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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Piotr Rasputin (disambiguation).

This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.


Pyotr Rasputin
Moa colossus.png
Portrayed by Danila Kozlovskiy
Codename: Colossus
Affiliations: X-Men
Birthdate: June 6, 1990
Journal: xp_colossus
Player: Available for Applications

Well, if demons come, I will protect you. Am very strong and tough.

A man of peace torn between his desire to capture the world's beauty via art and lending his might to protecting those that cannot protect themselves.


Character Journal: xp_colossus

Real Name: Pyotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin (Russian: Пётр "Питер" Николаевич Распутин)

Codename: Colossus

Aliases: Peter Nicholas.

First Appearance: February 6, 2022

Date of Birth: June 6, 1990

Place of Birth: Urst-Ordynski Collective, Siberia, Russia

Citizenship: Russian citizen, currently overstaying an American student visa

Relatives: Nikolai Rasputin, father. Alexandra Rasuptina, mother. Mikhail Rasputin, older brother, believed to be deceased. Illyana Rasputina, sister.

Education: Master's Degree in Fine Arts from Columbia University. Bachelor's degree in history from Moscow State University

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Artist

Team Affiliation: X-Men



Pyotr was born in 1990 to Nikolai and Alexandra Rasputin in Siberia, Russia. He grew up on the family collective farm, performing hard labor and exploring his budding artistic talents. His elder brother was a cosmonaut, the pride of the collective, until his life was seemingly lost in Baikonur, Kazakhstan during a failed mission launch. Pyotr fell into something of a depression when his brother died, as the two boys were close growing up. His relationship with his sister was a close one, their little snowflake as the family called her. Come 2008 Pyotr finished his primary schooling and moved to Moscow to attend Moscow State University, looking for a degree in history. He was an indifferent student but he did manage to graduate with average marks. All his life his true passion was art and once he graduated from university he chose to hone his skills the best he could. He drew enough attention in the art world to win himself a scholarship to Columbia University, to seek a master's in fine arts. One final trip back to the farm to see his parents and then he moved to the United States.

His grad school experience was a difficult time of adjustment for him - his English was tolerably good, but the culture shock really set him back. The adjustment was a tough one and one of the things that kept his spirits up was him moving to Brighton Beach, NYC. The area was filled (some say infested) with Russian and Eastern European ex-pats and the smells and the sounds of home was a balm on his heart. He had _just_ finished his final project and received notice that he would be graduating when M-Day hit. Pyotr, never one to show off his mutant gifts, kept Colossus well under wraps, only transforming when absolutely necessary and then only until the task that required the power of Colossus was done.

Living At The X-Mansion

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Physical Characteristics

Height: Pyotr: 6'6" / Colossus: 7'5"

Weight: Pyotr: 250-ish / Colossus: 525-ish

Eyes: Pyotr: Blue / Colossus: metallic silver

Hair: Pyotr: Black with a full beard / Colossus: Black with a full beard.

Other Features: As Colossus, Pyotr has some minor issues with nerve sensitivity in his extremities. He also does not precisely know how strong he actually is, or how tough.


Colossus has the ability to transform his flesh into a form of organic steel. The transformation is instantaneous and there is no known limit on the amount of time Pyotr can spend as Colossus. The transformation converts his entire body - he cannot partially transform. Once in his armored state he can remain in that form until he wills himself to turn back into Pyotr. If Colossus is rendered unconscious he transforms back into Pyotr Rasputin.

Organic Steel Body: When transformed into Colossus Pyotr loses none of his normal mobility or flexibility. He does at this time, however, due to a lack of practice and training, lose some fine pressure sensitivity in his hands. He can't paint in his armored form very well for continually crushing the paintbrushes and delicate objects in his hands tend to shatter for his inability to fully regulate or control how much pressure he's putting on said objects. Abilities or attacks that alter or affect flesh bodies are ineffective against Colossus, although Pyotr can still be affected by such things (cf Masque, et al). Changes made to Pyotr's flesh body will carry across to his armored form. Pyotr's organic steel body counts as cold iron for supernatural or other beings vulnerable to such things.

Superhuman Strength: When transformed as Colossus Pyotr has enormous amount of physical strength. As a teen he topped out at 50 tons but now that he's toned his body and augmented his strength as an adult he now can reach 80 tons. With additional training and access to advanced technology able to generate massive amounts of weight, Pyotr will be able to train himself up to a full 100 tons.

Superhuman Stamina: When transformed Pyotr does not get tired easily - or, as far as he knows, at _all_. His fatigue toxin resistance is so extreme that he can exert himself heavily for a period of time measured in _days_ before he begins to fatigue. With further training and the ability to push his power further, it's entirely possible he will become immune to fatigue entirely.

Superhuman Resilience: Colossus's metal body is highly resistant to injury. He can take a 110mm Howitzer shell in a direct impact and, if not expecting it, be blown off his feet but otherwise unharmed. He can withstand small-arms fire easily, anti-materiel weapons with no concern, and even withstand forces generated by the explosion of hundreds of pounds of TNT without physical injury. Fall damage is also of no concern to him, being able in his armored form to handle the impact of falling at terminal velocity without harm. His eyes transform like his body does and are resistant enough to harm that a .45 bullet fired at close range will ricochet off of his eyes. He's also extremely temperature-tolerant, able to withstand temperatures as far down as negative 350 Fahrenheit to 9000 degrees F. His metal body under normal terrestrial conditions will not melt or shatter from extreme cold. Nor will it rust under normal Earth conditions. He is vulnerable to three things, however, from a physical perspective. His organic metal body reacts poorly to vibranium, which forces him to revert back to Pyotr upon contact. His metal body reacts fairly poorly to strong acids (in the H2SO4 to the HF and beyond levels) and exposure to such materials will cause his metal body to corrode and will likely transform back to Pyotr as scars.

His biggest physical weakness, however, is to magnetic forces. Pyotr's organic steel body is magnetic and a magnetokinetic (Magneto, Polaris, folks like that) can manipulate his physical form against his will.

Peak Human Speed: In his armored form, Pyotr can run at peak human capacity for days (see Superhuman Stamina) at a speed of roughly 30 MPH.


Art supplies, student debt, one Russian cosmonaut uniform (name: Rasputin, M), a large number of completed or half-completed art pieces, gym memberships


Pyotr, as of introduction to the game in Phase 2, has no idea Illyana Rasputina reappeared after her disappearance.

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Player: Available for applications

Player Icon Base: Danila Kozlovskiy

Meta Trivia

Pyotr was played in Phase 1, this is a new re-introduction of the character for Phase 2 (February 2022). He was played by Erik until August 2023.

Piotr, as he is referred to in the comics, is the Polish spelling of Peter. Pyotr is the Russian spelling, hence the change.