Jun 16 - Adrienne asks Rogue to provide Namor with the Battle League details. Laurie asks Wade, Marie-Ange and Doug what one should do when hit upon by Atlantean royalty. Alison poses a question about wearing her own tour shirts. Miles is excited about the Final Fantasy VII trailer.

Jun 17 - Gabriel asks for some chaperones for a Pride prom in the city. Lorna announces she has graduated from college with a Bachelor’s in Geology.

Jun 18 - Monet complains about insomnia in typical Monet fashion. Alison is gleeful that she actually slept the night through. Hope emails Wade to ask for lessons in picking locks and similar activities. Clint texts Matt to ask if he’s ready for Pride. Amanda posts a follow-up to her latest Magic 101 talk about demons.

Jun 19 - Matt emails Clint to remind him Father’s Day is on the coming Sunday.

Jun 20 - Kurt saves a child from being run over in Salem Center, but when his inducer is damaged, Jean comes to his rescue. Garrison and Adrienne encounter issues with who gets the bedcovers and then the cat gets involved. Jubilee emails Kurt to make sure he’s okay. Laurie texts Clint to ask if he’s busy. Doug happens upon Hope while she’s preparing for the ladies lunch and they talk about furthering her skills.

Jun 21 - Father’s Day - Gabriel remarks that working at a bar on this particular day is not much fun; Miles cross-posts from his Facebook account with a picture of his Dad’s new shirt.

Jun 22 - Alison is impressed by Taylor Swift. Kitty ponders the necessity for people to believe in aliens, rather than accept ancient peoples had the knowledge and technology to build the world’s marvels.

Jun 23 - Marie-Ange posts a link to The Toast about mysterious flaky friends.

Jun 24 - Domino and Kurt meet for the first time, where Kurt is friendly and furry while Dom is awkward. Alison makes a journal entry about being in a good mood today. Gabriel e-mails the prom chaperones with some concerns.

Jun 25 - Alison texts Jubilee about their 4th of July plans. Alison makes a journal entry asking if she can paint her room. In her search for Doug, Hope runs into someone she did not expect, Laurie. Ty makes a journal post asking Wade if there’s going to be a 4th of July barbecue this year. Laurie has a mishap in the Danger Room, leading to getting medical attention from Jean while the two discuss Laurie’s mental state.

Jun 26 - Laurie makes a journal post about being hurt and soliciting ice cream, comfort movies, and potentially pizza. Felicia makes an Instragram post, asking what trouble are we getting into this weekend.

Jun 27 - Jean makes an Instagram post of a pic from her trip to the UK. Matt and Angel run into each other at a Pride party.

Jun 28 - Adri posts picture of her garden at Salem Center Place to her journal. Namor asks Hope to clarify some problematic politics from his history Lessons, but the conversation quickly turns to argument over morality. Jessica and Warren discuss their "buds with benefits" arrangement.

Jun 29 - Gabriel texts Clint thanking him for inviting him to his father’s house. Clint emails Kitty to ask her what part of their meeting he shouldn't mention publicly.

Jun 30 - Wanda posts to let people know that her friend Simon Williams will be ‘kidnapping’ her for a week. Rogue needs an intervention to break her way from her laptop.


Case File: The Triskelion Files

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