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A trip to the Met Gala became an unofficial mission as the FOH crashed the party, protesting against the pro-mutant theme and causing general disruption. Fortunately, those members of the Hellfire Club, the X-Men and X-Force who were attending the event were able to settle things down and the Gala resumed the next evening.

Laurie Collins continued to try to redeem herself, this time by talking to Garrison Kane with mixed results. Monica Rambeau, fresh from her political science exam, tried to get others excited about the presidential election in November and warned that the improvements so far since the departure of 45 wouldn't last. Tandy Bowen spotted an Odin lookalike (or possibly the real thing) on the subway and subsequently freaked out Marie-Ange Colbert with a photo.

And finally, Marie-Ange that Topaz was formally a member of X-Force.


May 1 - After therapy, Topaz talks to Doug about her decision to join X-Force.

May 2 -

May 3 -

May 4 - Clarice sends a team wide alert about the FOH causing trouble at the Met Gala; Hope A. texts the HFC White Court members who are at the Met Gala party that the FOH are attacking and that she needs assistance; JPC texts Marie-Ange about the Met Gala; a news article comes out about Met Gala being postponed by the damage done by the FOH.

May 5 - Kyle makes an all teams report concerning the Met Gala debacle. Laurie and Garrison go for drinks, where Laurie asks for a chance to prove herself.

May 6 -

May 7 - Amanda texts Jubilee and Marie-Ange to start a betting pool concerning Doug's birthday. Doug makes a post about his birthday, sure he'd set a reminder.

May 8 - Doug finds a post-it note to self that was not previously there. Nica updates the mansion on the current political shift and what can be done. Fourteen emails Amanda about a symbol found in her old room. Hope A. goes to talk to Doug about her internship with Senator Mace.

May 9 - Jubilee hits the journals with a joke.

May 10 - Gabriel texts Felicia about brunch. Tandy texts Marie-Ange about an interesting looking man on the subway. Doug texts Tandy concerning a sudden outburst of swearing from Marie-Ange.

May 11 -

May 12 -

May 13 - Marie-Ange emails X-Force to inform of the new addition to the team.

May 14 -

May 15 -

May 16 -

May 17 -

May 18 -

May 19 -

May 20 -

May 21 - Nica posts about going to the zoo for a powers experiment.

May 22 -

May 23 -

May 24 - Alani posts asking for hiking recommendations.

May 25 -

May 26 -

May 27 -

May 28 -

May 29 - Alex asks if anyone can bring donuts to X-Factor.

May 30 - Molly posts about a bonfire in the backyard.

May 31 -



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