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Things continued to be difficult for the survivors of the "old" world, as various faces reappeared for the first time. Gabriel Cohuelo, already mourning his boyfriend Clint, was dismayed to discover there was a Clinton Barton in this world too, older and very much alive. Adrienne Frost, mourning her lost ward, was tempted to go back on drugs and sought out fellow former addict Amanda Sefton for support. Scott Summers, goaded by Adrienne, revealed his own anger and grief at the loss of his wife, only to find himself being introduced to a younger version who was apparently dating a version of Warren Worthington. Wade Wilson and Marie-Ange Colbert took off on separate trips. And Topaz continued to bottle up her stress as she met the "new" Megan Gwynn and Matt Murdock, despite Amanda's best efforts to comfort and support her student.

Other arrivals were less stressful. Kevin Sydney and Nina Thurman, new X-Force recruits sent by Christian Kane, took their places without too much trouble. The school added students Roxanne Washington, Bobby Drake, Monet St. Croix and Tabitha Smith. Generation X was created to provide training not only to the teenagers but to the older residents of the mansion who were not part of one of the combat teams, with Angelica Jones, Julian Keller and Jessica Jones acting as mentors. The new vigilante responsible for the various acts of chaos against anti-mutant groups was revealed to be Billy Kaplan, and the masked protectors of New York met and gave their true identities, with Warren suggesting the mansion as an option for them and Matt and Miles Morales taking him up on that.

X-Factor Investigations acquired a new office, care of Warren, as well as new staff including Lorna Dane. X-Corps folded for the time being, the difficulty of providing humanitarian aid to mutants overseas too much for the group to handle at this time. A small X-Force team met with near-disaster and a dark past of Jennie Stavros' past was revealed, and Hope Abbott received her own unpleasant reminder of past troubles when she received a threatening card from former friend, Amy Wright.


Feb 1 - Jennie and Cecilia organize the medlab and discuss their tenure at the mansion and how they’re doing with everything that’s happened. Wade texts Arthur to tell him Cecilia and Marie-Ange want him to take Arthur tie-shopping. Warren texts Jean to tell her he can’t stop thinking about her and can he see her on Monday. Tabitha’s parents take her to the mansion, despite her sulking, and she meets Scott. Gabriel walks home the worse for wear after a night of hard drinking and pot use and comes across an older, very much alive Clint being evicted by his latest girlfriend and they chat casually in the street despite Gabe’s shock. Clint texts Matt to tell him his girlfriend Lisa will not be coming to family dinner that night. Gabriel posts to say that everything sucks. Gabriel texts Angel to tell her he’s come across a new version of Clint.

Feb 2 - Clarice sends Marie-Ange a pair of haut couture shoes. Rogue bumps into Kurt and is comforted by his presence. Rogue sends her new boss, Adrienne, coffee and flowers. Julian and Angel talk about the need for something other than the New Mutants program in the new world and ask Jessica for her help running Generation X. On her third date with Warren, Jean obtains the information on mutant bioweapons she’s been searching for, and her conscience gets the better of her and she flees, leading Warren to think he came on too strong. Matt reveals to Warren his alter-ego, Daredevil.

Feb 3 - The news reveals lightning was responsible for a fire that burned down the Greater Brooklyn Chapter of the Friends of Humanity. Wade emails Marie-Ange about the recent events in New York concerning building collapses and lightning strikes; on Marie-Ange’s suggestion, Wade emails Amanda about weather-proofing the office, and Amanda mentions her suspicions regarding what’s causing the ‘accidents’. Warren texts Jean to apologise for being inappropriate. Clarice complains about having to wear an image inducer again. Adrienne mentions the New York incidents and mentions that since there’s no money in it, X-Factor won’t investigate. Bobby complains about getting homework for the first day of school. Adrienne texts Amanda needing help with her temptation to go back on drugs and her grief over Tandy. Angel texts Daredevil asking if he’s going out tonight. Cecilia is confused about where Pizza Dog is getting the snowballs that he’s bringing to her room from. Lorna leaves a pie for Wade to make up for the one she ate and Wade texts her to thank her. Adrienne goads Scott into sparring with her and finally gets him to admit his true reaction to the loss of Jean.

Feb 4 - Jennie is gleeful about a pair of six year old twins who have joined her dance studio. CNN reports on a Friends of Humanity billboard in Times Square going missing overnight; Amanda posts to xp_teams about the recent incidents and her concerns about backlash, asking for suggestions; Wade texts Arthur regarding possible powers issues from him causing the incidents; Arthur suggests to Wanda, Jennie and Wade that they go on a field trip in New York to see if there’s a probability manipulator involved. Adrienne leaves breakfast for Amanda and Marie-Ange as a thank you for letting her crash with them the night before. Clint texts Matt to see if he was out the night before. Scott comes across Rogue in the gym, having trouble with her ‘new’ powers. Doug meets with Daddy Libido and Sexy Mutha Washington, to suggest an option for their mutant daughter; Wade lets the various teams know a new student - Roxy Washington - is coming back to the school with Doug. Warren, hurt that Jean hasn’t returned his messages, drunk texts her a picture of his abs and then accidentally texts Matt instead. Jean meets up with Angelo, one of her fellow X-Corps buddies, to talk about life, beer, and Warren Worthington.

Feb 5 - NYPD puts out a news release concerning the assault of two gay men; Gabriel reflects on the incident, and how it isn’t safe to be a gay man in New York. Roxy emails her parents to let them know she arrived safely. Julian gets a check-up with Cecilia. Wade and Jennie discover they have similar tastes in bad taste. Jean realises that she needs to ask Warren for help investigating Worthington Industries and reveals her true intentions.

Feb 6 - Jennie trains Arthur in his powers. While Miles, Peter and Matt are out on patrol, they are joined by Billy, a new vigilante; Matt texts Clint to let him know he was with the group. Warren confronts his father about Biotech. Julian introduces himself to Roxy and discovers they already know each other. Kevin Sydney and Neena Thurman attend a job interview at the Snow Valley offices and become the newest members of X-Force; Marie-Ange text Doug to let him know they have new people needing to be set up with tech. Marie-Ange and Kevin go to Finnegans after the hiring interview and chat.

Feb 7 - Fox News reports that a Texan Republican Senator’s campaign ad filming was delayed due to the equipment turning into bacon. Yes, bacon; Jennie is hugely amused by the story and discussion turns into breakfast. Gabriel emails Charles for therapy help. Jessica brings champagne and movies to Rogue’s room to see how she’s faring. Clarice gives Roxy a check up.

Feb 8 - Wade asks Kevin for a loan of his hat. Lorna texts Wanda, asking about what she plans to do for her and Pietro’s birthday and if she’s heard anything about the Brotherhood. Wade comes across Roxy having powers issues and lends a hand. Other new arrival Tabitha makes her first journal post. Warren lets Jean know that he’s ready to meet with her people. Bobbi posts about the Grammys making her feel old. Rogue shows off her new manicure. Laurie hangs a sign on the door of her lab. Doug emails Laurie to let her know why he’s being so sarcastic to Tabitha.

Feb 9 - Jubilee emails Marie-Ange, Amanda and North from Australia. Clint meets with his Director, Abigail Brand, and gets permission to investigate the odd occurrences in the city. Jean brings North to Warren’s apartment to sweep for bugs, and things are awkward; Jean and Warren go to talk to Charles about what to do next, and meet Scott; Scott checks on Warren after the meeting; Jean introduces herself to Scott. Bobby makes an ice slide to distract Roxy from her powers issues. Bobby makes a journal entry about how pumped he is for Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Jean makes a journal entry introducing herself. Cecilia e-mails Arthur and Wade about Jean. Clarice texts Cece about Jean’s appearance.

Feb 10 - Laurie makes a journal entry about being able to cook and seeking accompaniment for purchasing ingredients. Adri texts Garrison about Jean’s recent arrival. Logan texts Scott about how Jean’s appearance makes things complicated. Wanda makes a journal entry commenting on the anniversary of her 21st birthday. Warren and Lorna meet in the kitchen and share some leftovers. Warren runs into Roxy in the woods and he tries to charm her out of her melancholy in regards to a couple power malfunctions that happen around him. Angel goes and meets Roxy in her student suite. Roxy posts an introductory journal entry, complete with a link to the new Pitch Perfect 2 trailer. Warren texts Matt about being brought to Xavier’s. Megan e-mails Adri about having to change her work schedule due to not getting the classes she wanted. Gabriel and Sue both break into the same house,their meeting doesn't go well.

Feb 11 - Jubilee shares a thing on her journal. Adri e-mails Rogue for help looking into eVolution and Megan’s previous e-mail about working for her there. Warren texts Scott asking about friends of his interested in coming to Xavier’s. Adrienne enlists Arthur for a little luck in exploring who she can trust in the top levels of her business empire, but soon finds that there are two sides to that coin. Amanda and Rogue meet on the smoker's porch and chat.

Feb 12 - Warren e-mails Matt about Xavier’s for him and his friend’s benefit. Warren, Matt, Miles, and Peter finally reveal their identities to each other and Warren pitches Xavier’s to them. Warren meets Wade in the kitchen and things are awkward.

Feb 13 - Jubilee makes a journal entry about her and Kurt’s return, and they brought presents! Topaz texts Hope A. about their new Fairy Wine Mothers. Fox News tweets about mutants attacking a peaceful protest outside the NYC city hall, while the New York Times tweets about a 12 year old’s science project causing a panic at a rally outside the NYC City Hall. Bobby runs into Rogue, who wasn’t expecting to see him at all. Angel's runaway cat finds Rogue. Then Angel finds them both.

Feb 14 - Sooraya makes a post to xp_teams about X-Corps and the currently difficult circumstances in offering humanitarian aid. Scott shows Miles and Matt around the mansion, and they’re sold pretty quickly. Gabriel makes a journal entry stating it’s just another day and he’s fine. Roxy posts .mp4s of cover songs she’s performed for Valentine’s Day. Jubilee drops some truth on how to be a successful human being. Jubes e-mails Cammie to apologize for getting weird and stalky with her.

Feb 15 - Julian texts Angelica seeking a professional super-heroing opinion vis-a-vis his headache. Warren and Cece talk in the morning after having slept together following a Valentine's Day evening group outing. Into the Fog: Amanda posts to xp_teams about a new job that will take them en route to Reykjavik. Matt and Clint snipe back and forth, drink, eat Indian food, and, oh yeah, discuss this whole mutant school thing. While taking a look at the Medlab after hours, Jean runs into Rogue.

Feb 16 - Miles meets his suitemate Bobby and then later runs across Topaz while exploring the mansion. Into the Fog The team arrives at the Russian tanker in a rubber dinghy; Amanda and Jubilee go in search of the target, but whatever is on the ship got there first; Wade goes looking forward for the ship’s passenger, and finds more than he bargained for; North heads to the wheelhouse, and discovers a man waiting for him, someone who just refuses to die; as the team escapes Wade gets on the wrong side of the creatures and the team is forced to bail, hoping to get him help before it’s too late; Wade sends Doug a message asking for the medlab to be put on standby before he passes out; Cecilia enlists Logan to give a blood transfusion to save Wade's life.

Feb 17 - Matt emails Warren to tell him that he will be taking up the mansion's offer and moving in there. While at the country club Jessica and Warren run into one another and retire to a private room for an adult play-date. Rogue posts about a cat shelter she has found and intends to volunteer at. Warren is bored and asks Miles to come and entertain him. Scott meets Monet at the entrance hall to give the new arrival a tour of the mansion. Into the Fog: Jennie visits Wade in the medlab and something he says leads to a revelation. Monet meets Roxy and is intrigued by her mutation.

Feb 18 - Laurie posts saying that now Pablo is gone she wants a new pet and is looking for help choosing. Adrienne and Warren meet and he reveals that he always wanted to be a detective leading to him offering her a new home for X-Factor Investigations. Miles and Warren discuss their experiences of being mutants over dinner. Rogue and Julian meet up doing laundry and find things have stayed pretty much the same for them. After a man tries to rob Jean in a bar she bumps into Gabriel in a case of deja-vu. Adrienne tells X-Factor Investigations of Warren’s offer.

Feb 19 - Gabriel notes heat powers would be really useful when running through the cold. Topaz finds Artie coming in from a late night of work, and Artie ensures that the next generation will never actually learn calculus. Jubilee posts to XF about her trip to China. Miles meets the hot daughter of his idols and manages to only make a minor ass of himself. Clint gets a surprise phone call from Billy. Angelo runs into Matt at court and introduces himself.

Feb 20 - Adrienne comes across Jean in the rec room prompting Adrienne to have a breakdown as she tries to deal with the new version of her friend. Later Jean texts Adrienne asking if she’d like to go for the promised cupcake. The two go to a bakery for cupcakes after Jean’s fellowship interview. Megan asks Topaz if she’s like to go out for coffee this weekend to catch up. Topaz then texts Amanda telling her that there is a Megan Gwynn in this universe. Wanda wanders down to the medLab to see about a regular check up from Cecilia and the talk turns towards the state of the world and themselves Into the Fog: Jennie remembers Hammersmith and Fulham as they were in the past and provides Marie-Ange, Doug and Amanda with everything she knows about Mother and her Disciples. Clint drives Matt to the mansion and they meet Cecilia. Wade and Adrienne decide to buy out the cupcake ATM as a kind of therapy.

Feb 21 - Matt takes a break from his all-nighter to get a snack, and runs into Miles, who's pulling an all-nighter of his own. Matt introduces himself to the mansion. Rogue posts about the trip to the cat sanctuary if people want to go with her. Matt meets Topaz. It goes about as well as one would expect. Topaz texts Hope A. to tell her that Matt is at the mansion and she’s not coping well. Amanda finds Topaz running away from her meeting with Matt, and offers her student a much needed escape. Laurie posts to the journals that she found her new pet. Wade's still not coping very well, North attempts to help, the results are inconclusive. Wade tells Scott he's leaving for a while.

Feb 22 - Warren texts Adrienne to tell her he’s back from his business trip. Miles takes Roxy on a date, except she doesn't know it's a date and he doesn’t know she’s a lesbian. Bobby cheers up Miles after the latter's embarrassing day out. Warren and Jean run into one another on the roof and they reconcile.

Feb. 23 - Hope A. receives a threatening card from Amy Wright. Wade texts Arthur asking him to pass on to the mansion that he's still alive; Arthur does so. Warren introduces himself on the journals. Marie-Ange posts to let people know she'll be going to New Orleans, then posts for X-Force to give them more details. Gabriel meets Miles sans Spidey costume.

Feb. 24 - Jean texts Adrienne about getting the fellowship. Adrienne recruits Lorna for X-Factor. Lorna calls Wanda about her new job. Jean texts Warren about the fellowship. Adrienne posts to let X-Factor know about Lorna and that she's taking a vacation. Monet meets Miles. Garrison emails Adrienne about their vacation. Bobbi and Warren meet and talk about X-Factor matters.

Feb. 25 - Jean goes down to the med lab and talks to Cecilia about working there. Angel finds Arthur getting into trouble and offers him something a little less trouble-y to do. Cecilia posts to let the staff know about Jean working in the med lab. Garrison talks to Adrienne about moving in with her. Rogue texts Adrienne, Angel, and Logan looking for company.

Feb. 26 - Wade and North do their thing to try and deal with the world ending. Adrienne goes out with Jean, and her bad mood and continuously bad reactions to Jean lead Jean to call off their friendship. Monet and Artie meet and Artie realizes she’s basically the same despite being younger.

Feb. 27 - Topaz meets Jean in the hallway and doesn't react well. Jean texts Kitty asking how she's doing. Wanda posts a story about the German mafia. Wade texts Cecilia saying he can feel her judgment. Jubilee and Kevin Sydney meet.

Feb. 28 - Hope A. emails Scott about the card she received. Laurie emails Cecilia, Wade, Marie-Ange, and Doug about various things. Miles and Warren go out shopping. Jean meets Jennie while on the night shift in the med lab.


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