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The mission in California continued, the Secret Empire Motorcycle Club taking on a combined force of bikers and Maggia cartel professionals before a group of SWORD agents (Brand and her team of X-Men) arrested the whole group. That takedown was followed by an attempt to arrest Frank Costa, who revealed he was a Hell Lord. The group narrowly escaped as the result of Garrison Kane sacrificing himself so the rest could leave. The news of the mission's partial failure and the loss of a team member hit Garrison's friends and the wider mansion hard.

Darcy Lewis, encouraged the previous month by Marie-Ange Colbert to share her resume after a reading of her future in canned pasta, had an interview with Kevin Sydney and impressed him enough for him to recommend she be hired for X-Force. She and Artie Maddicks tested her skills during a mission at the end of the month to Germany to gather information on an experiment with growing mouse brains in jars.

Felicia Hardy and David North had a miscommunication, serious enough that they ended their relationship.

Laurie Collins continued her quest to regain her arm, this time approaching Emma Frost for 'under the counter' medical resources. Again, she was rebuffed.


Aug 1 - Sons of Mutancy: Amanda and Wanda examine the weapons the team has acquired; the Leader of the Huns is able to track down the Secret Empire; Callisto and Wanda have way too much fun taking down bikers; Nica and Wanda take on professional cartel soldiers; while fighting cartel members with Matt, Maya might have crossed a line; Brand and the remaining X-Men arrive at the scene to make arrests; Sooraya notices something a little off with Kyle; Betsy and Garrison quickly plan next steps while taking down their own cartel opponents; Jean and Gabriel make quick work of the cartel members; an agent of the cartel watches S.W.O.R.D. make their arrest of Secret Empire; Garrison updates the team on their plan; Brand and her team are shocked by what they find when they go to arrest Costa; Amanda texts the team, alerting them to get out; unable to enter the club, Betsy, Maya, Nica, and Sooraya, fight to gain access to the building; inside the club, Callisto, Matt, and Wanda face their own fight; dragged into an entirely different dimension, Brand and the rest of the team take on a demon and suffer a loss; Gabriel alerts the medlab to the team's status; Gabriel texts Amanda concerning the fallout of the mission; Kyle texts Terry to update her on his well being.

Aug 2 - Maya makes a journal about her impending therapy bill spike. Gabriel texts Felicia to request a favor. Sooraya texts Logan to ask if he's been in contact with Marie. Sooraya emails Betsy, Maya, and Nica to offer an ear if they need it. Felicia posts an important bodega stable to her instagram story. Clarice warns that under pain of being eaten - the medlab should be given space. Matt texts Darcy to ask for milk and bandages. Darcy texts Terry to propose a fun alternative to their stress baking. Jubilee texts Felicia and North to inform them of her occupation on their couch. Arise, X-Man: After being asked to leave the medlab, Laurie turns to Darcy, who offers support. Sons of Mutancy: Sooraya updates the teams to the status of those involved with the mission. Jean wakes up in the medlab, where Kyle informs her how things shook out. Kevin goes to the medlab to talk with Jean following the events. Amanda returns home to Marie-Ange to break the news of Garrison’s fate.

Aug 3 - Betsy posts informing the mansion that there is free alcohol available. Maya texts Kyle a meme compilation in hopes of lifting his spirits.

Aug 4 - Darcy meets Kevin at a cafe to be interviewed for X-Force. Kevin emails Snow Valley to inform them of the upcoming addition. Terry is at Kyle's bedside when he wakes up and feeds him all the food - just no bananas.

Aug 5 - Matt asks the boxer brief wearing people important questions.

Aug 6 - Returning to the mansion, Felicia finds North already there and talks with him. As discussed, Darcy and Terry go axe-throwing.

Aug 7 - Following his mission turned sideways, Kevin brings Gabriel to a bar for an unusual cheer up. Terry drops off food to Amanda and Marie-Ange and finds out more about the mission.

Aug 8 - Maya shares a TikTok to correct language and pronunciation. Matt and Darcy go on a sort-of first date with goat yoga.

Aug 9 -

Aug 10 - Alani posts a meme about starting school. Marie-Ange assures everyone she is NOT a time traveler or on TikTok. Kevin introduces Darcy to the office.

Aug 11 - Gabe emails Marie-Ange about working remote for a few more days. Arise, X-Man: Laurie goes to Emma to ask for access to resources that might help her with her arm, and is disappointed when Emma chooses to steer her away from anything unethical.

Aug 12 - Darcy posts about the universe thinking it's funny.

Aug 13 - Arise, X-Man: Laurie gives Kyle a check-up, and the heebie jeebies.

Aug 14 - Kitty posts about a lazy Saturday afternoon, which turns into dance talk. Terry emails Kitty about Kyle's opposition to tights.

Aug 15 -

Aug 16 - Darcy posts about seeing Alison on the Masked Singer.

Aug 17 - Gabe posts reminding people about gym etiquette. Jubilee reminds everyone it's Black Cat Appreciation Day, so give Felicia a hug.

Aug 18 - Artie posts in disgust about scientists doing Stupid Science. Amanda leaves Marie-Ange a throwback birthday present - the same wine they used to steal from the professor as students.

Aug 19 -

Aug 20 -

Aug 21 -

Aug 22 - Marie-Ange texts Amanda, amazed by her memory.

Aug 23 - Laurie posts about being bored and wants a trip to New York. Sooraya texts Alani in despair.

Aug 24

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Aug 30

Aug 31 - Darcy & Artie travel to Germany and pose as journalists to check out the brain pieces in jars.


Sons of Mutancy

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