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In Alaska, Clinton Barton and his team ran into Fixer and his nanites, resulting in mind-control shenanigans and lots of fighting before the apparent death of their foe. Everyone made it safe home, although there were Issues for a few of them, especially Topaz, who had been forced to kill in self-defence. After some focussed hermiting time, she was eventually routed by Tabitha Smith threatening to read Cassie Claire unless her librarian came out of hiding.

Relationship confusion happened - Jean-Paul Beaubier was concerned that an invitation for lunch from Cecilia Reyes was a come-on, and sought advice from his roomie, Kitty Pryde, about Cece's intentions; Artie Maddicks talked to Maya Lincoln-Lopez one night and was disturbed to discover she'd had a crush on the much-older Clint. And Wade Wilson offered Molly Hayes some poutine, which she took to be a sexual innuendo, much to his own confusion.

Sooraya Qadir, still questioning her religion, made the decision to stop wearing her hijab. Hope Abbott, undeterred by her field trip to the morgue, asked Marie-Ange Colbert for more training in the assassin line. Aware of her issues, Jessica Jones decided to stand down as a Generation X mentor.

Garrison Kane, acting on direction from Fred Duncan, took a team to investigate potential human experiments by Roxxon Corporation, and discovered things went much deeper. In the process, Julian Keller was poisoned, and Sharon Friedlander was forced to amputate his hands to prevent him dying, while it turned out that the mysterious Scourge was behind everything once again. With Scourge definitely targeting him, Garrison told Scott Summers he was taking a part-time role with the X-Men until he could be sure they were safe.


Apr 1 - Darcy posts about April Fools' Day. Adrienne and Garrison text about baseball. Maya responds to a lack of April Fools' antics. Clint wishes Darcy a happy birthday. Are We Ourselves: Clint and Kyle meet up to share information; later that day, Molly, Clint, Natasha and Topaz realize Kyle hasn't made it back to the safehouse.

Apr 2 - Maya emails Wade about camping. Are We Ourselves: Clint tries to find Kyle, but things don't go as planned and he calls Everett Thomas for backup; with Clint missing, Molly, Natasha and Topaz track him down and run into a nanite-infected Kyle; Everett, Molly, Kyle and Topaz find Clint and then the man behind the mysterious disappearances, leading to a series of confrontations.

Apr 3 - Gabriel complains about the state of late-night revelry. Are We Ourselves: The group in Alaska discusses the previous day's events while preparing to return. Clint texts Doug and Scott about the mission. Jean-Paul asks Topaz where she's been. Doug texts Marie-Ange about the nanites. Clint tells Angel he's back. Molly tells Wade the same and in the process there’s a misunderstanding about poutine. Laurie checks on Kyle and Clint; Maya checks on Topaz.

Apr 4 - Are We Ourselves: Scott lets all the teams know where to find Clint’s report about the happenings in Alaska. Wade is confused about how Molly could think “poutine” was something kinky. Arthur emails Kyle with a Great Bad Idea.

Apr 5 - Amara is not impressed by the American education system. Alex reflects on YouTube videos about “Real Monsters” while laid up with a not-quite-broken leg. Natasha lets Clint know she’s disappearing into the city for a few days.

Apr 6 - Clint celebrates being nanite-free with pancakes with Angel.

Apr 7 - Garrison points out that as it is both International Beer Day and International Beaver Day, he’ll be having a parade in his own honour down to Harry’s. Matt emails Clint asking if there’s anything he should know about Natasha, as he just ran into her.

Apr 8 - Laurie announces she is not to blame. Cecilia emails Jean-Paul to tell him she has a proposition for him, and he winds up concerned it’s a come-on. Hope emails Marie-Ange about wanting to continue her training after several visits to the morgue at Marie-Ange's direction. Tabitha texts Topaz to see if she’s coming out, threatening to read Cassie Claire if she doesn’t. Jessica emails Angel and Julian about something important she wants to talk over with them.

Apr 9 - Laurie emails Clint to ask what he’s doing. Laurie leaves Kyle a random voicemail message. Jessica talks to Angel and Julian about her future as a Gen X mentor.

Apr 10 - Clint celebrates his nanite-free status with a science-themed bad movie marathon. Wade lets Kurt know he has obtained a mysterious Something during his most recent trip. Jean-Paul asks Kitty how well she knows Cecilia, revealing his concern that she wants him sexually; Kitty emails Cecilia to ask her how well they know each other, and Jean-Paul is mocked. In typical Namor style, the King of Atlantis requests Marie-Ange’s art skills be put to his use to document his past; Marie-Ange emails Clint, Doug and Amanda about Namor’s email and some of the eccentricities therein. Are We Ourselves: Off the coast of Alaska, Baron Zemo awakens the Fixer, resurrected in a robot body and the true nature of the mission is revealed.

Apr 11 - Clint contacts Amanda to let her know he’s worried since he can’t contact Topaz. Are We Ourselves: Coulson provides Clint with an update to the Alaska situation and Hendrickson’s condition, and pays the team in non-traceable Starbucks gift cards; Clint emails his team to let them know what Coulson said and to share the ‘wealth’.

Apr 12 - Natasha texts Clint to let him know that she knows he had a party without her and that she’s still cruising around getting used to the city. Wanda berates Clint for breaking into her apartment to leave a pile of grilled cheese sandwiches, it rapidly turns into a grilled cheese party. Hope contacts Tandy asking for her help getting a dress like one she saw Kate Middleton wear. Darcy asks for some egg drop soup, Amanda is happy to oblige. Jean-Phillipe posts a flyer he was handed claiming homosexuality killed off the dinosaurs.

Apr 13 - Laurie texts Kyle about seeing him naked, and the two discuss his love life. Jubilee leaves Wanda a pair of grilled cheese shaped earrings. Jessica and Jean spend some time in a queue for milkshake and burgers and get to know one another while they wait. Artie posts complaining about his trip to Portugal. Hope and Jubilee make a deal both are very happy with.

Apr 14 - Megan sends Amanda a handmade birthday card. Maya posts to her journal to complain about JK Rowling and the way she’s treating cultures and people in her writing. Wanda wishes Amanda a happy birthday and lets her know that she has a tower of wine and beer waiting for her in her suite. Wade discovers that throwing stars exist in Minecraft leading to Doug setting him up on his server.

Apr 15 - Artie emails Marie-Ange and Wade to let them know that he’s ok. Gabriel warns people not to take a job bartending at mountain lodges, no matter what the pay. The Plaguebearers: Garrison receives an email from Fred Duncan alerting him to a possible mutant related situation at Roxxon; Garrison texts Logan, Sharon and Kitty asking if they’d come with him to Roxxon to investigate the situation; arriving at the scene they find a containment unit, fearing they need to corral the escaped subject Logan calls Julian; Logan, Sharon and Julian venture down through the tunnel in the lab into the sewers, only to discover a researcher from the project with some bad news about their 'subject'; in the meantime Garrison and Kitty examine the footage of the bombing, only to discover things weren’t quite what they thought it was; the team meet Death Adder and find themselves facing off against the people who freed him; during the fight against Death Adder Julian is fatally injured causing Sharon to have to make a terrible decision; Kitty and Kane join Logan to continue the hunt while Sharon gets Julian to safety; talking to the injured Sikorski it turns out Roxxon was only trying to help, at least this time and the team leaves before the ambulance arrives; retreating from the scene Kane gets a phonecall as Scourge reveals himself to be the villain of the piece. Back at the mansion, Jean puts out a short message alerting everyone to Julian’s status and promising more information later. Cecilia and the medbay staff discuss what to do about Julian and his situation. Tandy sends Sue a message letting her know what happened, Sue promises to find out more info. Garrison emails Scott to let him know that he’s withdrawing from the X-Men for the time being until he figures out the Scourge situation. Scott texts Kitty to check she’s alright after the events in the city.

Apr 16 - Maya asks how the school is a safe place, people aren’t too happy with her question after the events of the previous day; Nica drags Maya out for a run to calm her down and talks to her about things. Alex and Lorna decide to go and train their powers together. Tandy visits Julian in the hospital wing as he wakes up. Angelo mentions that he’s started thinking about stuff from M-Day, which leads to a trip to Atlantic City. Angelo invites Jean-Phillipe along on his excursion. Wade talks to Maya about antagonising the mansionites and finding other ways to discharge her temper. Julian wakes up to find Sue by his bedside; later, Laurie checks up on him.

Apr 17 - Miles wonders why Crunchyroll keeps recommending he watch Sailor Moon and Jean offers to introduce him to the show. Amanda posts to let people know she and Garrison are having birthday drinks at Harry’s. She also sends a message to Megan and Wanda thanking them for their gifts.

Apr 18 - Angel and Sooraya discuss Sooraya's decision not to wear her hijab anymore.

Apr 19 - Quentin hopes no one voted.

Apr 20 - Alison posts about someone claiming the Apocalypse is about to happen and if they checked him for the X-gene. Xavin shares Marie-Ange's 4-20 brownies and they wind up talking about identity.

Apr 21 - Jubilee emails Amanda about meeting up for dinner. Alison texts Marie-Ange if she needs a bunker. She also texts Tabitha about having a fake identity. Arthur posts about being spoofed. Laurie posts about science making her head hurt. Jessica posts about dying pink streaks in her hair.

Apr 22 - Jubilee emails Wade about doing something involving wearing a kilt. Gabriel introduces Reed to Grindr. Reed introduces Gabriel to something best described as "awkward earnestness." A wild Topaz appears, and Cecilia is the lucky insomniac who runs into her in the kitchen.

Apr 23 - Cecilia emails Sharon about her having acted well in the situation with Julian. Jean-Paul texts Gabriel about going somewhere warm. Darcy posts about strange creatures with tentacles.

Apr 24 - Tabitha posts about certain people being called adults. Miles talks with a drunk Gabriel about his double life as Spider-Man.

Apr 25 - Jean-Paul finally catches up with Topaz.

Apr 26 -

Apr 27 - Marie-Ange and Doug give the Stepford Cuckoos birthday gifts. Alison reflects on Harry Potter. Reed attempts to flirt with Sue. The Cuckoos thank Marie-Ange.

Apr 28 -

Apr 29 - Domino asks for tips on removing bloodstains. Wade texts his associate Weasel about an article about a weasel. Hope and Hank go out to a fancy dinner — for work. Miles shares a video.

Apr 30 - Emma announces her return from vacation. Gabriel asks for volunteers for an LGBT prom. Wanda and Everett catch up in the gym, with some mutual ogling. Artie and Maya talk about her issues with the mansion and her brief-but-puzzling crush on Clint.


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