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Quentin Quire continued along the path of self-destruction following the his resurrection, winding up in the medlab with a 'social disease' and not endearing himself to Clarice Ferguson and Cecilia Reyes who had the joy of treating him. A Slendermen movie was announced, with various mansionites expressing their objections on the journals and hatching a semi-serious plan to steal all copies of the film before it premiered. Charles Xavier announced his decision to semi-retire, moving to Muir Island and passing on various NGO contacts to Sooraya Qadir, who was working on using old X-Corps contacts to continue their work on her own. Tandy Bowen also got in the philanthropic spirit, with her District X food bank opening.

Topaz' library 'minions' - magically animated Porg toys - resulted in a philosophical discussion on the ethics of giving 'life' to stuffed toys and how she could make a fortune even at the mansion selling them to people. Warren Worthington and Barbara Morse found themselves, much to their mutual surprise, in an actual relationship. Sharon Friedlander continued to seek information on her super-soldier "problem", enlisting Amanda Sefton and Marie-Ange Colbert to research Qunbula, the Iraqi super soldier who was stalking her.

Topaz expressed concern about Agent Brand having seen her in action in Wyoming. Clea Lake, heading home for the Christmas vacation, was also worried, about telling her adoptive parents about her birth family, and while talking to Amanda about her worries, discovered X-Force was wanting for a receptionist. Lorna Dane booked her PI qualification exam, and Artie Maddicks spent time in Chicago forming contacts for X-Force and avoiding the guy that talked to pigeons.


Jan 1 - Amanda wishes everyone a Happy New Year, and informs everyone that she is sick.

Jan 2 -

Jan 3 - Laurie posts a song that gave her an earworm. Molly posts dismayed about a Slenderman movie, and plans are made to steal it.

Jan 4 -

Jan 5 -

Jan 6 - Maya wonders why men are dumb. Quentin has a problem of a personal nature and does nothing to endear himself to his caretakers. Hope emails Marie-Ange and Doug in disbelief over them signing her up for a Burlesque class. Charles posts letting people know he'll be moving semi-permanently to Muir Island. Miles discovers Topaz has animated Porg toys and tries to steal one for himself (she gives it to him in the end). Matt and Topaz go for late-night breakfast for dinner.

Jan 7 -

Jan 8 - Quentin is grouchy about not being able to drink while on antibiotics. Darcy reflects that if she ever gets her PhD, she’ll co-credit her cat as per an internet story.

Jan 9 -

Jan 10 -

Jan 11 - Maya wants confirmation that she saw an animated Porg in the library, leading to talk about the ethics of animating toys for others. Rogue is shocked that no-one focussed on the fact the government revealed aliens might exist.

Jan 12 -

Jan 13 -

Jan 14 -

Jan 15 - Bobbi and Warren exchange emails and are cute. Sharon emails Marie-Ange and Amanda for help researching the Iraqi super-soldier who is stalking her.

Jan 16 -

Jan 17 - Topaz talks to Marie-Ange about her worries over Agent Brand.

Jan 18 - Marie-Ange emails Sharon and Amanda, asking for more info on the search Sharon asked her to conduct.

Jan 19 - Topaz makes a journal entry pondering studying abroad, and how hard such a thing might be.

Jan 20 - Tandy makes a journal entry about potentially graduating early, and how her work on the local food bank is coming along.

Jan 21 -

Jan 22 - Bobby makes a journal entry to share a music video. Doug wants to use a particular swordfighting move he saw in a vid.

Jan 23 - Laurie's life is measurable in coffee. Lorna sets a date in Spring to get take her PI licence test.

Jan 24 - Kyle shares a fake Coachella poster.

Jan 25 -

Jan 26 - Clea is looking more forward to Con season than getting her college acceptance. Bobbi has discovered a new sport, Spikeball.

Jan 27 - Kyle tries to get Topaz to be more proactive about hand-to-hand fighting.

Jan 28 - Bobby is unimpressed by the Hockey All-Star jerseys, but holds out hope for his beloved Islanders.

Jan 29 - Charles emails Sooraya about taking over his overseas NGO contacts. Topaz gets hooked on Netflix and Black Mirror.

Jan 30 - Artie contacts X-Force from Chicago, where he’s trying to make contacts, and avoid the man with the pigeons. Sooraya emails Angelo about her email from Charles. Hope emails Topaz about a meeting with her advisor at college and getting the classes she wanted.

Jan 31 - Maya takes over the music room with heavy metal to help her study. Angel posts a philosophical question about Groundhog Day. Clea talks to Amanda about not talking to her parents about her birth “family” and finds out Snow Valley needs reception help.



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