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The month began dramatically when Topaz was abducted from her university by the Destine Clan and delivered to her father, Taboo. Betrayal, raising the dead and the Dark Path of the Winding Way ensued as Taboo revealed he planned to use the blood of the Destines and Topaz' power to raise his dead wife. In the meantime, things got heated at the school as Amanda Sefton established Topaz was missing and began the search, with Maya Lincoln-Lopez reacting particularly strongly. Amanda, Wanda Maximoff and Billy Kaplan arrived in time to save Topaz (as well as the three surviving Destines), with Topaz having to 'kill' her mother's zombified corpse and Amanda losing a magical battle with Adam Destine. Topaz told everyone she was fine, but it soon became apparent things were very wrong with her emotional state when she began rather forcefully pushing those close to her away, including her mentor.

In the aftermath, Clea Lake managed to talk Kevin Sydney into putting her forward as Snow Valley's receptionist, something Amanda didn't notice for some time as a result of trying to help Topaz with her issues without crowding her. Sooraya Qadir talked to Rogue about her ongoing struggle with her faith in the wake of the Taliban and ISIS attacks and Marie-Ange Colbert officially hired Clea. Gabriel Cohuelo, having a not-so-fun Valentine's Day, found himself having a franker-than-usual talk with Kevin about their respective lives, and Amanda provided Garrison Kane company in his mourning for Adrienne Frost. Clinton Barton returned from parts unknown, as did Jubilation Lee, the former helping Gabriel with his GED studies and his confusion over Quentin Quire's self destructive spiral; the latter preferring to stay on Felicia Hardy's couch than find another living space, having moved out of the shared suite with Kurt Sefton after their breakup. There may have also been some toe-curling with Kevin. Sharon Friedlander took a leave of absence to protect her family from the Iranian super-soldier stalking her.

Finally, a new VR game was announced, prompting interest from the mansion's younger residents.


Feb 1 - Logan emails Rogue about Valentine’s Day and asks her what she wants to do. Nica posts to the Gen X comm, wanting to do something fun on the weekend after mid-terms. Natasha posts an article about researchers finding anxiety cells in the brain. Topaz emails Marie-Ange with help for a birthday “present” for Amanda. Lorna texts Alex about stopping at an outdoor supplies store and filling up the car.

Feb 2 - Family Reunion: The Destine Clan corners Topaz on campus and takes her under threat of killing everyone around them; Tandy texts Topaz asking why she ditched their lunch date; Miles posts upset about his week and the fact that his porg has stopped moving; Topaz discovers the person who orchestrated her kidnapping — Taboo, looking to put his family back together, complete with Topaz’s dead mother; Amanda texts Topaz asking why she didn’t show up to teach magic class; Tandy texts Hope A. asking if she’s seen Topaz; Amanda posts to her journal asking if anyone has seen or heard from Topaz, and gets negative responses all around; Maya texts Topaz demanding to know where she is. Ready or Not: A news article drops about a new game coming out in April.

Feb 3 - Family Reunion: Topaz attempts to reason with Taboo, with no results; Molly asks Amanda if she’s heard from Topaz; Amanda posts an all-call on xp-teams asking for help finding Topaz — the thread gets heated as stress goes up; Laurie posts offering a power up to the people involved in searching. Jean finds Quentin in the boathouse, and things don’t go well.

Feb 4 - Family Reunion: Taboo prepares for the ritual, and Topaz discovers that Taboo intends to use the Destines as sacrifices; The cavalry — Amanda, Wanda, and Billy — arrive, and a fight breaks out; in the middle of it all, a zombie emerges from Alice Ashdown’s grave, and Topaz is forced to put it down; in the aftermath, Topaz breaks and snaps at Amanda; Topaz posts to let everyone knows she’s back and she’s sorry about worrying people; Topaz gets a check up by Jean; Molly slips a note under Topaz’s door asking if she’s okay. Clea talks to Kevin about becoming Snow Valley’s new receptionist. Doug discovers the hard way that Snow Valley is out of toner. Jean texts Rogue for company.

Feb 5 - Kevin brings Clea's proposal to the rest of X-Force. Ev texts Wanda about birthday dinner plans. Family Reunion: Kurt tries to get Topaz to talk; Clea and Cata visit Topaz.

Feb 6 - Natasha wishes Ev a happy birthday. Laurie posts about flu pandemics. Wanda uses booze to get Topaz to open up. Sooraya and Rogue talk about loss of faith and holding onto what they believe, even when they don’t want to.

Feb 7 - Natasha checks in with Clint. Topaz and Garrison find themselves drinking together. Clarice rejoices about the return of Queer Eye. Topaz and Maya chat about some Topaz-related journal drama.

Feb 8 - Sharon F.gets an update on a family situation. She then lets Scott and Garrison know she's heading home, tells the medlab she's got a situation and asks Clarice for a lift. Matt announces a law enforcement seminar. Bobbi invites X-Factor to a birthday party for Warren.

Feb 9 - Sooraya announces a visit to Muir. Hope A. tells the mansion she's heading to DC. Marie-Ange offers Clea a job. Doug informs X-Force of the offer. Marie-Ange asks Topaz about an art commission for Amanda.

Feb 10 - Lorna gives Wanda a birthday gift. Amanda also posts birthday wishes. Angel asks Doug about cicadas. Gabriel shares an unfortunate bartending mishap from his evening.

Feb 11 - Cece asks for help with Lucky. Clarice shares a music video. Jean shares some nerdy Valentine's jokes.

Feb 12 - Warren thanks XFI for his birthday party. Bobby is excited about Cheap Chocolate Day.

Feb 13 -

Feb 14 - Kyle posts wanting a Palentine’s Day. Amanda and Topaz run into each other in the kitchen; it’s not friendly and very awkward. Gabriel texts Kevin for a ride home and winds up having drinks and very frank conversation with him.

Feb 15 - Wade texts Doug and Marie-Ange about upping security at Snow Valley with their new receptionist. Jean-Paul texts Topaz a picture he took in the mountains.

Feb 16 - Amanda runs into Garrison at Harry's and they talk about Adrienne.

Feb 17 - Kurt drops in on Topaz, and it’s somehow less successful than his first visit; later, a very drunk Topaz tries to text Tandy for a ride, but ends up with Ty instead.

Feb 18 - Alex and Kyle contemplate ways to have fun with Alex's snow-covered skate ramp.

Feb 19 - Garrison posts a picture of Daisy watching the Olympics to his journal. Clint returns to the mansion from parts unknown in the middle of the night and decides it’s the perfect time to wake up Matt for a talk.

Feb 20 -

Feb 21 -

Feb 22 - Clea makes a journal entry asking for help with cosplay ideas, and with how to use power tools. Jean-Paul texts a picture to Topaz from his location in Norway. Clint helps Gabriel with his GED studies and things get a bit off track.

Feb 23 - Alex and Lorna are out on their latest case - a missing woman. Clea brings Marie-Ange her office mail and gets information about her new workplace.

Feb 24 -

Feb 25 - Molly takes refuge in the church library to work on college essays and totally not to ask Topaz how she's doing or anything.

Feb 26 - Ready or Not: The brand new game, Predator-X, is in the news with a new trailer and a hype blurb.

Feb 27 - Jubilee is back in town and spends some quality time with Felicia on her couch. Jubilee posts to the journals letting everyone know she’s back in town for a week. Jubilee arrives back in the office to find Kevin working and decides to take him out for drinks.

Feb 28 - Jubilee texts Kevin after their drinks the previous day to take him up on his offer of curling her toes. Ready or Not: Maya posts to the journals talking about the Predator-X game, wondering why no-one is talking about it.


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