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In dating news, Scott Summers asked longtime friend Kitty Pryde out, which she accepted. The students, finishing their final exams, went to a Bayville Charter High party, where Stephen Strange and Clea Lake got locked in a closet together for "seven minutes of heaven" and realised their friendship was deeper than they'd thought. Maya Lincoln-Lopez got arrested for underage drinking when the party was raided, and Miles Morales exposed his mutant powers to his human girlfriend in making their getaway, after which they went back to Becky's place and mutually lost their virginity. Wade Wilson got to collect Maya after the police released her, and fortunately there were enough local kids of well-known families involved in the party that the police let things slide.

Kyle Gibney was made a Generation X mentor after Jessica Jones' resignation and Hope Abbott joined X-Factor Investigations, no longer able to work for Julian Keller following her being set up for industrial espionage. Sooraya Qadir decided to become an American citizen, and Meggan Szardos looked forward to finishing her Bachelor's degree, with thoughts of going on with her Master's.


Jun 1 - Sooraya sends Rahne a birthday present of earrings and literature. Gabriel sends Rahne a book for her birthday.

Jun 2 - Fourteen posts, wondering why people choose to be stupid online. Kyle, Angel and Julian meet to offer Kyle a position as Gen X mentor, which Kyle accepts.

Jun 3 - Maya posts about an ask she saw on Tumblr about employing the deaf, and how frustrated and angry that makes her.

Jun 4 - Jubilee posts about her theme song. Miles posts about exams.

Jun 5 - Scott and Kitty share a private moment,during which Scott asks Kitty out on a date. Maya posts a tribute to Muhammed Ali. Kitty receives some dating advice from Jean-Paul, who in return gets a dancing date out of Kitty.

Jun 6 - Matt and Sharon Friedlander show off their gymnastic skills to each other during a workout.

Jun 7 - Reed texts Sue about harnessing the power of children for science. Kitty and Scott go on a first date.

Jun 8 - Molly asks for TV suggestions and editing help.

Jun 9 - Laurie expresses her frustration with fellow med students. Peter Parker texts Miles and Ganke Lee about the ACT. Doug posts about sleeping in a beehive. Ty reveals his hunger - for doughnuts.

Jun 10 - Laurie reflects on soap operas. Alison speculates on an adage. Sooraya announces she's becoming an American citizen and asks Angelo and Angel to join her at her naturalization ceremony. Miles asks the Gen X-kids about the ACT and a local party.

Jun 11 - Miles and Maya hang out at the teen party; Stephen and Clea end up locked in the closet; Miles and Clea chat over drinks; Miles and Bobby do the same, both worse for wear; when the party gets busted, Miles and his girlfriend Becky flee, and he tells her he's a mutant; they consummate their relationship. Maya texts Wade telling him she was arrested.

Jun 12- Nica tries to get the Gen Xers who fled the party to regroup. The morning after, Miles has to flee Becky's father. Clea texts Stephen about said party. Darcy posts about the Tony Awards. Topaz gets Maya cookies and a jacket for her birthday.

Jun 13 - Maya posts about her birthday and being grounded. Clea asks Gen X about finals. Laurie posts about the man who discovered blood groups.

Jun 14 - Amanda texts John to see if he’s still in the country.

Jun 15 -

Jun 16 - Maya is unimpressed by her performance in finals. Laurie shares a book about science fails with Clint and Darcy. Kyle and Sooraya go shopping for books for the kids of the Mutant Underground.

Jun 17 -

Jun 18 - Jean starts an impromptu pizza party, with prizes for the weirdest topping requests.

Jun 19 - Gabriel reflects on the very special meaning Father’s Day has for him.

Jun 20 - Alex makes a journal post about aliens.

Jun 21 - Jubilee makes a journal post reminding people at least one of them is the Moon-Moon of their group. Nica makes a journal post about summer vacation being close, and proposes a party or BBQ to celebrate. Quentin makes a journal post about not being Catholic but he could be. Hope A. and Warren talk about an offer he made her a long time ago.

Jun 22 - Quentin and Arthur pass time in the X-Factor offices on a slow day.

Jun 23 -

Jun 24 - Nica makes a journal post about it being Alison’s birthday. Angelo, Sooraya and Angel have lunch after Sooraya's naturalization ceremony.

Jun 25 - Gabriel makes a journal post about the five stages of Pride. Molly makes a journal post about Back to the Future coming to Netflix soon. Sue shows new X-Factor recruit Hope A. around the office.

Jun 26 - Clea texts Stephen to say hi after their moment in the closet at the party.

Jun 27 -

Jun 28 -

Jun 29 - Meggan posts to let people know how excited she is about getting closer to finishing her Bachelor’s Degree, she and Kyle agree to be “grad school is a good idea” buddies.

Jun 30 -


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