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Bobbi Morse, following on from her vacation with Warren Worthington, enjoyed more drinking and dancing with him, but nothing serious; Everett Thomas and Jennie Stavros indulged in some flirting. Reed Richards met Amanda Sefton and science and magic clashed - a lot. Jessica Jones posted various nuggets of wisdom, which weren't always accepted well, and Maya Lincoln-Lopez continued her to pick fights online, with Wade Wilson attempting to give her some advice about not responding while angry. The Stepford Cuckoos pondered the ethics of psychically manipulating annoying presidential supporters, and Natasha Romanoff and Clinton Barton, with Darcy Lewis, indulged in some ill-conceived science.

Clint, responding to a call from Phil Coulson, arranged for a group of mansionites to go to Alaska with him to locate his missing former SHIELD partner.


Mar 1 - Laurie returns some files to medlab and starts up a conversation with Jennie - they get to talking about finding what you want.

Mar 2 - Bobbi texts Warren in the wee small hours of the morning after having a few drinks at a bar. Jessica makes a journal entry about really wanting to go dancing. Laurie makes a journal entry thanking people for coming out the night before.

Mar 3 - Molly makes a journal entry asking if anyone’s heard the ‘Cake by the Ocean’ song before. Reed and Amanda meet and disagree about the existence of magic. Natasha, Clint and Darcy conduct an ill-conceived science experiment.

Mar 4 - Maya makes a journal entry about voting in the upcoming US election. John makes a journal entry asking why it’s weird for a 30 year old not to have an Instagram/Facebook account. Gabriel makes a journal entry about getting his old job back. Jean-Phillipe texts Marie-Ange about fertility gods and modern contraception methods.

Mar 5 -

Mar 6 - Jennie takes the late night comms shift, and checks in with two of her people from Clarent House.

Mar 7 -

Mar 8 -

Mar 9 - Jessica posts to the journals saying how annoyed she gets when people say they’re not sure if they should do something. Alison posts in excitement that she has gotten into the Overwatch Beta. Everett and Jennie meet and flirt and she offers the services of her dance studio.

Mar 10 - Jessica posts her nuggets of wisdom, but not everyone takes the advice well. Alison and Xavin talk about the mansion and fitting in. Arthur emails the members of X-Factor Investigations (sans Quentin and Jessica) to talk about her posts on the journals and suggest someone talk to her. Alex asks for a length of rope so he can tie his broken foot onto a skateboard, Kyle and Arthur oblige and plans are hatched.

Mar 11 - Amanda wishes Topaz Happy Birthday. Darcy and Stephen talk about how much they both enjoy Stardew Valley. Julian trains Reed in the gym and bestows a nickname on him before inviting Reed to join Julian and Sue’s weekly lunch. Garrison posts to let everyone know that he and Adrienne are away for the yearly tradition of attending Spring Training. Kitty posts to complain about the bears which keep killing her in the game she’s playing.

Mar 12 -

Mar 13 - Arthur leaves Marie-Ange a Tarot deck he found.

Mar 14 - Marie-Ange sends Arthur a calligraphic note to thank him for his gift. Jean celebrates Pi Day with pie. Clea wishes Stephen an early happy birthday.

Mar 15 - Sophie Stepford wonders about the ethics of telepathically manipulating 45 supporters who are annoying her. Jean-Phillipe posts in celebration of his birthday, and wishes Stephen and Kevin a happy birthday also.

Mar 16 - Jubilee shares a video of U.S. gymnast Danusia Francis. Molly is excited about discovering Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Mar 17 - Gabriel is unimpressed with St. Patrick’s Day.

Mar 18 - Jessica makes another lyrics post. Bobbi and Sue run security for a museum opening. Rogue and Jessica talk about Jessica’s past. Bobbi texts Warren, surprised by an expensive gift.

Mar 19 - Bobbi visits Warren with breakfast and discovers he sleeps naked.

Mar 20 - Laurie texts Kyle telling him he needs to see Zootopia. Bobbi meets Maya while running and they have actually have a friendly talk.

Mar 21 -

Mar 22 - Bobby has issues with his computer when it posts something on the journals and not to google. He texts Miles about this.

Mar 23 - Laurie posts about a vote for cake or pie. Maya posts about adults being obsessed with sex.

Mar 24 -

Mar 25 - Jubilee posts about Neko Atsume. Alison posts about Disney's Hercules and Ariel being cousins.

Mar 26 -

Mar 27 - Maya emails Marie-Ange about being called the Dragon Age Lilianna. Gabriel texts Jean-Paul about going bar hopping for Easter. Jean-Paul texts Kitty to invite her as well. Gabriel asks Quentin to join in as well.

Mar 28 - Miles celebrates his score on a practice test. Kevin continues to train Gabriel in the ways of espionage. Wade texts Cece asking to hang out. Laurie posts about the movie "Crimson Peak." Are We Ourselves: Coulson calls Clint to investigate disappearances in Alaska, sparking the following string of texts and emails; Clint texts Natasha to discuss; Clint invites Kyle and Molly to join him; Clint asks Matt to dogsit; Molly asks Topaz if she wants to come on Clint's trip; Clint emails Jennie to let her know about his whereabouts; Topaz texts Amanda to get her to catsit; Molly tells Wade she's going on a real mission; Wade texts Marie-Ange his feelings on this.

Mar 29 - Doug and Hope A. talk about the power of rumors. Jessica posts two affirmations, one in verse. Rahne suggests a mansion-wide picnic. Kyle emails Rahne and Xavin about his trip to Alaska with Clint. Warren announces his assistant's engagement.

Mar 30 - Bobbi agrees to do Warren a favor. Sharon Friedlander asks Jean about her hospital.

Mar 31 - Are We Ourselves: Clint's team arrives in Alaska and prepares for its mission.


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