With Extreme Prejudice

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With Extreme Prejudice
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Dates run: December 22, 2016 - January 29, 2017
Run By: Ben
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Police see you, they're looking for an excuse to shoot you dead. Police see a kid with wings or scales? Same thing. There's no justice for people like us. You think there's justice out there for people like them?

Daredevil and Spider-Man investigate a series of grisly murders and uncover an unexpected conspiracy.


Spider-Man, Daredevil

Franklin "Foggy" Nelson, The Prowler, Brett Mahoney, Tom Dixon, Dan Hanrahan, Friends of Humanity


December 22, 2016 - January 29, 2017

Plot Summary

Rising racial, class, and genetic tensions throughout New York City were escalating violence and confrontations between civilians and police. Pundits wondered whether the violence would grow to rival the levels seen in the '70s and '80s. Small riots erupted in District X when a policeman, Raymond McCoffer, was found not guilty for the shooting deaths of two 20-something mutants, Ramirez Ferrero and John Redden.

Officer McCoffer and his wife were found dead in their home a week later, the victims of a gruesome murder. Other people involved with the case were murdered over the course of the next couple of weeks, too: the judge, a key defense witness, and a member of the jury who had spoken to the press. New York City was on edge. There was increased police activity, anti-mutant hate groups began assaulting mutants and vandalizing their homes and businesses, and gangs started to spring up for self-defense.

Assistant District Attorney Foggy Nelson, who prosecuted McCoffer, feared he would be a target, too, considering the public's outcry at his "gross incompetence" for failing to secure a conviction. Matt took to staying at his place as protection. Foggy's concerns proved right in mid-January, as a man clad entirely in black sneaked in one night. Matt leaped to Foggy's defense; though there was a familiar aura about the would-be killer, he couldn't determine their identity. The fight left Foggy's apartment a mess, but the killer fled, unable to accomplish his goal before the wailing police sirens hearkened their arrival. Foggy was stupefied, both at being an almost victim and at the martial prowess of his friend. Matt finally revealed his identity as Daredevil to Foggy and vowed to find and stop the killer.

Matt recruited Miles, who had been dedicating his time during winter break as Spider-Man to easing tensions in the city and interrupting fights before they could get too violent. Their involvement in trying to quell the violence was met with all sorts of reactions, but many of them negative. The Daily Bugle was predictably scathing. While doing their own investigation at one of the murder scenes, Spidey and DD befriended unexpectedly superhero-friendly Detective Brett Mahoney, known to Matt as a childhood friend of Foggy's, and agreed to share whatever they find with him, regardless of dubious legality. Additionally, Spidey found a blood-soaked 8-pointed shuriken that fell under a couch. Its design looked familiar but he couldn't place it.

Around this time, developers started making inquiries into District X and other volatile neighborhoods throughout the city, including Harlem and Brooklyn. It was a clear attempt at gentrification; gussy up these poor, minority neighborhoods so they look nice, attract wealthy, white, non-mutant residents to displace the current residents, and drive up property values. One developer, Dan Hanrahan, began construction of a high-rise in Brooklyn, just a few blocks from where the Morales family lives.

When Spidey and DD interrupted a confrontation between a group of mutants and the FOH, they noticed the weapons carried by the FOH were military grade and not what's typically seen on the streets. DD got one of the thugs to give up where they got the guns from, so DD and Spidey went to stake it out at a Manhattan dock. There, they saw Detective Mahoney's partner, Detective Tom Dixon, directing a sale to a cadre of FOH. DD and Spidey sprang into action to seize the weapons; Dixon and several thugs fled under the cover of fire, but not before DD discovered Dan Hanrahan as the source of the weapons.

It quickly became clear with further research: Hanrahan was providing weapons to opposing groups in the areas he's interested in to promote violence and make property easier to buy. In fact, tracing back a recent deal in Chicago, they saw the exact same thing happened. More than a dozen people were killed in this scheme that earned him a multimillion-dollar deal.

DD provided this info to Detective Mahoney, who confirmed he had suspicions about Dixon and his seemingly hands-off approach to investigating these acts of violence in District X. As talked, Dixon called Mahoney to ask to meet because Dixon had a lead in the serial killer case. DD secretly followed Mahoney, but was an instant too slow to stop Dixon from shooting Mahoney in the gut. DD incapacitated Dixon and the paramedics arrived just in time to save Mahoney.

Meanwhile, Spidey broke into Hanrahan's penthouse to try to find evidence of the weapons deals. The place was a mess, though, with clear evidence of a struggle. A financial analysis of the Brooklyn high-rise was on the table, darkened with spots of blood. Spidey headed there, and when he arrived, found Hanrahan tied up and beaten to a pulp, but alive (barely). An 8-pointed shuriken in embedded in his chest. Before Spidey could free the man, he was attacked by a familiar face(/mask): the Prowler, Miles's uncle Aaron. Spidey was completely taken off guard that his uncle has taken to murder, and Prowler explained that he knew Raymond McCoffer's victims. These murders were acts of revenge for the deaths of these kids going unpunished. Prowler started following Spidey from a distance when he got involved, and abducted one of the fleeing FOH members after the docks raid, who informed him of Hanrahan's involvement. Prowler put the ultimate responsibility of the initial deaths at Hanrahan's feet.

A battle ensued, this one much more evenly matched than last time now that Spidey has had over a year and a half of X-Men training. Spidey got Prowler on the ropes but Prowler slipped out of his grasp and tossed Hanrahan out the building and fled. Spidey went after Hanrahan by shooting a web to catch him. He succeeded, but when he pulled up Hanrahan, the man was dead, his neck broken. Was he already dead when Prowler threw him, did he die during the fall, or did Spidey kill him?

Though Hanrahan was dead and Dixon caught so weapons can't flood the streets anymore, the tensions remain, and the future of New York City remains uncertain.

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Miles suffered a severe crisis of conscious for his role in Hanrahan's death. Kyle Gibney offered some perspective from another long-time superhero, and Bobby Drake bought him a cake to cheer him up (that Miles mostly ate all by himself).


Plotrunner: Ben