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In direct response to the Dark Phoenix using Cerebro to destroy thousands of mutants, Charles Xavier decommissioned the mutant-finding machine, the public reason being that it had been damaged too much during the M-Day backlash to be salvaged and without his telepathy, he would be unable to build a new one.

Adapting to the new world continued: Angelica Jones and Sooraya Qadir devoted an afternoon to finding suitable memorial candle holders for those who had gone, while Topaz and Hope Abbott's own 'coping' method of the occasional bottle of wine was discovered by Adrienne Frost, who made a deal with them that every bottle they finished, they would go and talk to Rogue. Scott Summers, encountering Jean Grey in her new suite, was haunted by the similarities and the differences to his deceased wife and fled to Harry's Hideaway to cope in the old-fashioned way. Julian Keller threw himself into his Generation X mentor role, recruiting new arrival Matt Murdock to join the group as a senior member and Kyle Gibney announced his return from Australia.

The X-Men received an abrupt reminder that this was no longer their world when they attempted to prevent a break out at Ryker's Island and instead found themselves branded vigilantes by SHIELD team, The Avengers. As part of his role in the matter, Garrison Kane, recognised by Thor, was suspended from the FBI pending investigation. He and Adrienne took off for Europe for a vacation and utterly failed to notice the Chalker Brothers attempting to kill them along the way.

New faces also continued to appear, with another student Xavin Majesdane coming to the mansion and X-Force noticing a freelancer intruding on a mutant-smuggling operation.

And finally, three former residents came back from the 'dead' - or at least, Asgard, when ice giants attacked Las Vegas and Molly Hayes, Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson - aged several years from their bondage in the other dimension - followed in an attempt to stop the rampage. Brought back to the mansion, the three caused something of a sensation, with Julian literally swooning at the sight of his thought-dead girlfriend.


March 1 - Cecilia and Arthur go out for coffee and donuts. Gabriel posts complaining about his commute. Angel returns Jean’s necklace after her ferrets steal it.

March 2 - Miles posts this article and wonders what someone would do with all that gold. Angel and Sooraya go shopping for memorial candle holders for the friends they lost.

March 3 - Wade texts Adrienne about Marie-Ange having possibly been turned into a frog and that he is coming back from South Sudan and going to New Orleans; Wade and Marie-Ange - who is not a frog - meet in New Orleans and talk about their mutual progress. Jean meets Matt while waiting for Warren.

March 4 - Rogue posts that she needs help about how she became an adult without remembering it and that she needs help to be irresponsible for this weekend. Professor Xavier makes an announcement that Cerebro will be decommissioned and dismantled because he isn’t able to use it and that the backlash of M-Day has damaged the machine beyond repair. Professor Xavier emails the P1 survivors that the real reason why he is dismantling Cerebro is to prevent future genocide and he has full confidence that they can carry on with their mission with their resources. Jennie and Warren meet up in her dance studio and she gives him the rundown on her classes. Julian offers Hope A. a job as his assistant.

March 5 - Jean posts this meme. Artie and Warren meet for the first time at the mansion; it doesn't go well.

March 6 - Clint calls Matt early in the morning about something he has found without giving too much away. Adrienne finds out that Hope A. and Topaz have a new love for wine and in exchange for not telling, insists they go talk to Rogue every time they have a bottle. Adrienne texts Rogue that she has new ‘patients’ for her.

March 7 - Matt and Julian meet in the kitchen and it ends with Matt joining Generation X.

March 8 - Matt posts about his lazy Sunday morning and that he should go to church but later. Warren takes Jean to meet his parents and it’s extremely awkward.

March 9 - Amanda runs into Warren down at Harry's and they drink - and flirt.

March 10 - Clint texts Matt about an interesting development with the Hubble telescope. Megan texts Topaz about a tiny weird space in the second floor hallway of the mansion. Matt makes a journal entry about being bored to tears. Warren texts Matt a generous offer of hookers and blow. Scott meets Jean as she is unpacking her room and is haunted by the similarities - and differences.

March 11 - Scott texts Wade complaining that no one informed him it was couples night at Harry’s.

March 12 - Rogue has a powers break through while training with Monet. Warren texts Jean to invite her on his next work trip to DC.

March 13 - Jean literally runs into Amanda whilst out jogging. Lorna posts about tomorrow being Pi Day and asking from where they might order pies. Wanda and Bobbi meet up to catch up on the work front but end up making plans to actually hang out like regular people for once.

March 14 - Laurie announces a work moratorium and plans to drink tea and watch Game of Thrones.

March 15 - Sooraya e-mails Angel to ask for help brainstorming with course selections.

Mar 16 -

Mar 17 - Roxy posts a couple of music videos for St Patrick’s Day and is grossed out by Warren being Warren on her journal. Warren and Wanda meet and flirt. Jennie describes her new St Patrick’s tradition of staying in with wine, Netflix and chicken. Angel oversees Miles in his first Danger Room session, which could have gone better.

Mar 18 - A hungover Julian texts Angel about his St. Patrick’s celebrations. Gabriel announces his survival of the weekend, St. Patrick’s Day and getting to the bank. Rogue texts Cecilia about Adrienne’s birthday at the end of the month. Warren asks Miles when his birthday is. Roxy announces her parents are taking her on vacation for spring break.

Mar 19 - Warren and Monet meet at a silent auction and she reveals her Xavier’s connection. X-Men Mission: Attica! Attica!: Late at night, the X-Men receive intel of a large-scale breakout of prisoners from Ryker’s Island and go to assist; arriving at Ryker’s, the X-Men encounter four super-villains - the Hood, the Masked Marauder, Lightmaster and the Scorcher - involved in the breakout, and engage them; the Avengers arrive in the middle of the battle and attempt to arrest everyone; Thor recognises Garrison and calls a ceasefire, but things are tense as the Avengers send the X-Men away, calling them “amateurs”; Rogue lets Adrienne know she’s calling in sick after her encounter with the Hulk; Jean and Warren talk about the mission and what Clarice did and disagree on the morality of it. Night owls Julian and Warren chat about their respective doings.

Mar 20 - X-Men Mission: Attica! Attica! Jean talks to Scott about Clarice’s actions during the mission. Lorna complains about solar flares. Angel and Rogue decide on a vacation in Vegas for the X-Men involved in the Ryker’s Island mission; Angel emails those concerned with the invitation. Matt is less than impressed with the sudden cold snap on the first day of spring. Garrison returns to the mansion, having been suspended by the FBI for his role at Ryker’s, and he and Adrienne decide to go wander Europe for a while; Garrison and Adrienne arrive in Milan, where Vic Chalker, testing his mutant detection device, finds them and leaves a tracker in Adrienne’s purse; a purse snatcher steals the purse and leads Vic Chalker to an untimely end at the hands of the local mafia.

Mar 21 - Rogue emails Emma about Adrienne’s 40th birthday party and Emma offers to talk to her about her amnesia issue at some point. Logan emails Rogue to check on her after the mission and wish her a good time in Vegas. Gabriel emails Angel asking if a commemorative tattoo would “break” the universe. Still in Milan, Adrienne and Garrison visit the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie, where the Last Supper is housed, when they are spotted by Vic Chalker’s brother, Nick; bent on revenge for his brother’s death, Nick sets a bomb at the only exit, but it goes off prematurely when Adrienne’s phone rings and he is killed.

Mar 22 - Warren and Sue meet and spend quality time after a society party. Angel complains about the addictiveness of a new online game featuring cats and catnip. Kyle announces that he is on his way back from Australia. Jubilee finds Miles has made an obstacle course in the gym and of course has to try it.

Mar 23 - Jennie emails Kyle to ask if they can talk when he gets back.

Mar 24 - Rogue emails everyone informing them of Adrienne’s secret surprise Disney themed birthday party. Jessica tries to apologize to Gabriel but personalities end up clashing. Wade asks Gabriel to deliver a package for him. On a train through the Alps from Germany, Adrienne and Garrison attract the attention of another Chalker, Mick, out for revenge for his brothers’ deaths, whose plan to gas the couple in their compartment is foiled by a spilled bottle of ink and an open window and he winds up being gassed to death instead.

Mar 25 - Warren tells Miles about the upcoming party and encourages him to have a party for the students. Warren and Lorna take a break from organizing the office, Chinese food is involved. Miles contacts the other students and starts planning their own party.

Mar 26

Mar 27 - Clint contacts Matt to tell him he’s being forced to take his holiday days. Xavin meets Clarice, Jean-Phillipe and Jean and agrees to come to the mansion. Angel announces she, Clarice, Rogue and Scott are taking a vacation to Las Vegas. Laurie and Doug plan their costumes. Cecilia gives Jean lunch and a tour of the medlab.

Mar 28 - Laurie texts Kyle inviting him to come play Dance Dance revolution with her after he is done being scolded. Laurie plans a Rocky Horror Picture Show weekend with Doug, Wade and Marie-Ange. Laurie meets Arthur in the medlabs. Clint texts Matt to arrange for dinner after he meets Barney. Looking for his brother Clint runs into Kitty at a seedy bar. Gabriel shares the new song he’s obsessed with to prove he’s not always sour. Rogue contacts Logan to catch him up on Vegas. Jean and Warren make up after their fight and he shows off his baking skills. Warren later tells everyone the result, a croquembouche is available in the kitchen. In Paris, Adrienne and Garrison comes across a car accident and help the woman driver, unaware that Rick Chalker, the last of the Chalker brothers, is unconscious in the back of the box truck involved, where he was planning to unleash his exo-suit against them; instead, he is only able to fly out of the truck before the suit loses power and he winds up at the bottom of the Seine.

Mar 29 - Xavin meets Matt at the mansion. Xavin meets Miles and discovers more about the school.

Mar 30 - Warren lectures Miles about privacy and asks how much money is needed to fund his party. Wanda emails X-Force about Artie’s undercover job tracking potential mutant traffickers and the freelancer they’ve observed doing the same thing and suggests introducing themselves.

Mar 31 - Adrienne announces her and Garrison’s return from Italy. The Thralls of Asgard: In Asgard, Sif asks Molly to take care of some rogue Frost Giants and Molly decides to take Tandy and Ty with her as backup; Loki decides to complicate things and sends the Frost Giants - and their pursuers - down to Midgard; the Frost Giants cause havoc in Las Vegas while Molly, Tandy and Ty try to stop them; in New Orleans, Marie-Ange and Wade are visited by Odin’s ravens, prompting Marie-Ange to contact Scott about potential Asgard problems; a small group of X-Men, on vacation in Vegas, are drawn into the battle when their hotel is attacked; reunions are had in mid-battle, as the X-Men realise who the Asgardian trio are; the Frost Giants are captured and the Asgardians prepare to return to Asgard, but receive a message from Sif that their thralldom is over and they can remain on Earth; Scott texts Amanda to let her know what happened and to ask her to give the returnees the once-over to make sure they’re magically okay; Scott lets Garrison know Tandy is alive and asks him to keep an eye on Adrienne. Adrienne and Tandy have their extremely complicated reunion. Marie-Ange lets X-Force know that she and Wade are on their way back from New Orleans following the ravens’ visit. Adrienne posts about the best birthday present ever - Tandy being alive. Molly and Gabriel meet up again. Looking for Julian, Tandy comes across Roxy, Monet and Bobby engaged in a snow fight and when Julian sees her, he passes out; once Julian comes to, he and Tandy have a moment. Jean texts Warren to let him know about her schedule for the weekend and the upcoming party.


X-Men Mission: Attica! Attica!

European Escapades - event

The Thralls of Asgard

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