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Benjamin Russell
Portrayed by Damian Lewis
Known Aliases:
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: N/A
Introduction: Time After Time

Ben Russell was a scientist from a parallel universe who took great risk to breach dimensional barriers in an attempt to save his wife: Angelica Jones.


Name: Benjamin Russell


Occupation: scientist

First appearance: August 23, 2008

Family: Angelica Jones (wife, alternate universe)


Ben Russell was a graduate student of theoretical astrophysics when he met Angelica Jones, the woman he would later marry. Ben's research into deep astronomy discovered a potential source of energy transmission between parallel universes in the heart of a star, but his research was deemed too outlandish and was shut down. Shortly thereafter, his wife fell ill with a degenerative disease, and Ben chose to use his research to break through into a parallel universe to find a cure.

Arriving unceremoniously in the Danger Room, Ben encountered this universe's younger version of his wife, causing no small amount of mixed joy and awkwardness. However, his journey was successful, in that he was able to return to his dimension with the Neutralizer, which could be used to cure victims of the disease, which in his universe was caused by the presence of the x-factor.

Upon returning home, Ben was charged with numerous crimes related to his illegal research, but was given probation on the condition that he use the Neutralizer technology to cure victims of the genetic disease across his world.

To this date, it is unknown if an analogue to Benjamin Russell exists in the standard X-Project world.


none, baseline human


Time After Time


PB: Damian Lewis

Formerly socked by: Nute

Ben Russell is based off the "human" identity of Marvel Comics' Shatterstar, but is not a mutant, as x-factor mutation does not exist in his universe.