Little Paper Dolls

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Little Paper Dolls
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Dates run: December 10, 15-18, 2015
Run By: Chris
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"And believe me, I am no more thrilled about the situation than you are. Someone stole me."

A psionic SOS leads Emma Frost and friends to a mind-boggling discovery.


Emma Frost, Marie-Ange Colbert, Doug Ramsey, Domino, Wade Wilson, Jean Grey

Stepford Cuckoos


December 10, 15-18, 2015

Plot Summary

Following a vision, Marie-Ange and Doug alerted Emma to a potential mission. Research revealed a secret base in Canada experimenting with mutant DNA and plans were made to infiltrate the location and discover what they were doing. After they arrived in Canada, however, Emma and Jean (borrowed for her medical and psi abilities) both received a telepathic SOS from the facility. The abbreviated X-Force team stormed the base while Jean and Emma tracked down the source of the distress call - five teenage girls who bore a startling resemblance to Emma herself.

With the girls recovered safely, the team had to make haste to leave the facility as it began to self-destruct. On the way back to the mansion - because where else could they take the five young telepaths - Emma tried to talk to them about who (and what) they were, but didn't get much response. She knew, however, in her bones that the five girls were her clones, created from stolen DNA.

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The girls are collectively known as "Fourteen" as they are the fourteenth incarnation of the Weapon X program.


Plotrunner: Chris