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Early in the month, Malice was on the mind with Kyle Gibney, Darcy Lewis, and Monica Rambeau running a Danger Room scenario based around her, and Kyle asking Forge about developing countermeasures. Shatterstar found out David Haller was a telepath, leading to them starting psyching shielding training. Terry and Kyle had a serious conversation about Kyle's past with possession. Quentin Quire and Hope Abbott worked on their powers' synergy. There was a Pride event for mutants held in District X. There was discord in interpersonal relationships in the mansion following a journal thread that started with Madin posting a criticism of the District X Community Centre. Particularly involved in the discourse were Kyle, Darcy, Quentin, and Gabriel Cohuelo. Quentin even made a death threat to Darcy in the comments of the thread. Darcy left to stay at the X-Ranch after for a few days.

In Mexico, opposition groups to a railway turned to magic after protesting didn't work. Marie-Ange Colbert had a vision of a massive earthquake happening, leading X-Force to be sent to the scene. A earthquake did occur, the result of a young mutant named Julio Richter's powers being amplified by magic. X-Force was able to keep things from spiraling out of control and Amanda Sefton decided to make Julio her new student.


Jun 1 - Clint makes a journal post celebrating Pride Month and the arrival of his Pride Chucks.

Jun 2 - Kyle makes a journal post celebrating National Donut Day, and announces he bought five boxes of donuts for the residents of the mansion.

Jun 3 - Kyle and Darcy are doing a test run of the DR version of Malice, and Nica isn't as bulletproof as she thinks she is. Darcy makes a journal post about day drinking at Harry’s. Terry texts Kyle to see if he’s okay. Pyotr e-mails Garrison and Kyle to ask about simulating Limbo to potentially help Illyana someday. Darcy and Garrison have a serious talk at Harry's.

Jun 4 - Haller and Gabriel feel each other out, then Gabriel catches Haller up on the chaos that happened during his absence. Kyle comes to talk to Forge about his co-walker, Laurie Collins, Essex, and countermeasures, and it's not a fun conversation for either of them.

Jun 5 - Maya makes a post asking the older people in the manor to explain a YouTube video she found. Shatterstar finds out from one of Haller’s alters that Haller is a telepath and reacts badly.

Jun 6 - Jubilee makes a post asking if anyone else has been watching the Prince Harry trial. Darcy and Pyotr clean the chicken coop and talk about their childhoods. Shatterstar and Haller have their first psychic shielding training session. April texts Pyotr happy birthday. Haller emails Terry to ask her to find someone else to help her with Danger Room training for Shatterstar.

Jun 7 - Hope A. comes across Shatterstar venting his frustration about recent events and offers the boy some advice.

Jun 8 -

Jun 9 - Alani texts Topaz asking her if she needs a ride and would like to get coffee. Darcy oversees a training session between Shatterstar and Terry, and then has a chat with 'Star afterwards.

Jun 10 -

Jun 11 -

Jun 12 - Haller signs for a package for Alani and when he delivers it, he gets pecked by a chicken; Alani emails Kyle and Sooraya, mortified at Audrey Henburn attacking Haller. Darcy shares a YouTube link to a performance artist.

Jun 13 - Matt speculates on the legal woes of a certain politician and the difficulty in representing same. Darcy texts Garrison about the hockey while out with Matt, Foggy and Marci.

Jun 14 -

Jun 15 -

Jun 16 - Pyotr honours the anniversary of Valentina Tereshkova’s foray into space and mentions missing his brother. Quentin lets X-Factor know they have new sources in Maryland, thanks to DC Pride and Alex’s connections.

Jun 17 - Jean and Haller catch up and he relates his experience with Alani’s chickens.

Jun 18 - Gabriel announces a Pride event being organised in District X for mutants. Clint posts a poll for eXcalibur to help him name his office.

Jun 19 -

Jun 20 -

Jun 21 -

Jun 22 - Terry and Kyle talk before their individual therapy sessions and Terry is alarmed to find out how many times Kyle's been possessed and/or brainwashed.

Jun 23 - Out of the office, Quentin and Hope A. take the opportunity to test their newfound power synergy. Not My Fault: The news reports on the continuing opposition to the national rail by environmental and indigenous groups in Mexico; feeling that his family's concerns aren't being heard Julio Richter talks to his grandparents and plans to turn to older methods of stopping the railway.

Jun 24 - Sooraya texts Haller to check up on him after Moira calls. Clint texts Amanda to ask about the possibilities of human sacrifice and reality ending. Madin posts a criticism of the District X Community Centre and the resources provided that received a wave of replies. Gabe texts Haller to get another set of eyes on Madin's post. Darcy texts Doug, Inez, and Matt about a change in her plans for the night. Shatterstar reaches out to Terry to voice his opinion on what's been said and ask after Kyle. Alani texts Madin to ask if they're okay. Forge emails Maya to inform her of the post. Clint texts Darcy to invite her to his dads' after after party. Jubilee posts about the Pride party she and Felicia have found themselves at and the delicious abs she's been doing jello shots off. During a swordsmanship training monitored by Doug, Madin reacts badly when Shatterstar lands a direct blow.

Jun 25 - Clint texts Matt to ask him to check on Darcy. Molly messages Angelo shocked at the drama of the night before. Darcy informs X-Force that she'll be at the X-Ranch to review interviews. A number of cakes Terry ordered for Pride have arrived. Clint texts Namor to ask how he'd like to visit the beach, in Mexico. Arthur reaches out to Terry to check on potential plans for Kyle. Madin messages Alani to ask if they're going to be kicked out. Maya texts Kyle to ask if he needs anything. Checking on Darcy, Maya suggests lunch. Following the activity on the journals from the night before, Maya takes it upon herself to check on Quentin. Not My Fault: A lunch date for Amanda and Marie-Ange turns to a potential mission; MA posts an all call for X-Force.

Jun 26 - Forge e-mails Maya about Facebook. Pyotr makes a journal entry about a relationship unfortunately not working out. Alani texts Kyle asking if they can talk tomorrow morning. Kevin has some professional advice for Quentin following the fracas on Madin's journal. Not My Fault: Julio and the brujos roll up; X-Force races to prevent Marie-Ange's vision of a seismic apocalypse, but when Felicia's powers cause a luck snap and Rictor's magic goes out of control, is the end of the world their fault in the first place?; Amanda escorts Julio home and has bad news and good news for him; Amanda posts in xp_staff about having a new ‘duckling’. Garrison talks Kyle down after the exchange in Madin's journal and Kyle agrees he needs some time off; Alani finds him in the chicken coop and they talk about his need to lesson his load.

Jun 27 - Hope A. texts Sue to ask about what happened this weekend. Gabe texts Quentin about bringing back mezcal from Mexico. Sooraya e-mails Haller to send him a recipe, and also to thank him for helping with Madin that weekend.

Jun 28 -

Jun 29 - Namor makes a journal entry about orcas ramming boats.

Jun 30 - Monica e-mails Darcy to check in on how she’s doing. Not My Fault: The fate of the Mayan codex is revealed.


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