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Carmilla Black remained in Genosha after the X-Force operation, in order to gather information on the island nation. Angelica Jones and Gabriel Cohuelo talked about his issues with her dating a "copy" of his previous boyrfriend, Clinton Barton and they managed to sort out their issues. Rogue, by means of absorbing Maya Lincoln-Lopez's powers was able to get an idea of what they were and, more importantly, insight into the girl's PTSD. Illyana Rasputin, confused by the manic Amadeus Cho, went to Gabriel to ask for roofies to calm her fellow student down, convinced from various conversations on the journals that Gabe was a drug dealer. He attempted to set her straight, with mixed results. And the first anniversary of M-Day passed.

The X-Men responded when the Morlocks went to war against the unknown human group who had been abducting and killing them, but were unable to obtain much information as the group preferred death to capture. X-Force began investigating, using the cell phone X-Factor had acquired from the mercenary known as Sabretooth, while the leader of the Morlocks, Callisto attempted to keep things under control.

The mansion's telepaths and empaths were trapped in the dreams of Topaz and Meggan Szardos one night, a result of the lingering psionic damage of the Astral Plane following M-Day. They managed to regroup and escape, but David Haller was unable to cope with his 'failures' during the incident and decided to leave the mansion. His father, Professor Xavier, wasn't fooled and convinced him to stay and deal with his issues, rather than run away again.

Hope Abbott was the victim of industrial espionage, being set up to take the fall for a security breach at Keller Industries, and while X-Factor Investigations attempted to seek out the true culprit, Hope was unable to return to her job.


Jan 1 - Topaz posts about needing aspirin. Miles posts about not feeling well. Bobby posts about playing the Black Eyed Peas songs for luck. Something Slender This Way Comes: A missing person’s alert for a child goes out.

Jan 2 - Gabriel posts about adults going out. Hope texts Topaz about needing some aspirin back.

Jan 3 -

Jan 4 - Angel and Gabriel talk about Clint again, and this time it goes better. Rogue absorbs Maya to try to work out what her powers are and discovers Maya’s PTSD. Topaz and Jean-Paul find common ground when Stephen has a magical accident in the library; Topaz emails Stephen to let him know he’ll be helping reshelve the replacement books.

Jan 5 - Topaz emails Jean-Paul to thank him for his help. Rachel and Jean run into each other and make pancakes and New Year’s resolutions; Jean lets the mansion know there are pancakes available in the kitchen.

Jan 6 - Wade leaves Cecilia a birthday present; Cecilia emails Wade her thanks.

Jan 7 - Arthur leaves Cecilia a birthday present in the medlab; Cecilia thanks Arthur for his gift and for the luck. Something Slender This Way Comes: A ten year old goes missing in New York. Miles and Jean catch up and realise they have a lot in common - such as being huge nerds.

Jan 8 - Amadeus displays his latest experiment - flash-fried ballistic shrimp.

Jan 9 -

Jan 10 - Something Slender This Way Comes: Two more children go missing, this time from Salem Center; Angelo is concerned about the missing children, but can’t find any common threads. Nica returns from vacation a week late due to the flu’.

Jan 11 - Clarice posts a W.H. Auden poem in honour of David Bowie’s passing. Warren makes good on his offer of a tropical vacation to Bobbi. Warren lets the X-Factor people know he’s going to be away, and to earn money in the meantime. Xavin thanks people for their birthday gifts for the day before. Artie and Topaz meet up for a sign language lesson.

Jan 12 - Concerned about their trip to Honduras, Sooraya checks in on Cecilia.

Jan 13 - Amanda makes a journal entry to announce she’s back, that magic classes will recommence shortly, and asking Kurt and Meggan for a family dinner on Friday. Amanda also posts to X-Force about leaving Cammie to set up contacts in Genosha, and that she’ll update their database shortly. Warren and Bobbi talk about their current trip together over dinner. Topaz e-mails Stephen about the arrival of new books and inquiring if he’s free to help with them on Sunday. Rachel stumbles upon a slightly inebriated Artie, and the two bond over their worldly wounds while awaiting pizza.

Jan 14 -

Jan 15 - Charles announces that he’ll be away until late Sunday at a conference in Washington. Monica makes a journal entry asking for help in moving rooms. Bobbi lets loose with Warren down south, with some negative consequences.

Jan 16 - Maya makes a journal entry asking if anyone wants to build a snowman. Warren has some bad news for a hungover Bobbi the next morning. Amadeus makes a journal entry about the microwave suddenly making fart noises now. Something Slender This Way Comes: The news posts another missing person alert, this time for a Matias Perez. X-Men Mission: Fall of the Mutants: Do all the recent missing mutants indicate the government making a move against homeless, vulnerable mutants, or something else entirely?

Jan 17 - A Keller Foundation fundraiser Hope and Sue are attending goes horribly wrong when drama, intrigue, and betrayal all play out on the dance floor. Great Attractors: Topaz, Rachel, Jean, and Haller wake up to find themselves in a dark and lonely place; for Meggan, Hope, Emma, Quentin, and Fourteen, everything is literally puppy dogs and rainbows to an unbearable degree; as Topaz's mind becomes ever-more hostile, the group encounters a surprise visitor; Hope and Haller fail to escape, but make a different sort of headway; having determined the geography, the two groups destroy the communication barrier the only way they know how: mild violence; after a quick exchange of notes, the two senior psis come to a chilling conclusion; the psis lead the charge, but in the end it's the empaths who make the final stand; it was all a horrible, horrible dream, or at least that's what they'll be telling themselves from now on; Haller texts all the mansions telepaths and empaths to advise the Professor is coming home early, and to report to the medlab and/or himself or Jean if anything is acutely wrong; Haller makes a journal entry about the bizarre astral activity that happened, letting everyone know it’s been dealt with and that the Professor is coming back early. Topaz texts Stephen to take a raincheck on book stocking. Topaz leaves a sign on her door informing would-be visitors of her status and asking for rest. Cecilia texts Haller reminding him he owes her lunch. Quentin asks for assistance with a cake in an extremely awkward fashion. Bobbi and Warren make their way back home from their mini-vacation. Alex bakes a cake for a baked Quentin. After their adventure, Fourteen finds themselves dealing with Jubilee in a sharing mood.

Jan 18 -

Jan 19 - X-Men Mission: Fall of the Mutants The Morlocks meet up to discuss their missing people revealing a deep divide in how they want to approach the situation. Amanda plants a Louisiana Iris and an African Orchid in the greenhouse. Great Attractors: Haller sends an email to the impacted telepaths and empaths, updating them on the situation.

Jan 20 - Amanda leaves a wreath of English Ivy, Scarlet Poppies, Pink Sweet Peas, and Potato Vine Flowers at the M-Day memorial. Cecilia posts to the journals expressing her disbelief that it’s already been a year since M-Day and inviting anyone who wants to join her and her dog watching movies and eating junk food on the couch.

Jan 21 -

Jan 22 - An especially excited Alex lets everyone know that it’s snowing outside, leading to snowmen and Frozen references; Darcy helps Alex enjoy his first snow. Jean, Emma and Rachel enjoy well-deserved spa time after their adventure on the astral plane.

Jan 23 - Haller sends Cecilia an email asked her to move their lunch to the city due to the weather. Amadeus unveils his Snowdowser 3000X (the X is for Xtreme) to near-universal skepticism. Gabriel posts to the journals wishing he was still in the Caribbean. Alex leaves Tabitha a skateboard as a present. Illyana asks Amadeus if he should really be operating heavy machinery in the middle of the night. After his experience in Meggan and Topaz's minds Haller come to the realization that he no longer belongs at the mansion; Charles has other ideas. Tabitha gets her present, and she loves it and asks what bribes Kyle needs to build a skateboard ramp. While reshelving books with Topaz, Stephen gets some bad ideas to do with magic class. Alex and Bobby play around in the snow!

Jan 24 - Kitty compares the snow outside to the best Danger Room session ever, except she doesn’t have to worry about walking through it. Later Kitty writes Jean-Paul a poem about doing the dishes. Tabitha asks Amadeus to use science to make Kyle hamburgers. Something Slender This Way Comes The news reports on the case of 2 missing children, Jacklyn Smith and Jeremie Fletcher. Illyana asks Gabriel for roofies, convinced a) Gabe is a drug dealer and b) Amadeus needs drugs.

Jan 25 - Darcy can relate to this sloth. Gabriel observes there are people who think the world is flat and some who blame mutants for the “round earth fallacy”. X-Men Mission: Fall of the Mutants: Tensions are rising in the Morlock tunnels, and when Healer is killed and others taken, Callisto takes action.

Jan 26 - X-Men Mission: Fall of the Mutants: In the early hours of the morning, Logan alerts the team to a group of mutants attacking a boatload of humans and the team scrambles; arriving, the X-Men target the Morlocks, who have the upper hand, but not for long; just as the X-Men have things under control, the human “victims” start attacking both groups of mutants, who cooperate to defend each other; with the mysterious uniformed people defeated, Callisto, Sunder and Cyclops check on the hostages, only to find them dead and Callisto accepts the X-Man’s offer of help. Warren texts Bobbi after their time away. Jessica posts Lady Gaga lyrics about boys in cars.

Jan 27 - X-Men Mission: Fall of the Mutants/Operation: Mutant Massacre: Clarice posts her report on the events on the scow, and asks X-Force and X-Factor to get involved in the research of the uniformed group who attacked them and the Morlocks.

Jan 28 - Alison posts in her journal about Alanis Morrisette not knowing about the meaning of irony, and a possible Wham! resurgence.

Jan 29 - The Two Sided Coin of Ambition: Sue and Julian are having lunch when they are interrupted by a phone call from Keller Industries security - Hope Abbott has been accused of a security breach; Julian meets with Hope and his security chief and decides to launch a private investigation while Hope is put on administrative leave.

Jan 30 - The Two Sided Coin of Ambition: Hope asks Doug for some help investigating who might have set her up; Julian talks to Hope about the situation so far; Julian calls X-Factor in to investigate. After a day of job searching, Jennie and Gabriel hit up a Lower East Side bar and talk about life. Jubilee gets back from a work trip and she and Kurt catch up.

Jan 31 - Operation: Mutant Massacre: Wade provides updates on the Morlock investigation on xp_teams about the Carlysle Medical Center, which is linked to the phone obtained from Sabretooth by X-Factor. The Two Sided Coin of Ambition: X-Factor starts looking into who might benefit from the information stolen from Keller Industries. When Illyana wakes from a nightmare, Rahne is there to comfort her.


Something Slender This Way Comes

Great Attractors

X-Men Mission: Fall of the Mutants

The Two Sided Coin of Ambition

Operation: Mutant Massacre

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