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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Forge (disambiguation).


Daniel Lone Eagle
Portrayed by (link to IMDB/Wiki/etc page)
Codename: Forge
Affiliations: eXcalibur
Birthdate: November 22, 1993
Journal: xp_forge
Player: Erik


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Character Journal: xp_forge

Real Name: Daniel Lone Eagle

Codename: Forge


First Appearance: (link to LJ (x_logs) with date as link text)

Date of Birth: November 22, 1993

Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Mother - Michelle, Father - David, Uncle - Naze

Education: Bachelor's degree from Harvard, mathematics and American history

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Engineer, tech-bro, Formerly US Army

Team Affiliation: eXcalibur



Forge was born to David Lone Eagle and Michelle Morrison. Raised in Dallas,Texas. Parents were successful business people, running an IT consulting business out of Eagle Plaza. Forge had a difficult childhood - unknown to most, he manifested his intuitive engineering talent very early and the changes it made to his psyche made him very difficult to parent. He used to get screaming, howling, pray-for-death migraines, he'd go into manic phases where he almost literally could not sit still, and he'd go into near-fugue states where he'd barely respond to external stimuli at all. His subconscious, to abuse a metaphor, not only stole all his bandwidth but most of his processing power as well.

Only thing that ever reliably worked on Forge was the traditional medicines of his uncle Naze. He was able to mitigate Forge's issues because Naze cheats like a mad cheating thing and was using white magic to realign the boy's mind/body/soul trifecta. When he was growing up one of the three of them - or possibly two - would start outpacing the others and thus resulted in some unfun symptoms like the ones mentioned above.

Naze lived a far more traditional Northern Cheyenne life on the Montana reservation. He also accepted that the boy was always going to straddle multiple words and accepted him for who and what he was. He taught the boy the traditional Cheyenne way of life, no matter how much he hated it. Naze himself was a powerful shaman of the Cheyenne, tasked with keeping the tribe and the world itself free of the corrupt influence of the Adversary. He trained Forge, often without his understanding, in the ways and means of continuing this holy and vital legacy.

When Forge was living with his parents, his occasional bursts of genius resulted in some extended R&D projects that might, if they can be reverse-engineered, make billions. He also worried them almost to death as he adapted slowly to his mutation as he was growing up.

His educational career was checkered, as his power would get him the answer, but not the process. So he barely graduated high school and then promptly enlisted in the Army with the all-too-rare blessing of both father and uncle - David thought it'd give his son discipline but Naze thought that he needed to see how the white man's world worked from a different perspective. Forge also deliberately failed the mechanical-aptitude tests that he was given so that he would not wind up in the motor pool or, worse, in military R&D or cross-shipped to some other DARPA think-tank.

In the Army his natural talent for firearms showed itself and he was assigned to the infantry - after some careful manipulation of his test-scores to keep him out of the engineering disciplines. While escorting a caravan with his unit (called the Marauders), he and his team were viciously ambushed. He was the sole survivor, but at a cost - he had to call down an artillery strike on his own position, which cost him a hand and a leg.

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Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 160 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Other Features: Artificial right hand, artificial right leg. Scarred heavily along the right side of his torso.


Intuitive Engineering: His mutant ability functions as perception, as he possesses the ability to visually perceive "mechanical energy" (the kinetic energy and potential energy present in the components of mechanical systems) in action. This power allows Forge to instinctively know and understand the potential and functional operations of any machine or technological device in his visual range. As a side-effect he can conceive, design, and build mechanical devices; and operate, modify, and disassemble existing technology or create countermeasures for them. Forge himself often has no idea how the things he invents actually work and will have to reverse-engineer his own tech to gain an understanding of the how of the functionality. So far he's constructed devices that rely on superdense energy storage, open-air holography, advanced fiber-optic and computer technologies, and neural interface with a human body.

He cannot at this time invent working examples of fictional technology unless the technology's inner workings are actually plausible in the real world. So no lightsabers (he tried), no Epstein drive, no purely scientific teleportation. When and if he breaks through his mental blocks and comes into his sorcerous own, he can integrate his magical training and his engineering insights to make even more exotic technologies, but he stops short of traditional magitek.The Cheyenne magical traditions do not lend themselves to being blended with technology and it's the form of magic he knows best.

Sorcery: Forge was taught Cheyenne magic by his uncle Naze. He was taught nature magic and a smattering of white magic. Black magic was shunned as dangerous and unethical, a tool that the Adversary could easily twist and corrupt for his own purposes. He learned how to manipulate souls to cleanse possession and/or corruption, to open and close portals to other dimensions, to cast wards against beasts, against humans, and against demons and to reinforce them. He can also sense the natural order of things and, more importantly, when it has been twisted. He can astrally project (but does not like to, his astral form is as damaged as his body is) and he knows precisely _one_ attack spell - an eldritch blast. At normal strengths, it has a range of about 100 meters and hits with the force of a .44 Magnum round at close range.

When he watched his squad get cut down while on patrol in Afghanistan he twisted the magic he had been taught to use the souls of his slain platoon and the Taliban ambushers to fuel a spell to bring the Adversary's demons to this world to cut down his ambushers. This, and his PTSD, has locked away his magic talents from his conscious mind.


Artificial leg, artificial hand


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