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X-Project celebrated its 20th anniversary!

Gabriel Cohuelo and Quentin Quire returned from their vacation. Clarice Ferguson ran CPR recertification. There was a development with Arthur Centino’s powers, a possible leftover from the powers swap in March, with the development of psychometry. Sooraya Qadir and Monica Rambeau trained in the danger room for leadership and hostage resolution. Illyana Rasputin and Pyotr Rasputin had something of a fight with each other. On the other hand, Darcy Lewis and Inez Temple got quite close.

A new mutant- Ben Russell, aka Shatterstar, was picked up from Boston by Quentin, Darcy, and Madin on the recommendation of David Haller. Haller himself returned to the mansion from Muir Islandas well, and helped with training Shatterstar’s powers. Haller also reconnected with an old friend- Sooraya Qadir. With a collection of younger mutants living at the mansion now, Kyle Gibney put on his teacher hat and started fielding the question of continuing education with Match, Shatterstar, Madin, and Illyana.


May 1 - Garrison and Inez catch up at the bar, where both have interesting news to share with the other.

May 2 - Gabe texts Quentin to thank him for arranging things for his trip and that he’s brought him back what he asked for. Forge makes a post inviting people to bring any busted electronics to him.

May 3 - Fi makes a journal entry about Karl Lagerfeld and other problematic artists after the Met Gala.

May 4 -

May 5 - Clint makes a journal post to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and invites everyone to celebrate in the kitchen. Also the 20th anniversary of X-Project!

May 6 -

May 7 - Matt makes a journal post reminding himself he can’t drink like he was 22 any more. Doug makes a journal post in celebration of his "birfday".

May 8 - Match asks Arthur for a ride into the city.

May 9 - Alani, in the depths of post-graduate work, contemplates leaving for Alaska to run a fishing boat and have a gaggle of fisher-children.

May 10 - Darcy posts from Harry’s, where she is watching the Stanley Cup playoffs with Maple Leafs fan Garrison.

May 11 - Maya is deeply unimpressed with Tik Tokkers teaching incorrect ASL. Jean-Phillipe encourages everyone to celebrate Eurovision with himself and Marie-Ange. Clarice announces it’s time for CPR recertification. Terry and Arthur have a typical morning discussion in the suite he shares with Kyle - right up until something slightly unusual happens.

May 12 - Sooraya and Nica run a Danger Room exercise together to work on their leadership and hostage negotiation respectively.

May 13 - Marie-Ange repeats Jean-Phillipe’s Eurovision invitation. Forge emails Clint about a successful nuclear fusion ignition in Livermore.

May 14 - Darcy mentions falling into a research hole and coming out wanting to learn how to use a set of whips. Haller asks for a new mutant pickup in Boston; Quentin responds and drafts Darcy to come with him and Madin; Darcy texts Doug from the car, deeply unimpressed with her traveling companions; in Boston, the group meets Ben Russell/Shatterstar who is reluctant to come with them but ultimately agrees; Madin and Shatterstar talk powers and swords while waiting for Quentin to finish his X-Factor Investigations work in Boston. Alani texts Kyle about chicken garden plans.

May 15 - Clarice announces that she’s gotten a new sword and asks for name ideas. Hope A. meets Shatterstar and explains the mansion’s communication journals to him. Illyana asks Pyotr to help her download a game and their differences finally come to an explosive head.

May 16 - Inez shares a meme comparing wizards and cowboys. Alani texts Sooraya asking who David Haller is.

May 17 - Shatterstar and Haller finally meet and when ‘Star loses control, Haller is able to walk him through it. Haller emails Clarice, Doug, and Kurt to let them know about the mansion’s newest addition to ask for power help for the student.

May 18 - Haller announces to the mansion that he is indeed back, though he’ll be going back and forth to Muir. Kyle sends emails to Match and Shatterstar concerning finishing their education, to Madin asking if they’d like to pursue education, and to Illyana to confirm she’s got her GED or otherwise offer her options. Terry texts Angelo about legal funds that have been donated.

May 19 -

May 20 - Gabriel lets the mansion know that there are some homemade enchiladas up for grabs in the main fridge. Haller emails Terry to ask if she’d be willing to help with ‘Star’s power training. Clint texts Scott to ask if he could go over upgrade specs with him in the Chapel. Darcy and Doug have a chat about why she's so on edge after the Boston trip.

May 21 - Madin emails Kyle about their educational history and turns down his offer. Alani asks for crappy show recommendations. Darcy drops off ‘Star’s tech and explains some of the mansion’s groups and goals as well as offering the boy some conditioner.

May 22 - Sue texts Hope A. about her late birthday present.

May 23 - Darcy watches Inez practice her roping skills, then they decide to have a little fun.

May 24 - Kyle and Forge bond over unwise food choices. Pyotr and Shatterstar meet in the gym.

May 25 - Nica introduces Shatterstar to the Danger Room and VI.

May 26 - Shatterstar meets with Haller and Terry about his powers. Gabriel posts about starting the holiday weekend early. Terry is flirty with Kyle. Inez suggests a shopping trip for sundresses. Doug posts a terrible pun. Shatterstar thanks Terry for the food and blankets.

May 27 - April decides to join in the impromptu pool party that's happening. Terry texts Kyle and Darcy about wanting to sit around the pool. Matt joins in. A ladies' day in NYC is just what Inez, Clarice, Darcy, Nora, Terry, and Jean need to freshen up their wardrobes for the summer.

May 28 -

May 29 - Sooraya and Haller have lunch, and they have quite a good time until some hard news is shared.

May 30 - Clint posts to all teams on the journals, updating everyone on missions and thanking people for lunches and assistance both. Shatterstar makes a journal post celebrating Arthur Centino's career and speculating he is still alive, and then another journal post in shock that Arthur lives at the mansion. Arthur makes a journal post to celebrate still being alive on his birthday, even after Googling himself.

May 31 - Jean-Phillipe is up too early, while Marie-Ange has been out very late getting up to mischief. Clarice and Shatterstar meet in person and fence.



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