Los Neo

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Los Neo
Los Neo.jpg
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases:
Affiliations: Jaeger, Raul Carboda, Javier, Cesar, "Stinky" Manuel
Socked By: Various
Introduction: Ausente sin Culpa ni Presente sin Disculpa

A Rave-distributing mutant cartel in Honduras, stymied by the interference of Cecilia Reyes and the X-Men.

First Appearance

December 11, 2015


"Jaeger" Head of Drug Cartel. Argentine child descended from ex-Nazis, happens to have X-gene. Left German community at some point to go be involved in drugs in Colombia. After M-Day, spotted an opportunity to be in charge and began to mobilize a mutant gang.

Powers: Extra-human senses enable him to sense pheromones and emotions, and to track mutants through trace genetic material. Fast reflexes. Mostly powered by ruthlessness and master psychological manipulation.

PB: To be determined.

Raul Cordoba A lieutenant in Jaeger's cartel, responsible for transporting drugs through Central America and eventually across the border. Used to be a mutant grunt in another gang, who had a real head for moving product. He's got elasticity that allows him to stretch his body and skin into shapes (a la Reed Richards), but with little strength. Taking Rave allows him to put some power behind his epidermal contortion, and he can essentially squeeze people to death.

PB: To be determined, socked by Dex

Javier A low-powered mutant drug grunt. Without Rave, he has the ability to convert moisture so that it condenses on his skin and makes him wet, like he's Moist from Dr. Horrible. With Rave, he can take that a step further: He becomes aquakinetic and can wield water as a weapon.

PB: To be determined, socked by Jeff.

Cesar A low-powered mutant drug grunt. Without Rave, he can levitate off the ground several inches due to a mutation to his cillia. With it, he can fly.

PB: To be determined, socked by Walks.

"Stinky" Manuel A low-powered mutant drug grunt. Without Rave, he can emit gross body odor. With Rave, he secretes a poisonous vapor that he adds to the tips of weapons.

PB: To be determined, socked by Rossi.


A particularly bloodthirsty gang of mutants, members of other cartels who found each other after M-Day, have been hacking their way to the front of the Rave conflict. The group is known for their production and sale of Rave, as well as violent scare tactics. It was they who set fire to Cecilia's clinic Honduras in the hopes of galvanizing more mutants to their group.

They were defeated by the X-Men in December 2015, but their leader remained free to recruit more members to the cause


Ausente sin Culpa ni Presente sin Disculpa


Socked by: Various, introduced by Michael