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Sebastian Druid went back home to his father, letting his friends Clea Lake and Stephen Strange know via email. Maya Lincoln-Lopez was eager to spend some time back with her family after being told it was possible. Megan Gwynn finished school and questioned some of her choices, while Xavin Majesdane was excited to have completed a semester of community college by attending summer school. Angelica Jones and Sooraya Qadir marked a lost friend's birthday with apple pie. After some nudging, Reed Richards confessed to his crush on Susan Storm to Alex Summers while surfing, and Tandy Bowen considered starting a food bank or food pantry in District X to help mutants and their families.

Sooraya began a personal project, using the old X-Corps files. The medical staff noticed a mysterious illness that only impacted mutants, and having determined it was actually some form of poisoning, asked X-Factor to investigate. With some help from Callisto, they discovered the culprit was a cheap 'lucky charm' necklace with chunks of green stone, and passed the case over to the odd things team to work out the reason. Topaz confirmed it wasn't magic and Laurie Collins asked Sue, Reed, Hank McCoy and Amadeus Cho to research the stone.

Garrison Kane had a surprise visit from Valkyrie - the former Paige Guthrie - who came to the mansion with a request for help from those who had previously gone to Asgard - plus Garrison and Illyana Rasputin. The group had to capture a group of fallen Valkyrie - the Disir - who had been unleashed on Thor by Loki and then go to Hela to seek their freedom. There was a lot of swashbuckling and Garrison had to deal with a running commentary in his head by the Disir who had been bound to his life force.

Miles Morales and Sharon Friedlander got involved in treating injured bystanders after a car chase went wrong, while Everett Thomas experienced the world through Matt Murdock's senses during a training exercise. And Jean Grey met a new patient, Parker Matthews who was exhibiting unusual symptoms.


Aug 1 -

Aug 2 -

Aug 3 - Miles decides that for his 18th birthday he’s going to go to vote for something, because he can.

Aug 4 -

Aug 5 - Clarice finds herself in a youtube spiral and doesn’t know how to get out.

Aug 6 - Rogue posts up the 2017 Extreme Eating Challenge results complaining she wants to eat everything up there apart from the pasta.

Aug 7 - Kyle posts asking for people’s Top Fives of various things. Sooraya emails Angelo about the X-Corps hard drives.

Aug 8 - Hope emails Topaz about her experiences in the diplomatic training program. Sooraya and Angel reminiscence about an old friend over apple pie. Reed emails Sue about being invited to attend a NASA conference.

Aug 9 - Green-Eyed Monster: Jean posts about seeing many patients with similar suspicious symptoms.

Aug 10 - Quentin and Hank run into each other in the woods. Hank learns what 'shade' is and they arrange a biochemistry tutoring session. Clea asks where summer has gone.

Aug 11 - Bas emails Clea and Stephen he has decided to stay with his father in England. Tandy posts about having tickets for Fashion Week. Green-Eyed Monster: Sharon posts about her findings about the mysterious sickness.

Aug 12 - Lorna gives Alex a skateboard, helmet and other gear for his birthday.

Aug 13

Aug 14

Aug 15 - Warren texts Hope non-stop. Tabitha wonders about everyone’s survival plan for the year.

Aug 16 - Hope sends an email to XFI, asking for assistance to get Warren to stop texting. Lorna and Sue text Warren to get him to stop. Lorna asks the magic users for some help. Matt emails Meggan and Megan about the location of his law books. Reed and Gabriel discuss relationships. Green-Eyed Monster: Jean emails Bobbi about the sickness in District X and asks for help; Bobbi sends the request to XFI.

Aug 17 - Megan posts about the end of her school career and her next steps.

Aug 18 - Maya posts that she is able to go home and visit her family. Matt posts asking if there’s anything going on for the eclipse. Matt and Ev have a different type of sparring session. Clea posts her NY Comic-Con costume.

Aug 19

Aug 20 - Johnny posts about the end of summer. Green-Eyed Monster: Hope asks XFI for an update. Tandy wants to start a food bank/pantry in District X. Bobbi and Warren go for dinner at Miles Morales' family's house.

Aug 21 - Amanda notices the absence of Big Ben’s chimes. Alison comments on Taylor Swift’s social media cleanse.

Aug 22 - Green-Eyed Monster: Sue traces back the first cases of sickness in the mysterious mutant ‘plague’ case; Arthur provides further details on the pair, both of whom had been in Chinatown days before falling ill. Flight of the Valkyrie: Garrison is surprised when the mansion receives a visit from Valkyrie - the former Paige Guthrie; Valkyrie explains that she needs the help of those who had previously been to Asgard, plus Illyana and Garrison, in order to save a group of fallen Valkyrie, the Disir, who have been unleashed on Thor by Loki; the group manages to stop the Disir from reaching Thor in Central Park, where they are bound to Garrison in order to take them back to Hel; on the road to Hel, Molly and Jubilee fight a rock giant; Marie-Ange, Doug and Angelo battle the wolf pack of Garm; Amanda, Ty, Tandy and Illyana fight their way through the Duergar, ghoul-like soldiers; Valkyrie defeats the final guard, Morgud, while Garrison is tormented by crazy old lady Disir in his head; the Disir make a deal with Hela and Hela provides Illyana with the power to use the Soulsword to set them free of Garrison; Valkyrie returns to Valhalla with the Disir that have been freed, while four remain as Hel’s servants. Tandy returns home after her journey to Hela's realm and reunites with Julian.

Aug 23 - Green-Eyed Monster: Callisto approaches Bobbi to ask for help with a mutant shoplifter who got seriously ill after stealing a handful of “lucky charms” from a store.

Aug 24 - Green-Eyed Monster: Bobbi notifies X-Factor of her meeting with Callisto.

Aug 25 - Maya shares the new Taylor Swift single. Green-Eyed Monster: Alex realises that all of those who have gotten sick had been to a tourist place, street fair or bodega recently.

Aug 26 - Miles and Sharon find themselves helping injured bystanders after a car chase goes wrong. Jean and Angel go through a Danger Room scenario designed to push their personal fears, but there are cookies after.

Aug 27 - Green-Eyed Monster: Topaz confirms the “lucky charm” pendants aren’t magical, and passes them onto the Science Bros for examination. Alex and Sue take Reed surfing and Alex presses him about his crush on Sue.

Aug 28 -

Aug 29 - Flight of the Valkyrie: Amanda emails Tandy and Ty, asking them to watch Illyana for signs of Hela’s influence; Illyana is disappointed the “cool Valkyrie chick” didn’t come back from Hel with them. Psi War: Jean meets a new patient with unusual symptoms and there’s some light flirting.

Aug 30 - Xavin emails Reed to ask him to leave Illyana alone on the journals. Xavin announces they completed a semester of community college by going to summer school. Nica wants to send those responsible for the Nashville Statement to a hell dimension. Green-Eyed Monster: Laurie asks Team Science to work on the mysterious “lucky pendant” that seems to be making mutants sick.

Aug 31 - Gabriel has a crisis of faith at the talk of Hel and emails Wade and Marie-Ange.


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