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December was a busy month for the teams. The X-Men assisted Cecilia Reyes in an investigation into drug gangs destroying mutant health clinics in Honduras, during which Cecilia was forced to take Rave herself to save herself from the gang's leader. X-Factor Investigations looked into the unsolved murders of several homeless mutants, obtaining information from a mysterious one-eyed woman and narrowly surviving a showdown with the killer. X-Force went undercover on a luxury cruise liner operated by former Genoshan elements and mercy killing the ship's power source, a mutate who could no longer function outside of the engine and who was in constant agony. The Magistrates were left to their own fate in lifeboats with an approaching storm, and Carmilla Black and Amanda Sefton took the surviving mutates back to Genosha to have the procedure reversed. Cammie stayed in Genosha for long-term information gathering in the wake of the changes M-Day had created.

Generation X had their own excitement, helping with a multiple car pile-up while on the way back from a field trip, and then the arrival of new students - five clones of Emma Frost rescued from Canada where they had been part of a clandestine Weapon X project. "Fourteen", as the group mind was referred to, was not terribly impressed. Maya Lincoln-Lopez and Xavin Majesdane's roommate relationship imploded in dramatic fashion after one misunderstanding too many, with Monica Rambeau volunteering to be the volatile Maya's new roomie while Xavin moved in with Clea Lake. Another relationship ended, albeit much more quietly, when Doreen Green, struggling to cope with the death of Monkey Joe and the various changes in the year since the destruction and resurrection of the universe, broke up with Kyle Gibney and left for California for school.


Dec 1 - Megan points out a puzzle in the Mutant Chronicle that can be found by looking at it upside-down.

Dec 2 - Clint makes Amanda dinner and they talk, establishing some trust.

Dec 3 - A cranky Jubilee updates X-Force on things in Busan with her contact after Wade’s personality clash. Haller talks to Maya about her post-traumatic stress and anger issues. Felicia makes an Instagram cross post about her holiday decorations and is “hired” by Clint to work on his and Natasha’s suite (once he’s moved in); Clint texts several friends to help with the actual moving and Billy and Matt agree to help; Natasha asks Clint via text about the journal system. Clint texts Angel to let her know he’s gotten some bad news about some colleagues in SHIELD and asks for a raincheck on their breakfast date. Topaz meets Jean-Paul in the library and while they both like books, they don’t like each other so much.

Dec 4 - Clint meets with a SHIELD friend, Everett Thomas, and learns the truth about the deaths of several other colleagues. Ausente sin Culpa: The X-Quisitr, an anti-mutant newspaper, reports on Rave deaths and how the government is covering things up. Topaz texts Amanda to ask for help in determining if Aadesh Saini is actually her birth father, as she suspects.

Dec 5 - Darcy comments on the X-Quisitr story. Ausente sin Culpa: Cecilia asks Scott for help in investigating what happened to the clinics in Honduras. Case File: A Better Mole Trap: The Chronicle reports on the murder of a homeless mutant that is being ignored by police; Sue posts to xp_teams wondering if something can be done, and Warren decides X-Factor will investigate. Clint texts Natasha about Franklin Hall, the man responsible for wiping out Ev’s SHIELD team. Jessica makes a reappearance, remarking on the awesomeness of beer and the craziness of people.

Dec 6 - Felicia makes another Instagram post about holiday decorating, this time for Clint and Natasha. Ev sends Clint birthday wishes (and a Simpsons .gif) by email; Angel leaves Clint a birthday poster; Clint texts Angel to thank her for the gift; Gabriel suggests Namor come along to Clint’s birthday pub crawl and get very drunk, which agrees with Namor. Case File: A Better Mole Trap: Alex and Quentin talk to Opal Tanaka, a District X storekeeper and find out more about Mole, the murdered mutant, despite Quentin’s poor people skills. Roadside Assistance: On the way back from a field trip to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Generation X encounters a multiple vehicle pile up and stop to help, leaving just as authorities arrive; Maya doesn't handle being at an accident scene well, and Darcy tries to distract her from what's going on outside the bus. Topaz asks Tandy and Hope for company with her wine drinking after her ‘excitement’.

Dec 7 - Maya texts Xavin to not be in their suite tonight, as she’s reacting badly to the accident. Darcy lets Clint know she has a birthday gift for him. At the last bar of Clint’s birthday pub crawl, he and Gabriel have an awkward moment; a very drunk Clint texts his thanks for his birthday on xp_staff; Kyle accidentally outs Clint and Matt as mutants to Matt's friend Foggy Nelson. Jean leaves Kitty a Hanukkah gift. Julian texts Tandy asking if yesterday’s accident really happened. Hungover Gabriel needs an egg sandwich or five. Hungover Natasha texts Clint demanding bacon and being glad of the gift of Chinese food provided by Angel. Xavin posts to xp_generation_x to let Maya know they aren’t going to be roommates any more and an online brawl ensues before Nica steps in. Wade asks Sharon for help with Maya, given their shared heritages and Sharon’s military background.

Dec 8 - More birthday drinks are planned, this time at Harry’s for Domino; Kevin and Domino talk about alcohol and underwear while at Harry’s. Warren apologises to Jean for inappropriate texts while he was high. Nica asks Alison if it’s okay if she moves into Maya’s suite to help keep an eye on her. Nica posts about blog responses to the accident on Sunday. Case File: A Better Mole Trap: Bobbi and Lorna, investigating another homeless mutant’s death, is approached by a one-eyed woman who tells them another mutant - Chickenwing - was also killed and that she’s tracked the killer to a condo being constructed, but she can’t get access; X-Factor uses various means to get to the penthouse suite where their killer has been staying; while searching the suite, X-Factor are ambushed by the killer, who appears to be a mutant himself, and have the crap beaten out of them.

Dec 9 - Case File: A Better Mole Trap: Lorna lets Wanda know what happened the night before and that she’s recovering; Warren wakes up in the hospital with Sue at his side; Warren posts an update for everyone. Warren texts Felicia to help spread a cover story. Arthur texts X-Factor to see how they're faring after their fight. Amanda texts Marie-Ange, Doug, Jubilee and Scott saying it seems X-Factor found the new world's Sabretooth.

Dec 10 - Ausente sin Culpa: Cecilia posts to let the med lab know she's leaving. Logan texts Wade about the new Sabretooth. Little Paper Dolls: Marie-Ange has a vision while with Doug, and they report it to Emma.

Dec 11 - Maya posts about hating capitalism. Clint texts Natasha and Angel about a terrible movie marathon. Lorna posts asking for help on expanding her artillery after the fight with Sabretooth. Ausente sin Culpa: Cecilia, Angel, Sooraya, and Scott arrive in Honduras; Cecilia finds the gang that destroyed her clinic; the X-Men get a look around with Cecilia's old colleague; the gang tries to get Cecilia to join them when they realize she's a mutant; the X-Men arrive to help Cecilia; the group tries to figure out the best way to handle the situation. Miles and Bobby discuss girls after Miles has a successful date.

Dec 12 - Ausente sin Culpa: The next morning, Scott, Sooraya and Angel go after the mutant drug gang; Cecilia goes to help injured people and crosses paths with the gang again; during a fight, she takes Rave for a boost; after the fights, the group tries to figure out what to do about the drugs and the gang; The fight continues, as Scott, Sooraya and Angel take on Rave-abusing opponents. Molly posts apologizing for throwing her bike through the wall. Cecilia texts Arthur about taking care of Pizza Dog I. Matt and Rachel watch Star Wars in preparation for the upcoming movies.

Dec 13 - Little Paper Dolls: Doug e-mails Emma, Marie-Ange, Wade, Jean, and Domino about a field trip to the Great White North for Reasons.

Dec 14 - John makes a journal entry about looking at someone you’ve known for years and seeing them as all kinds of different. Quentin texts Gabriel about good tattoo parlors in NYC. Xavin and Jean-Paul take a break from the mansion to visit a mall courtesy of image inducers, where impromptu plans for the weekend after Christmas are made. Cecilia posts to the medlab staff giving them a heads up she’ll be out most of this week. Wade texts Doug and Marie-Ange looking for Asopao for Cece. Miles enlists Jennie's help with his new possible-girlfriend.

Dec 15 - Jean-Paul texts Gabriel asking him to go to a BC ski resort after Christmas. Sooraya leaves Angel a gift for her birthday. Clint texts Matt to solicit Ferris Wheel advice. Angel makes a journal entry thanking Sooraya for her gift, detailing her date with Clint, and inviting people to cake, ice cream, and alcohol in the third floor rec room to celebrate her birthday.

Dec 16 - Maya makes a journal entry asking about people’s plans for Christmas. Little Paper Dolls: A few members of X-Force (and guest Jean Grey for medical and psi-support) gather to discuss a plan for extracting Emma Frost's clones from a scary secret Canadian mountaintop base. Xavin posts in xp_generation_x asking who wants to go skiing in BC with Jean-Paul after Christmas. Quentin posts a poem by Langston Hughes to his journal.

Dec 17 - Clarice makes a journal entry about a fantastic make-up find.

Dec 18 - Little Paper Dolls: The team arrives in Canada and quickly track down the source of the strange telepathic message, however things don't quite seem right; X-Force storms the underground base, having far more fun with it than should be legal; Jean and Emma find the source of the distress call, and Emma and the strange girls clearly do not get on; Someone touched something they shouldn't have, and suddenly it's all going to hell; Even if the other you isn't really you at all, talking to ‘yourself’ is an incredibly surreal experience, and it doesn't help when they're both incredibly paranoid. Miles makes a journal entry about how awesome the new Star Wars movie is. Molly and Topaz brave the mall to go Christmas shopping.

Dec 19 - Emma sets up a meeting with X-Force, and instructs Artie to see a doctor. Xavier makes an announcement that Amelia Voght is relocating to Muir Island to work with Moira MacTaggart. Jean-Phillipe makes a journal entry about the annual Miss Universe costumes and invites people to come watch. Operation: Mutant of the Seas: Emma sits down with X-Force for a meeting about her concerns re another distress call on the astral plane; Amanda and Wanda use the astral plane to isolate the source of Emma's telepathic SOS. Kyle is unhappy about Dori breaking up with him and leaving, and talks things over with Angel.

Dec 20 - Operation: Mutant of the Seas: Jubilee and Cammie turn up a potential connection to that area of the Atlantic; Felicia and Gabriel spends too much time in the midst of marketing materials; Emma and North are able to identify the potential owners of the cruise ship.

Dec 21 - Laurie posts to medical staff only about potentially adjusting their rosters and schedules. Operation: Mutant of the Seas: Kevin and Domino dig up a little information regarding security from a 'motivated' crew man; X-Force is able to gather enough information to launch an operation. Adri texts Emma about her Christmas plans this year. Amanda makes a journal entry letting people know she’ll be working this festive season.

Dec 22 - Operation: Mutant of the Seas: X-Force start to infiltrate the cruise ship, starting with Emma and Kevin; Felicia and Gabriel make it on board; Kevin establishes Cammie’s cover as she gets on board; Domino and Wanda come aboard as staff and smuggle in Amanda; North and Jubilee board a smaller boat in order to shadow the cruise ship. Darcy posts that Queen’s 40th anniversary of "Bohemian Rhapsody" is being released as a single. Jessica posts that she needs someone to calm her down or she is going to turn someone into paste. Gabriel texts Miles asking why anyone would want to go on a cruise ship. Marie-Ange visits the Stepford sisters to try to get them settled in - and then get them setup with identities they can live with.

Dec 23 - Nica posts to let people know that she is going to her grandparents in Seattle and will see everyone next year. Operation: Mutant of the Seas: Kevin, Domino, and Amanda find a nasty surprise in the security room; Emma and Wanda make a similar discovery with their meeting with the Captain; Jubilee and North continue to shadow the cruise ship, using the information feed to them to narrow down their targets.

Dec 24 - Quentin emails X-Factor Investigations saying he is going home for the holidays and will be back Tuesday or Wednesday and not to get killed by hairy mutant-hunting mutants. Operation: Mutant of the Seas: X-Force decides to make their move on the ship, starting with security; Emma, Amanda, and Felicia move to secure the Captain; Domino and Wanda take on roving security; North and Jubilee stage a violent assault on the bridge; Emma finally discovers the source of the call for help they’ve been seeking and makes some hard decisions in regards of it; The rest of X-Force starts the evacuation as they leave the ship and the passengers to their own devices; Kevin emails X-Force about his contacts in South Africa that the mutates are going will be off-loaded in Genosha where they will be found and sent to the right government group. A small box of IOU 1 fancy dinner and a birthday card from Jubilee is delivered to Kurt.

Dec 25 - Alison asks if there are any TV/Computer people that could hook her up with England’s Channel 4. Darcy leaves gifts for Clint and Clarice. Gabriel texts Miles asking him to thank his parents for the invite but sorry he couldn’t make it. Gabriel texts Wade that if he starts to text him a string of incoherent letters that is Wade’s cue to get him a cab. Warren sends the entire mansion a Christmas card with this picture. Clint wishes everyone a Happy Holidays and that he woke up with tickets to Hadron Collider taped to his forehead. North texts Xavin if anyone else wanted to come to Whitewater tomorrow. North texts Maya saying to be ready to leave by midmorning. North texts Gabriel asking if midmorning would be a good time for him to leave. Gabriel leaves a box in butcher paper with an envelope on top for Warren with the updated picture and a 100 dollar bill, inside the box is a glitter bomb. Quentin text Gabriel asking if it counts as prostitution if you blow someone in exchange for weed. Maya emails Bas saying Happy Birthday.

Dec 26 - Maya texts Wade Happy Holidays and sorry she has been a jerk. Felicia posts an instagram photo and wishing everyone a happy holiday.

Dec 27 - Gabriel announces that he is not meant to ski and that he has been fired from his job.

Dec 28 - Maya posts that skiing is a lot of fun but she is not a fan of being cold. Clea texts Bas and Stephen about a gift and stopping by their suite.

Dec 29 - Laurie proposes a swear jar for the medlab. Clea texts Stephen about seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Dec. 30 - Jubilee posts about what makes people get up in the morning. Lorna posts about having to shield herself from solar storms. Fourteen introduces themselves on the journals. Wade texts Logan about self destructing Weapon X facilities. Clint texts Angel about antivenom testing.

Dec 31 - Gabriel posts about having of his first New Year in a long time. Darcy wishes everyone happy New Year.


Ausente sin Culpa ni Presente sin Disculpa

Case File: A Better Mole Trap

Little Paper Dolls

Operation: Mutant of the Seas

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