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Sebastian Druid
Portrayed by Callan McAuliffe
Codename: Freakshow
Affiliations: Generation X
Birthdate: December 26, 1999
Journal: xp_druid
Player: Available for Applications

I know who I am and what I'm about.

Son of self-professed master of magic, Doctor Druid, Bas has disappointed his father by having little to no magical ability. Instead he is a mutant with the ability to transform into various monsters. He spent one year at the school before being recalled home by his father.


Character Journal: xp_druid

Real Name: Sebastian Anthony Druid (Bas)

Codename: Freakshow

Aliases: n/a

First Appearance: August 4, 2015

Date of Birth: 26 December 1999

Place of Birth: Leeds, UK

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Relatives: Doctor Anthony Druid (father), Catherine Ludgate (mother, deceased)

Education: Completed Year Nine Secondary Education at Bedford School

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: student, also member of Air Training Corps RAF Air Cadets (Cadet Flight Sergeant 460 Dunstable Squadron, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing, Central and East Region)

Team Affiliation: Generation X



Sebastian is the only child of Dr. Anthony Ludgate, a brilliant scholar with master’s degrees in anthropology and psychology and a Phd in molecular biology, all from Cambridge. Anthony legally changed his last name to Druid shortly before Sebastian was born. Sebastian has no knowledge of his mother, whom his father refuses to speak about, and Bas’s own research has yielded nothing more than the fact that the woman listed as his mother on his birth certificate died giving birth to him in a hospital in Leeds.

Leaving Bas in the care of a nanny, Dr. Druid spent his days in Leeds conducting research which Bas knew little to nothing about. Their flat was small and cramped with artifacts and tomes, the vast majority related to the study of the ancient society of the druids. Bas had knowledge from a young age that his father studied the magical arts, learning magic from his research into the druids. As a child his father attempted to teach him some simple spells out of a spellbook Anthony considered his prized possession, but Bas never proved productive as a magician, unable to perform any magic at all.

Believing that his ineptness as a magician was a source of disappointment for his father, Bas became apathetic about his father’s work, magic and life in general. In turn, Anthony seemed to become apathetic about Bas and devoted even more of his time to his own studies and research. At seven, Anthony sent Bas to board at the Bedford School, which further aided their estrangement.

At the age of eight, Bas found his father was no longer even available to him during summers, as Bas was informed he would be attending a summer camp. A silent, sullen kid who seemed to find no interest in anything the world had to offer, Bas was transformed that summer when he met Clea Lake and Stephen Strange. Clea’s unabashed exuberance and natural curiosity, along with Stephen’s sense of adventure, drive, and leadership brought out in Bas a fierce loyalty, persistence, and engagement with the world. Despite his carefully constructed apathy, Clea and Stephen seemed to see something in Bas and refused to leave him alone with his sullenness. As a result, Bas found his first and closest friends and confidants. The trio became forever bonded when they found an enormous, mythological cat living in a cave on the camp property, with Stephen and Bas agreeing to help Clea feed it and keep it company.

The school year after that first summer at camp saw Bas making some friends through rugby and football, but none who would become as close to Bas as Clea and Strange, who would email and write letters (and, in the case of Clea, send care packages) throughout the school year despite Bas not being great at communicating. Bas found himself struggling through his school years in order to make it to summer camp where he was happiest. Summers were spent doing the usual camp activities in addition to caring for the faerie cat they had found and getting into (but always out of) small amounts of trouble brought about by Clea and Stephen.

The year he turned twelve, Clea and Stephen encouraged Bas, who exhibited a lot of self-discipline and loyalty to his friends and was great at doing what he was told (though he cared more about his friends than he did about following rules), to join the Air Training Corps when the school year resumed. Bas found himself in love with flying and the life of an air cadet with the 460 Squadron, taking to the drills, lessons and tests like a duck to water and feeling like he was succeeding at something for the first time in his life.

The sense of pride he felt in his accomplishments as an air cadet, along with his friends’ continued encouragement and support kept Bas from being jealous when Stephen and Clea both discovered they could do magic when they were thirteen. Bas was so supportive of them he even put them in touch with his father the magician, though he never asked his friends or his father anything about their dealings with one another, feeling it was none of his business.

While Bas thrived at camp and within his cadet squadron, he found himself still struggling slightly at school, not caring much about his schoolwork and finding himself making bad decisions in terms of his schoolmates. Wanting to feel like he belonged and due to his sense of protection and loyalty, Bas fell prey to a manipulative crowd who got him into some trouble with vandalism and theft, including an arrest. Due to his exemplary record as a cadet he was let off with a warning and tried harder to stay out of trouble, not wanting to compromise his standing in the Air Corps.

At fourteen (in 2014), at summer camp, Bas manifested as a mutant when he shapeshifted into a big, cuddly-looking black cat similar in size to the faerie cat they took care of. Down at their cave his friends helped him over his horrible embarrassment and aided him in figuring out how to control this shift, then proceeded to get him to use his newfound power to pull pranks on fellow campers, aided and abetted by their magic. The next summer (this current one) Bas showed his friends a dragon form he had discovered. This was met with plenty of good-natured teasing about Pokemon (as his dragon form looked like a Charmander with wings) and many ideas by Clea for more pranks to play using this new form. Despite his friends’ teasing, Bas loved his dragon form and preferred it far more than his cat form, though the cat form would come in handy in taking attention off Clea’s giant cat when a television show came by to hunt it.

Living At The X-Mansion

Bas arrived at the mansion in two minds about the whole concept. On the one hand, he was out of his father's influence and located somewhere he could transform as he liked. On the other, it was a significant interruption to his life plan - to become an air force pilot - and he wasn't entirely sure about the people among whom he found himself. He tended to stay to himself, focussing on school and improving his control of his two shapeshifting forms (and ignoring magic entirely). It was something of a surprise, then, when Maya Lincoln-Lopez asked him out. Bas responded with some very cutting truths about her attitude towards others which effectively drove her away.

Over the summer, upon his return to England and his father, Bas was told that he would not be returning to the school. Unhappy with his lack of progress magically, his father had decided to keep closer tabs on him. Clea was shocked when he told his friends this in an email.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 145 lbs

Eyes: brown

Hair: straw brown/dirty blonde

Other Features: crooked nose, various scars

Bas is of average height and build, fairly athletic due to drills and boxing in cadets and playing rugby and football in school. (He’s a rugby full back and probably a left back in football.) His mutant power doesn’t really reflect in his appearance. Bas’s face and body bear a few battle scars from fights he’s been in (crooked nose, etc.) but nothing significant.


Bas is a monster megamorph, able to transform his body into different monstrous forms- ‘monstrous’ generally assumed to be any creature that “produces fear or physical harm by its appearance and/or its actions”.

Currently, however, the only two forms he can shift into are a car-sized black cat-like creature looking like this: the RAF pilot mascot and a dragon (similar in look to a Charmander from Pokemon except with wings. He can turn into these two forms because he is very familiar with them- the cat from his time spent with Cata, Clea’s faerie cat, and the dragon because, well, he’s a little bit of a nerdy teenage boy and he likes dragons!

While in a monstrous form, Bas adopts the strength, speed, and stamina of that form, along with a resistance to injury and whatever characteristics that monster has (fire breathing, flying, rock hide, etc.) Of course, with his current forms only being about four feet tall, their strength, speed, and stamina aren’t much to write home about. Bas is also still able to speak in his forms which I’m assuming means his human tongue does not change with the rest of him.

Bas's power is limited by his appetite/blood sugar. The fact that he can still speak in nightmare/monster forms because his tongue doesn't change shape means he also can't eat in monster forms. Because of this, he can't stay in the form longer than a couple hours without changing back and needing to eat. So whenever he gets hungry he switches back, so if he switches in the morning after breakfast he must switch at lunch; in the afternoon he'd be back to human by dinner, etc. If he's skipped breakfast, he couldn't shift until he eats. That way, being a teenage boy with a teenage boy appetite, he's limited to just a couple hours in a form. If he's shifted and then eats, he could potentially shift again but the time period he could stay in the form would be shortened with each subsequent shift until after he has a long rest.




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Player Icon Base: Callan McAuliffe

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Mon introduced Bas as her second character in August 2015, having dropped Roxanne Washington. Bas is a combination of the canon characters Druid/Sebastian Druid and Freakshow. He became available for applications in August 2017.