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X-Force got called into action when Emma Frost discovered a weapon of mass destruction had been stolen from Frost Enterprises and was being sold off in Russia; the auction itself was held in a powers-free environment, which required those who spoke Russian naturally and could fight went undercover: Kevin Sydney, David North, Wanda Maximoff and Nina Thurman joined Emma in infiltrating VECTOR and recovering the samples while the rest of X-Force provided back up.

With Charles Xavier semi-retiring and passing over his Mutant Underground contacts to Sooraya Qadir, Sooraya consulted with Angelo Espinosa about using old X-Corps contacts to augment the Underground's, as well as possibly reviving X-Corps. Maya Lincoln-Lopez badgered her way into a reception job at X-Factor Investigations, and Tandy Bowen joined the X-Men, something her boyfriend Julian Keller wasn't entirely happy about. Jubilation Lee and Amanda Sefton had that Talk about Jubilee's breaking of her engagement with Kurt Sefton, and the two agreed to bury their differences in the interest of working in X-Force together. Molly Hayes, thinking she was cursed, consulted Amanda about it, but it turned out she was just having some really bad luck. Hope Abbott investigated a twenty-year-old break-in at Worthington Industries and Garrison Kane weathered through Adrienne's first birthday since being put into a medical coma with copious drinking. Topaz continued her downward spiral by having a solo pub crawl for her birthday, unaware that she was protected by the Sefton siblings from the shadows.

And finally, flyers appeared, advertising a new virtual reality game, Predator-X.


Mar 1 - Marie-Ange posts up a picture of boots that she has found and wants; realising she has rich boyfriends she encourages Doug and Wade to duel for the right to buy her the boots. JPB sends Topaz a text to check in showing her a photo of the Aurora Borealis.

Mar 2 - Jubilee texts Amanda letting her know the two of them should talk.

Mar 3 - Operation: Salt the Earth: Emma arrives at Snow Valley to discuss a potential WMD being stolen from her company.

Mar 4 - Operation: Salt the Earth: Emma and Marie-Ange begin sifting through a list of potential suspects in the theft; Wanda and Artie spend some time checking out the apartments of the potential suspects; Domino and Jubilee start working through security footage in order to track their suspect.

Mar 5 - Sooraya sends Angel an email about going to see a movie. Jubilee posts a music video from Rachel Platten. Operation: Salt the Earth: North and Sydney track down the industrial spy to a hotel in St. Petersburg and have a productive conversation regarding the lost materials.

Mar 6 - Laurie posts about medical journal titles that sound like song titles. Operation: Salt the Earth: X-Force meets to discuss the results of their research and where the stolen samples are.

Mar 7 - Gabriel posts about the really bad storm. Operation: Salt the Earth: Felicia and Wade lead the infiltration of the FSB monitoring facility outside VECTOR as the first step in their plan. Marie-Ange and Jubilee take the second part of the attack on the FSB facility, securing it. Nina, Wanda and Kevin begin their infiltration into VECTOR under their cover identities. Emma and North make their way into VECTOR as well.

Mar 8 - Sue builds Sharon Friedlander a weapon to defend herself against Qunbula. Angelo and Sooraya discuss Sooraya's new responsibilities and some possible future plans. Sooraya emails John, Jean and Jean-Phillipe about reconstituting some of the X-Corps work. Jean-Paul texts Topaz. Operation: Salt the Earth: Doctor Orekhov reveals the stolen materials from Frost Industries and his plans for it. Emma bumps into Orehkov at the party. North arranges a 'chance meeting' with Vazhin's bodyguard. Wanda meets with Vazhin at the party. Nina makes contact with the resident IT manager and sets up a further encounter.

Mar 9 - Operation: Salt the Earth: Wanda and Kevin move to shut down the first level of security to the Director's office. Nina and North deactivate the second level of security as they compromise the IT centre. Emma makes it into Orehkov's lab and neutralizes the opposition. X-Force grabs the samples and makes their escape.

Mar 10 - Jean-Paul congratulates Topaz with her birthday. Topaz posts drunkenly about her bar crawl. Maya wishes Topaz a happy birthday as well. Topaz visits Gabriel's bar during the Great 21st Birthday Bender. It's probably the most productive conversation Topaz has had in a month. After Topaz' birthday binge, the Sefton siblings make sure she gets tucked into bed, safe and sound.

Mar 11 Topaz texts Hope A. to ask her to bring some water and aspirin. Topaz posts to ask if someone remembers how she got home last night.

Mar 12 - Reed posts some negative stats regarding Daylight Savings Time. Bobby posts a video game clip. During an outing with Wade, Maya ends up having a discussion with Garrison.

Mar 13 - Maya pesters Warren for a job at X-Factor, and ends up being told to talk to Lorna. Warren texts Lorna to give her the head’s up. Hope A. emails Bobbi and Warren about an old break-in at Worthington Industries. Darcy posts about a new female blazer. Hint: it has boob cutouts. Sooraya emails Scott about office space.

Mar 14 - Maya texts Artie out of boredom. He is not impressed. Maya texts Lorna about XFI and they make plans. Tandy speaks to Scott about joining the X-Men. Bobbi emails Hope A. with the information she’s asked for. Julian lets everyone know he’ll be staying in the city for at least the weekend. Johnny posts about the NCAA tournament.

Mar 15 - Jubilee and Amanda finally discuss the blue furry elephant in the room. Rogue sends Amanda a gift via snail mail. Amanda sends a thanks via text. Nica asks people what they do to have fun with their powers. Quentin and Xavin have a few drinks and discuss life.

Mar 16 - Molly approaches Amanda about possibly being cursed. Garrison meets Tandy for her X-Men induction and they wind up at Harry's.

Mar 17 - Gabriel discusses his disdain of St. Patrick’s Day. Jubilee does as well, and she offers up a song for people to enjoy.

Mar 18 - Topaz and Kurt have a conversation, which goes better this time.

Mar 19 - Laurie posts about a witchcraft collection at Cornell University.

Mar 20 - Maya texts Quentin about her new job at X-Factor. Amanda informs Molly she's not cursed. Tandy asks Julian to talk to her. Darcy celebrates Mr. Rogers.

Mar 21 -

Mar 22 - A bored Jubilee asks for a crochet challenge. Hope A. asks Warren for a report she needs.

Mar 23 - Quentin texts X-Factor about Maya's hiring. Ready or Not: Flyers appear advertising a raffle contest for a new video game, Predator-X.

Mar 24 -

Mar 25 - Angel posts about a cabin-in-the-woods situation. Jubilee checks up on Garrison before she returns to China.

Mar 26 - Ready or Not: Maya posts asking if they're entering the raffle for the new video game. Darcy drops a link on the journal reminding people her birthday is coming up.

Mar 27 -

Mar 28 - Marie-Ange posts about a crystal ball frappuccino, and wanting one every other day.

Mar 29 - Rogue proposes a road trip along with a trippy YouTube video.

Mar 30 - Stephen leaves custom-made t-shirts in the magic classroom and emails the other magic users about them. Maya comments on them, wondering if the magic users are starting a cult.

Mar 31 - Tandy posts that her food bank will be opening soon. Garrison posts about Adrienne's birthday and getting drunk.


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