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Another departure, as Theresa Cassidy ended her short stay by taking a job with Medicans Sans Frontiers as a fund raiser, while Gabriel Cohuelo mentioned he was sure 'he' (meaning Clinton Barton) would be back at some point.

In the wake of her dangerous encounter with Quentin Quire while sleepwalking, Betsy Braddock asked Jean Grey for help with her poor sleeping habits. As a part of helping her, Jean asked Quentin for a favour - to become Betsy's roommate. After he initially declined in typical Quire fashion, he agreed after payment in lunch and gratitude.

Laurie Collins, having hermited for a while, let everyone know she was going back to therapy, since her 'prank' in December and subsequent reaction indicated that perhaps she still needed to work on her people skills. Sooraya Qadir finished the first draft of her powers manual and asked Angelo Espinosa for his thoughts.


Feb 1 - Sooraya announces Terry has gone to help Medicans Sans Frontiers for the foreseeable future.

Feb 2 -

Feb 3 -

Feb 4 - Gabriel is sure ‘he’ will be back at some point.

Feb 5 -

Feb 6 - Maya texts Kyle asking for a lift to see a session of Hadestone.

Feb 7 - Betsy emails Jean about her trouble sleeping and asking for help.

Feb 8 - Tandy posts about her new haircut.

Feb 9 -

Feb 10 - Alison asks if anyone took up music theory and if she could bounce ideas off them. Jean texts Quentin asking for a favor.

Feb 11 -

Feb 12 - Jubilee posts about how people should be used to seeing Asians wearing masks instead of being racist when they see one.

Feb 13 -

Feb 14 - Doug posts a valentine card. Miles texts Bobby that they are going out tonight for tacos. Alani wishes everyone a good day.

Feb 15 - Molly posts a book nook. Gabriel and Quentin reunite after running into each other at a party.

Feb 16 - Laurie posts that she has talked to Professor X about going back to therapy and that she doesn’t expect forgiveness for her behavior but that she is trying.

Feb 17 -

Feb 18 - Gabriel emails the powers that be asking to be sent somewhere warm.

Feb 19 - Quentin texts Jean wondering why she's given up on her request for a favour.

Feb 20 - Maya posts her thoughts about possible future careers.

Feb 21 -

Feb 22 -

Feb 23 -

Feb 24 -

Feb 25 -

Feb 26 - Tandy announces food trucks to celebrate her birthday with the mansion. Sooraya unveils the first draft of her power training manual to Angelo.

Feb 27 -

Feb 28 - In honor of Lent, Marie-Ange proposes Blasphemy Roulette for those practicing.

Feb 29 -


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