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Artie Maddicks and Topaz collaborated on an interrogation for X-Force, later discussing their lack of concern for the subject as he was only a 'fake' person. Kyle Gibney recruited Laurie Collins for Clint Barton's new team and Hope Abbott incurred Sue Storm's wrath by asking Reed Richards to do some hacking into Storm Tech.

The Bayville Prom took place, without incident, and Stephen Strange and Clea Lake went on their first date; it was as awkward as can be imagined. Sooraya Qadir had a run-in with a random mutant in District X that aroused her interest and the mansion hosted a pool party for all.

Tragedy struck when two members of the Mutant Underground disappeared and their bodies were discovered by Quentin Quire and Sooraya. Sooraya especially was traumatised by the event, requiring the intervention of Charles Xavier to calm her down. The incident was investigated, but the perpetrators weren't identified.


Jun 1 - Amanda offers transportation to those interested in the March for Truth on the upcoming weekend. Topaz texts Amanda to ask when she’s taking the students back. Darcy wants to know which Harry Potter Houses people’s cats belong to.

Jun 2 - Artie texts Topaz, asking for help with an interrogation. Nica asks Bobby to go to the Bayville prom with her as friends. Bobbi shares a photo of a poutine wedding ‘cake’ in Quebec.

Jun 3 - Bayville Prom.

Jun 4 - Topaz helps Artie question a man involved in smuggling mutant children and later they share their belief that the people in this world don’t matter because they aren’t “real”. Maya posts an image of a telephone booth overgrown with creepers and wonders if it’s magic related.

Jun 5 - Stuck in a car during a stakeout, Sue and Warren talk about their romantic lives, or lack thereof.

Jun 6 - Natasha makes a journal entry about Russia being everywhere in America these days. While doing charity work in the city, Sooraya has an interesting encounter with Mimi. Kyle poses a deep philosophical question on tacos versus nachos on his journal.

Jun 7 -

Jun 8 - Johnny makes a journal post debating the performance of the electric engine versus the combustible engine.

Jun 9 - Jubilee makes a journal post about not wanting to be a role model for young people.

Jun 10 - Sooraya and Jean make plans for a future research project.

Jun 11 - Laurie makes a journal entry about watching an angry man yell at stupid restaurant owners who don’t want to listen, which speaks to her.

Jun 12 - Kyle bring Laurie food to make sure she stays fed in the lab and an offer to help build a new team from the ground up. Hank posts to his journal asking who stole his latest experiment, replacing it with a bottle of mustard. Tandy posts complaining about how busy summer courses make her. Stephen and Clea go to the movies on a date, both of them are a little weird.

Jun 13 - Sue send Warren a photo to warren of some puppies asking if she can keep them and if Bobbi would like one. Darcy posts complaining that a lot of the names on Epicurious’s top 100 Home Chefs of all time include a lot of professionals. When Hope needs information about her father’s company she turns to Reed Richards. After Hope approaches Reed to do some hacking for her she and Sue have an argument about using people in the XFI offices. Xavin and Kyle do some maintenance work while they chat.

Jun 14 - Laurie posts stating that The Great British Bakeoff is better than Masterchef. Rahne posts letting people know that Peter Sallis, of Wallace and Gromit, had died. Wanda posts asking Miles to stop popping up to ask her to say ‘Ugh’. Reed texts Sue asking if she’s disappointed in him for taking so long to hack the government database and promising to do better next time.

Jun 15 - Sooraya emails XFI asking them to look into the location of Ray Miller and Kaori Tanaka who have vanished from the Mutant Underground; concerned about the missing people and frustrated by the police's non-response, Sooraya turns to Garrison for some advice; Sooraya and Quentin go looking for the missing mutants and manage to find them, but not how they’d hope, they call in Garrison to help deal with the police; arriving back at the mansion Sooraya tries to stay strong but has a breakdown as the images keep playing over her head causing Angel to call in Charles; Quentin posts to XFI letting them know what they found and seeking revenge.

Jun 16 - Hope apologizes to Reed.

Jun 17 - Kitty posts a note to her journal talking about her relationship with her father, wishing she’d known him better.

Jun 18 -

Jun 19 - After the events of the week, Warren tells the X-Factor Investigations staff to take a break and spend his money.

Jun 20 -

Jun 21 - Darcy is pleased about Moana being added to Netflix. Maya shares an inspiring poster maker online.

Jun 22 - Nica rejoices at the end of school and suggests a pool party to celebrate the start of summer vacation. Sooraya emails Angel and Quentin about funeral arrangements for Ray and Kaori.

Jun 23 - Tandy asks for summer volunteers at her uncle’s shelter.

Jun 24 - Pre-Pride, Quentin and Gabriel catch up and talk about Gabe’s employment prospects. Clarice expands the end of summer pool party into a mansion-wide celebration; Warren arrives in his speedo and Clarice is disapproving - for about 5 minutes; Tabitha emails Alison to come down and join in the fun; Rogue texts Wanda about Warren’s exhibitionism and Wanda decides to join the party; Warren posts a photo from the party; Maya decides it was a good day and tells Rahne not to worry about Xavin freaking her out on purpose.

Jun 25 - Emma posts about trying to do the classic lazing by the pool reading Jackie Collins, but failing after 75 pages of Lucky. Rogue texts Logan asking where he was the day before.

Jun 26 The Mutant Chronicle prints an article about the lynching incident.

Jun 27 Sooraya texts Angel to thank her for writing the article. Miles mentions he is dealing with trolls on social media because of it.

Jun 28 Needing a break from her training and shifts, Sharon investigates a different project: an Xavier Ninja Warrior course.

Jun 29 Hope emails Warren and Topaz about the diplomatic skills program she got into.

Jun 30 Maya posts about wanting to SWAT someone.



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