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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Xavin Majesdane
Portrayed by Benjamin Charles Watson and

Samira Willey

Birthdate: January 10, 1998
Journal: xp_xavin

I turn into a girl. Or maybe I'm a girl and I turn into a boy. I don't know...

Xavin is trying to figure out who they are and what they're doing. There's this mutant thing and a lot else going on right now.


Character Journal: xp_xavin

Real Name: Xavin Majesdane

Codename: none

Aliases: none

First Appearance: March 27, 2015

Date of Birth: 10 Jan 1998

Place of Birth: Los Angeles

Citizenship: American

Relatives: De'zean Majesdane (Father), Mother - both estranged

Education: Xavin attended Emerson Middle School and Marymount High, an all girls Catholic school in Bel Air. Freshman at Westchester Community College

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Student

Team Affiliation: X-Men



Xavin’s childhood was spent in South LA. Xavin’s father De’zean was involved in IT and after a series of IT startups, De’zean was managing a highly successful data mining company by 2009. Xavin’s mother worked as an administrator in a South LA high school before going back to school to study accounting.

In 2009, riding on the waves of De’zean’s success, the family moved to Bel Air. The move was difficult for Xavin, who had always been a quiet and withdrawn child and now faced the challenges of making new friends at Emerson Middle School. There were changing expectations as Xavin became used to the wealthy area and its differences from the lower-middle class neighbourhood the Majesdanes had lived in previously. Xavin settled in and eventually made friends and achieved middle of the road marks.

High school came around and Xavin began to attend Marymount High, an all girls Catholic prep school in Bel Air. Though De’zean was doing very well financially, the school’s high fees eventually became a source of conflict in the family - both parents wanted Xavin to do well academically - the family attitude was that Xavin had better do well, given what they were spending on school each year. There were dreams of Yale. The family were on the way up and weren’t going back.

The first and most obvious aspect of Xavin’s mutation manifested when Xavin was fifteen and latent shapeshifting abilities kicked in - Xavin woke up as a boy during the winter break. Xavin’s parents were horrified. Rounds of doctors and medical appointments and psychiatrist appointments followed. Their child had turned into a boy!

“Our child goes to a girls school! Can we get a refund on our fees?”

“Oh my god, De’zean, how can you be thinking that at a time like this?” Xavin’s mother asked. “I think we have bigger things to worry about!”

“Did we do something wrong?” De’zean wouldn’t look at Xavin, sitting hunched in the back seat of the car, earbuds in and hood pulled up. “Can we fix her?”

“Why did she have to turn into a boy? I get - mutant. That’s bad enough, but our baby had to turn into a boy! Do you think she’s a lesbian? Is that why...?”

By the time school started back not long after Xavin’s 16th birthday, Xavin had cobbled together a shaky semblance of powers control. Xavin still slipped regularly, with lapses in concentration prompting shifting but could stay more-or-less female for the course of full school day.

Xavin managed. There were slip ups. People started to wonder what was going on as the teen began to compensate for the slips by presenting more and more masculinely, on the logic that if you actually looked like a boy, people might not notice the shifting. Xavin’s parents, initially supportive, became less and less so as they realised their child was spending more and more time shifted at home. Half of that was the relief of not needing to stay focussed on remaining in one form. But there might have been more to it.

What Xavin couldn’t articulate was how much better, how much more “right” things felt like this and shifting back into a female form for school felt like dressing up and getting caught shifted when in girl clothes was more terrifying than going the other way and getting caught in boy clothes as a girl. Xavin’s parents argued for the need to try harder. Xavin tried.

Xavin’s mother threw out the boy’s clothes she found. Xavin shaved their head. The child psychiatrist appointments increased and Xavin’s bullying at school did, too and Xavin took to cutting school wearing a set of thrift-store boy’s clothes and found an androgynous shape that could be held longer than the ‘girl’ shape or ‘boy’ one.

The school called, as Xavin had flunked most subjects. Xavin’s father tried to force this bullshit out of the teen since being supportive hadn’t worked. It didn’t work. The neighbours had started to notice a teenaged boy coming and going at odd hours.

Xavin’s parents were terrified that someone might discover that their child was a mutant. They were equally terrified that someone might discover that their child was apparently some kind of …. pervert or lesbian or something. They saw their dreams of Yale evaporating before their eyes and they had to wonder if Xavin was actually even trying to manage this or just… going along for the ride and might not even realise the consequences if people learned that they were a mutant or … some kind of cross dressing gay person. Both of them were terrible options for Xavin’s ambitious, sometimes church going and respectable parents.

A last-ditch attempt to fix Xavin and keep the shapeshifting under control by sending the teen to an out of state residential camp for gender nonconforming teens after M-Day failed.

Xavin was there for a month. It was not pleasant. On returning home, Xavin stole their parents’ credit cards, withdrew almost $2,000 in cash and ran away, winding up eventually in a cheap motel room on the other side of the city.

Out of school, out of home and rapidly running out of money, Xavin was still unwilling to go home and hadn’t managed to find work or housing when they were beaten and robbed shortly after being denied (due to presenting male on the day) a bed in a women's refuge when the youth and queer youth specific ones were full for the night. After being given first aid, a youth worker with ties to the Mutant Underground contacted Xavier's School and also Xavin's parents.

Living At The X-Mansion

X-Factor approached Xavin and offered the teen a place to live. Xavin accepted (with hesitations) and moved to the mansion after an emotional confrontation with their parents.

At the mansion, Xavin has started to settle in, sharing a suite with Illyana Rasputin and Rahne Sinclair and making ties to the other teens in the mansion as well as to Matt Murdock, who has been helping with legal issues. Xavin also struck up a solid but unlikely friendship with Jean-Paul Beaubier.

Once Maya Lincoln-Lopez moved in, tensions rose, with Xavin having little patience for what they saw as Maya's high strung, abrasive and know-it-all personality. The two fought frequently, once triggering an outburst of Maya's powers. During this period, Xavin discovered another aspect of their powers when they turned green. Currently unable to shift back but still able to shift between male and female, Xavin dropped out of formal classes at Bayville High in favour of tutoring with Kyle.

Only a few days after turning green, at the start of 2016, a traumatised Maya locked Xavin out of their shared room, causing a huge fight that eventually lead Xavin to share a room with Clea Lake instead.

Thankfully, the rest of 2016 was quiet, and even had a few bright points. Xavin officially "graduated" high school, made a little more progress with exploring their identity and figuring out who they are, and began classes at the local community college, all while avoiding getting into any serious trouble or mixed up in mansion shenanigans. 2017 and 2018 were filled with the usual growing pains of living at Xavier's. Xavin joined the X-Men, wanting to make a change and do more to help the crappy world.

They left the mansion in 2019 for an internship in Austin, confident and determined to make it in the world.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 150lb

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Other Features: Shaved head. Xavin's 'default' state these days is an androgynous green-skinned person with a series of vertical ridges running down their chin. It takes a degree of focus to shift back to presenting as a black teenager.


At this point, Xavin’s powers are limited to the ability to shapeshift from a female form to a male one and one that they’re generally using more often, which is a more androgynous version halfway between the two. They currently have trouble holding any of those three forms for too long and move between them fairly fluidly. Xavin's 'default' shape is an androgenous green person with hair no more than 1/4" long and a ridged chin. At present, it takes a considerable amount of effort and focus to move from this to any of Xavin's 'public' non-mutant shapes.

They have also developed the ability to shift into a stronger form with a rocky, impervious skin and enhanced strength (around three or four times that of a regular human) and one with enhanced flexibility, similar to that shown by Reed R. Holding either of those two forms will always be exhausting.




One of the less famous Kardassians went to Xavin's school and presented the key note speech at graduation one year. It was a pretty big deal.

Xavin once caused Illyana Rasputin to throw her computer out the window by telling her the computer demons needed money.

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