Green-Eyed Monster

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Green-Eyed Monster
Dates run: August 9-October 14, 2017
Run By: Rossi
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A rock like that in their hands can only have one use, and not one we're going to like.

A medical mystery arouses the concerns of the mansion's medical staff, and leads to a cross-country heist.


Jean Grey, Laurie Collins, Sharon Friedlander, Cecilia Reyes, Clarice Ferguson

Barbara Morse, Hope Abbott, Susan Storm, Arthur Centino, Alex Summers, Callisto, Warren Worthington, Quentin Quire

Reed Richards, Hank McCoy, Susan Storm, Darcy Lewis

Artie Maddicks, Emma Frost, Gabriel Cohuelo, Natasha Romanoff, Amanda Sefton, Domino, Kevin Sydney, Doug Ramsey

Topaz, Kyle Gibney, Namor, Matt Murdock

Cyclops, Rogue, Bruiser, Iceman, Human Torch, Synch, Firestar

Sapien League, Charles Barnabas, Tomas Dlurga and Adam Adams


August 9-October 14, 2017

Plot Summary

During August, a rash of mysterious symptoms in multiple patients - all mutants - at their separate hospitals caught the interest of Jean Grey, Laurie Collins and Sharon Friedlander. After an investigation of their own, they called in X-Factor Investigations, who were able to trace the illnesses to Chinatown and a number of street fairs in the area. When Callisto called in Bobbi Morse to help with a mutant shoplifter who had suddenly become very ill, the cause was isolated - a ‘lucky charm’ pendant featuring a green stone.

Topaz eliminated magic as the cause for the ‘curse’, and ‘Team Science’ examined them while X-Factor continued their investigation into the stones. Their source was discovered to be an entrepreneur who had been involved in importing the original emerald to the US before falling out with his partners. The good news was that he surrendered all of the emerald he had left. The bad news was that it was only a small piece of the whole, which was the size of a small refrigerator. This news, along with ‘Team Science’s’ findings that the emerald could be converted into a type of gas that was fatal to mutants in large doses, pushed the need to find the emerald into the ‘urgent’ category.

At the same time, Emma Frost revealed to X-Force that the Sapien League had become active again, this time on the west coast. Artie Maddicks went undercover and discovered that the League was planning some kind of large-scale attack on mutants in California - which happened to be where the emerald had been traced to by X-Factor. While Gabriel and Natasha tracked the groups’ theft of the emerald from a police evidence lockup, Cyclops and a mixture of members of the various teams, including Generation X hit the League’s facility in the desert. While Molly and Namor provided cover (and heavy lifting), Hank and Reed were able to secure the emerald in the containment unit they had created and removed it from the area. The facility was destroyed, those Sapien League members who weren’t able to escape taken into custody (and left for the local police with evidence of their ‘meth lab’), and the emerald hidden in desert in a long-forgotten Cold War bunker whose location had been provided by Kevin Sydney.

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Green Eyed Monster

xp_staff posts

xp_communications posts

xp_teams posts

Trivia and Meta


During the mission to retrieve the emerald, Namor was the only one of the four mutants who came into contact with the emerald who didn’t get sick. He smugly attributed this to his ‘superior’ stock.

Molly Hayes, Jonathan Storm and Bobby Drake were all drafted to participate due to lack of X-Men.

Charles Barnabus, Tomas Dlurga and Adam Adams are taken from Marvel comics, where they are employees at Bloodstone Curios.


Plotrunner: Rossi

The poison emerald was based on the emerald in this story which Frito suggested as a possible plot.

Callisto and Bobbi’s log was the only one for the whole plot, the rest being conducted via various comms and journals.