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Paul Norbert Ebersol
Portrayed by Terminator Genisys
Known Aliases: Fixer
Affiliations: Heinrich Zemo
Socked By: Rossi
Introduction: Are We Ourselves

"If you think I'm going to give up, little girl," he sneered, "You have no idea of what's at stake. Or what I'm capable of."

A brilliant engineer suffering from a terrible disease, Fixer will take any action to save his own life.


Name: Paul Norbert Ebersol

Aliases: Fixer

Affiliation: Heinrich Zemo

First appearance: April 2016

Family: Unknown


A child prodigy with an extreme affinity for mechanical and electrical engineering, Norbert spent most of his early life and adolescence fiddling with readily available scrap metal/spare parts to create marvelous things (robotic arms, electric cars, etc). However, by the time he reached high school, he found himself bored and disinterested in everything that didn’t involve his particular areas of expertise, so he dropped out at the earliest opportunity.

Norbert began working odd jobs, never able to hold one for any length of time. He was often fired for insubordination, his supervisors citing arrogance, a superior attitude, an apathetic approach to his assigned work, and unorthodox approaches to simple tasks (reinventing the wheel, as it were, only a far more complicated version of the wheel). In part because it stimulated his intellect and provided him with the raw materials necessary for the creation of more advanced technology, Norbert began planning and executing ever more intricate, technologically assisted crimes. After successfully establishing himself in the underground network of shady people with few morals, Norbert began to receive the respect he felt his brilliance should automatically afford him.

At the age of twenty-nine, Norbert was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Unwilling to risk the complete degeneration of his body while his mind remained intact, Norbert began attempting more and more ambitious crimes. He hoped to provide not only the raw materials for his personal projects, but also the capital required to purchase medication which might slow the disease’s progression while he searched for a way to save himself. His immediate solution to the degeneration was to begin to augment himself with mechanical and electronic parts.

When the muscles in his legs began to fail, Norbert constructed braces that allowed him to walk normally. When he had the resources, he improved the braces by miniaturizing/streamlining them. He even went so far as to eventually write a program (and install it in a new type of nanite he developed) which would allow him to rebuild the portions of his body that had deteriorated most quickly. Norbert injected himself with the nanites, and they immediately began replacing the sinew, tendons, and muscles that had begun to fail with a techno-organic replacement product synthesized from materials with which his skin came into contact. To allow him to control the material he introduced to his system, Norbert also developed an interface that allowed him to fully integrate his augmentations with what remained of his biological form and to control them mentally through his brains already extant electrical impulses. This is what eventually brought him to Baron Zemo’s attention.

After suffering defeat in Alaska and apparently being killed, Zemo rescued Norbert and gifted him with a new robot body that he could control from a safe place. He decided to take his new body and nanites to invade the mansion in April 2021 and try to steal their tech. This resulted in his robot body being destroyed by some rightfully angry people who remembered him from Alaska, and some of his nanites being adopted by Doug Ramsey.



Are We Ourselves

A Fistful of Nanites


PB: Terminator Genisys

Socked by: Rossi