Franklin Nelson

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Franklin Nelson
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Portrayed by Elden Henson
Known Aliases: Foggy Nelson
Affiliations: Matt Murdock
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Introduction: December 7, 2015

You're at that school he volunteers at or whatever. Must be a sweet place to tear him away from work like that. Maybe I should volunteer there, too.

Best Damn Avocado and best friend to Matt Murdock.


Name: Franklin Nelson

Aliases: "Foggy"

Occupation: Lawyer

First appearance: December 7, 2015

Family: Rosalinde Sharpe (mother), Edward Nelson (father), Anna Nelson (stepmother), Candace Nelson (half-sister)


Foggy Nelson grew up in Hell's Kitchen and his father owned a hardware store where he worked before college and learned home improvement and business management skills. However Foggy had dreams of becoming a lawyer. His mother was desperate for him to become a butcher instead; he often suspected she simply liked the idea of free ham.

At Columbia University he met his new roommate Matt Murdock. The pair struck up an immediate friendship and roomed together through all of college and law school. People often assumed they were in a relationship together when they weren't (though there have been a few drunk and not-so-drunk hookups). Foggy teased Matt about his blindness while Matt would tease Foggy about many of his poor life choices, such as his decision to join a course studying Punjabi simply to get close to a girl. They dreamed of creating their own professional partnership and work together in the future as lawyers.

That did not work out quite as planned as Foggy ended up working in the DA's office while Matt took a position with Worthington Industries with the intent of saving his money for startup for Nelson and Murdock while they gained experience. At Clint's birthday bar crawl, he learned that both Matt and Clint are mutants, though he is unaware of their dual identities or of Xavier's as school for mutants.


Best damn avocado; putting up with Matt Murdock's bullshit; drunken shenanigans (with Matt)


With Extreme Prejudice


PB: Elden Henson

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