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Holi was once again a big celebration for the mansion, also combining with Topaz' birthday this year. Bobby Drake in particular got his prankster on, creating ice globes full of dye that were so thin they shattered on impact. Jean-Phillipe Colbert and Angelo Espinosa also celebrated their first anniversary this month and Hope Abbott interviewed for an internship for the summer.

Not all was quiet, however. Tandy Bowen was disturbed to see two ravens perched on her car and asked Marie-Ange Colbert if they were harbingers of anything specific. Amanda Sefton, Topaz and Marie-Ange decided go to England and seek help for Doug Ramsey's blood curse, however the trip was derailed when two of the Ancient One's followers showed up asking for a favour. Said favour involved a magical library gone rogue and the four combined technology and magic to make a sort of Faraday cage to contain the spill-over. The library than 'thanked' them in the form of advice to each in the form of fictional avatars. No-one really appreciated the effort.


Mar 1 - Natasha thanks the provider of the food trucks. Betsy laments that she missed the free food opportunities due to sleep.

Mar 2 -

Mar 3 -

Mar 4 -

Mar 5 -

Mar 6 - Molly shares a motivational poster.

Mar 7 -

Mar 8 -

Mar 9 -

Mar 10 - Topaz closes the library and hands out dye packs in honour of Holi and her birthday; Felicia posts a picture of her state of readiness for the holiday; Nica praises Bobby’s ingenuity in setting up dye booby traps; Wanda apologises for using her powers to reverse explode a dye pack; Bobby announces he’s open for business in making ice balls dye delivery; Megan is inspired by the colours and is painting; the Stepford sisters join in on the fun; Marie-Ange offers sanctuary at the rate of one coffee drink or pastry item per person; Topaz congratulates whoever rigged her door; Betsy confesses to protecting her hair by using her powers to discourage attacks.

Mar 11 -

Mar 12 -

Mar 13 - Hope A. emails Emma and Lorna about an internship she’s interviewed for; Sue texts Hope A. about her interview.

Mar 14 - Maya is bored and asking for people to share internet poetry. Tandy has two ravens land on her car and emails Marie-Ange for advice.

Mar 15 -

Mar 16 - Laurie beats her personal best time for her usual run and asks people to share their personal brags.

Mar 17 -

Mar 18 -

Mar 19 - Darcy warns everyone that she will be locked in a dark room playing Animal Crossing.

Mar 20 -

Mar 21 - Jean-Phillipe sends Angelo rainbow flowers for their first year anniversary. Angelo posts saying happy anniversary and he loves the flowers, and promises something for JP.

Mar 22 -

Mar 23 -

Mar 24 - Alani asks everyone about their new year's goals.

Mar 25 - 793. Amanda emails Doug, Marie-Ange, and Topaz about bringing Doug to London and dunking him in cold water to help with his blood curse.

Mar 26 -

Mar 27 - Jubilee posts about weird dreams. 793. The group touches down in London and almost immediately gets a phone call from one of the Ancient One's people.

Mar 28 - 793. Daniel Drumm and Wong meet with Amanda and Topaz (with Marie-Ange and Doug as not-entirely-welcome guests), and explain that the London Sanctum has locked them out; Amanda and Topaz play nice with the Sanctum/Library to get inside; the group pairs off in various ways to use their skills and restore the library, while also running across various fictional characters; in return for their help, the library decides to offer a little advice to the group about their various issues in the form of more strange avatars - Marie-Ange gets Frau Totenkinder (of Fables), Doug gets John Constantine, Topaz gets Magdaleana Brooks (a British Fae Librarian), and Amanda gets the first woman of the British isles condemned for witchcraft; with things finally restored to a somewhat normal state, the group takes their happy leave, all agreeing that Doug still gets to be dunked in cold water.

Mar 29 -

Mar 30 -

Mar 31 - Amanda announces she is back from London, that Doug’s blood curse isn’t cured and that the Ancient One owes them a favour.



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