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Morales Family
Portrayed by various
Known Aliases: Jefferson, Rio and Aaron Morales
Affiliations: Miles Morales
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The Morales' are the family of Miles Morales. They are unaware of their son's mutation and of his extra-curricular activities as Spider-man.


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Jefferson Morales
Jefferson morales.jpg
A drug dealer in his teens, Jefferson cleaned up his act when he met his future wife, Rio. He is now a construction foreman with a very dim view of anyone acting outside the law.

PB: Kevin Michael Richardson

Rio Morales
Rio morales.jpg
A hospital administrator who encouraged Jefferson to go clean and who cares deeply for her husband and son.

PB: Judy Reyes

Aaron Davis Morales
Aaron Morales is the younger brother of Miles Morales's father Jefferson. He was a petty thief as a youth and never aged out of his criminal days, growing up to become a master criminal codenamed the Prowler. Even so, he was close to his nephew, Miles, until Miles discovered his secret. See individual character page for further details.

PB: Laz Alonso. Socker: Michael.


Miles Morales is the only son of Jefferson and Río Morales, themselves the children of Afro-Puerto Rican immigrants to Spanish Harlem. Jefferson and his brother Aaron were little hellions as children and ran with gangs as they entered their teenage years. They met when they were 18 and Jefferson was still dealing drugs. During their courtship, she encouraged him to leave that world, and though it was a difficult venture, he ultimately did abandon dealing. They married as soon as Río graduated college and had Miles not much later. They adore their son and have dedicated themselves to making sure that Miles doesn’t follow Jefferson’s (or worse, Uncle Aaron’s) path. They moved out of Spanish Harlem and into Brooklyn shortly after Miles’ birth. The Morales family was not particularly well off, but they were never wanting, and Jefferson and Río indulged Miles whenever they could.

Jefferson is a construction foreman and Río is a hospital administrator. They don’t know that their son is Spider-Man or even a mutant; Río might come to accept it if she found out, but Jefferson has been clear about his anti-mutant prejudices and his distaste for superheroes and vigilantes.


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Socked by: Michael (Aaron)