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Stephen Strange left the mansion to go study with the Ancient One. Sooraya Qadir talked over her concerns about Garrison Kane's intel about the Brotherhood of Mutants recruiting the youth of the Mutant Underground with Angelo Espinosa and Theresa Cassidy but no immediate solution came to mind. Darcy Lewis came across another secondary mutation, or perhaps an adaptation of her first - the ability to command machines, instead of people, something which initially concerned her boyfriend Doug Ramsey who had a well-deserved phobia of AI and technokinesis.

On a brighter note, the mansion had its yearly Holi celebration with Topaz enlisting Alani Ryan, April Parker and Darcy to assist with preparations; there was also the District X art exhibition, which was announced as a fund raiser for a community center in the mutant enclave. Pyotr Rasputin especially was excited to join in, enlisting Alani and his roomie April as models for portraits.


Mar 1

Mar 2 - Alani joins Matt on a morning run into Salem Center.

Mar 3 - Jubilee posts about finding a teammate nude. Topaz posts a Holi google image. Darcy posts about her secondary mutation involving static.

Mar 4 - The mansion is invited to submit to the District X art exhibition. Pyotr emails several people about his ideas for the exhibition. April posts about the ‘We don’t talk about Pluto’ earworm song. Darcy needs help with developing her new powers and goes to the resident expert in electrokinesis, Jean-Phillipe, who enjoys teaching, even if his style does tend toward stern Jewish grandfather.

Mar 5 - Topaz texts Alani, April and Darcy about Holi, Clint and Matt work to help their dads with some home improvement projects.

Mar 6

Mar 7 - Darcy and Clint catch up in the kitchen.

Mar 8 - Sooraya introduces Pytor to monitor duty and they discuss cultural prejudices.

Mar 9 - Terry announces she has been cooking before Lent and asks for help eating everything, also mentioning she’s working on fund-raising for the art show in District X. Sooraya emails Angelo and Terry with her concerns about the Brotherhood of Mutants recruiting from the Mutant Underground.

Mar 10 - Kevin encounters Darcy working very late and they both have points about self care. Pyotr posts about updating the X-Men uniforms so they’re not so grim.

Mar 11 - April helps Topaz prepare for Holi, and contributes to some of the more creative balloon ideas.

Mar 12

Mar 13 - Terry texts Kyle about her thoughts on Sooraya’s concerns regarding the Brotherhood.

Mar 14 - Darcy is working late/early on X-Force’s data collection and is honest with Doug about his AI phobia. Artie texts Gabriel, wondering when he is coming back to the office. While helping prep for Holi, Alani and Darcy work on balloon methodology and have a talk about hugging.

Mar 15 - Stephen announces he is leaving to study with the Ancient One. Jean-Phillipe celebrates his birthday with the Mister Global Pageant. Arthur touches base with Megan and lets her know he’s available to help with the art show.

Mar 16 - Maya posts about being a good ally and community. Clarice gets a “Lavender Menace” pin.

Mar 17 - Jubilee surprises Darcy when she points out X-Force’s computer doesn’t have a microphone - the Beast has been responding to Darcy’s vocal requests. Alani is unhappy about being in the city on St Patrick’s Day; Terry makes a lot of food to celebrate the day, even if the American version is a bit ridiculous; Matt drunk posts about being drunk in public; Clint texts Matt about being drunk.

Mar 18 - It’s Holi again and Alani announces the library is closed accordingly, and that there are colour dye bombs around the mansion for use by the residents.

Mar 19 - Darcy emails Kevin and Marie-Ange about the new facet of her powers - commanding machines instead of people - and the implications thereof.

Mar 20 -

Mar 21 - Darcy shares a March Madness bracket for misunderstood legal terms.

Mar 22 - Pyotr takes Alani to the DR for a painting session.

Mar 23 -

Mar 24 - Darcy meets with Pyotr to discuss possible visas and finds some common ground.

Mar 25 -

Mar 26 - Pyotr sits his suitemate April down to have her portrait sketched and they talk life and mottos.

Mar 27 - Marie-Ange shows Pyotr the art room and they talk art and powers.

Mar 28 -

Mar 29 -

Mar 30 - After taking some time to make peace with the new manifestation of her powers, Darcy fills Doug in, it goes much better than she expected.

Mar 31 - Darcy posts about the new music coming out and asks for some volunteers to bring the food she prepared to the District X Art Show. Kevin emails Darcy to pack her bags for a job in Prague.



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