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May 1 - Clea thanks everyone who came to her Beltane Party.

May 2 - Paige texts Jono asking what logomancy is. Paige gets a one-on-one hand-to-hand lesson with Kane. Kane and Jean have a casual date and talk about anything.

May 3 - Jessica texts Felicia and Sharon (and Match) to apologize for Match's office raccoon biting. Paige ends up telling Sam about her boy problems. Quentin meets Liam while looking for Jono. Jono and Mel continue to dislike each other after Jono accidentally uses telepathy on her. After, Jono texts Q for help, admitting to his telepathy. Darcy and Kane have an advanced hand-to-hand session. Something Slender's (Got To Give): Topaz makes a post to xp_teams about increased Slenderman sightings; Clea texts Stephen to meet her at the Kamar-Taj library.

May 4 - Paige finds out about Mel sleeping with Warren; Sam and Jay also have opinions. Hope A. and Marius have a civil conversation at a high society event; Sue uses them to hide.

May 5 - Kane gives Madin their hand-to-hand assessment for joining the X-Men. Jay apologizes to Mel. Felicia texts North about the new Le Creuset color. Sam texts Kyle about local foraging. After Paige falls asleep in the library, Jono carries her back to her and Mel's suite, makes her a few meals, and cleans her room. Mel texts Sam and Jay indignantly about it. Jono texts Paige to let her know what he's done, but the messages fail to send.

May 6 - Paige makes a journal post asking if she blacked out and cleaned her room. Emily asks if anyone is having a Met Gala watch party. Fourteen accidentally Maple Leafs-posts to the journals.

May 7 - Marius emails Warren regarding the clinic Warren Cares is creating in District X, informing him he was planning to do the same. Jono ans Paige have a confrontation and sort out a misunderstanding. Sam texts Doug about an older siblings' union. Doug remembers its his birthday. Nica guides Marius through borrowing her powers for the first time. Jessica texts Haller a not-happy birthday, having found out he's a nepo baby. Maya leaves gifts for Haller and Jack.

May 8 - Jubilee posts to the X-Force xp_teams informing them she's back. Sooraya and Kyle plan a history lesson in DX. Madin is incredulous when Marius suggests they practice their plasma on him. Kane gives Mel her first Danger Room lesson. Sharon finds Emily having a night terror with her hajr having turned to flames.

May 9 -

May 10 - Hope A. saves Warren from PR trouble. Rouge meets April and Boris. Shatterstar has a hand-to-hand lesson with Kane.

May 11 - Illyana texts Warren to let him know she's taking Fourteen to the spa on his dime.

May 12 -

May 13 - Shatterstar gives Terry a late Mother’s Day gift. Haller returns to work at District X and has visits from both Arthur and Sooraya; things get tense when Arthur and Sooraya have a clash of protectiveness. Shatterstar goes to Rictor for help with a "plant matter".

May 14 - Haller emails Sooraya and Arthur to ask about the tension between them the day before. Paige visits Namor to ask about the mace he gave her for her birthday and verbal sparring ensues.

May 15 - Marius emails Jay to enact the gentlemen’s agreement he and Warren had reached about the DX health clinic; Jay, having not been told about the agreement, emails Warren for details and gets the typical Warren response. Jean-Phillipe asks about a very loud, high-pitched yell heard in the hallways and Ashley confesses that she was excited about the trailer for the Wicked movie. Clea emails Julio about new growth in the greenhouse.

May 16 - Shatterstar sends his report on The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari to Kyle under the wire. Marius and Jay have a lunch meeting about the clinic being built in District X, and Jay finds out he really, really dislikes Marius.

May 17 - Rogue asks for suggestions of the next book series to read to Hope S. Bobbi announces her birthday on the journals. Hope A. and Mel work the same event.

May 18 - Scott announces that Kitty has left the mansion for a job offer on the other side of the country; Haller texts him and finds out Scott and Kitty broke up amicably at the same time. Alani lets eXcalibur know she’s updating the wormhole schedule for the summer and to let her know their preferences. Matt shares a picture of a thurible he bought while antiquing with Foggy.

May 19 - Marie and Sooraya have ice cream and catch up.

May 20 - Jessie’s decorating for Pride brings Nica to her and they bond over their ace status.

May 21 -

May 22 - April, Marius, Kurt and Scott play Danger Room Volleyball, with powers of course.

May 23 - Sharon S. chooses an inopportune time and place to ask Mel and Warren questions about their arrangement.

May 24 - Shatterstar finds Sharon S. sulking about the reaction to her perfectly reasonable questions the day before and tries to explain why things got awkward.

May 25 - Mel comes across Nica, the other flying, glowing resident, and they talk powers.

May 26 - Mel and Emily meet on the roof and talk about flight, with and without wings.

May 27 - Gabe announces that he'll be grilling for Memorial Day. Match texts Jessica to ask if he can close the office, as everything seems to be closed.

May 28 - Match gets Sharon's help setting up a computer and she takes the opportunity to explain mutualism to him. Gabe catches up with Haller on the smoker's porch and their conversation has them sharing a bit about their respective pasts.

May 29 - Mel texts Sam, Paige, and Jay asking their thoughts on the possibility of her not being straight.

May 30 - Beatrice meets Rogue, eating, in the kitchen and they chat. Shatterstar texts Arthur a happy birthday message and invites him to his movie marathon. Arthur and Haller take Scott out to cheer him up following his break up, when Warren arrives and invites himself along. Haller texts Arthur, Scott, and Warren once he realizes Scott is no longer in Kirby's.

May 31 - Warren makes a journal post requesting help resyncing his watch and phone when he hasn't slept and accidentally summoned an ambulance. Ashley and Jessie find themselves at Count Donutula's, where Mel is behind the counter, and they talk donuts. Sam texts Ashley thanking her for the donut. Inez posts in shock that it's almost June. Hope S. texts Alani to inform her that she learned that the moon landing was fake and that the chickens are well.


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