Sons of Mutancy

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain mentions or depictions of sexual violence, molestation and/or rape.

Sons of Mutancy
Dates run: July 30-August 1, 2021
Run By: Dex
Read the logs: Sons of Mutancy

'Hijo', she said, 'find a person’s truth. If you know that, you know the key to controlling them'.

The Secret Empire Motorcycle Club returns when SWORD recruits the X-Men to assist in taking down a cartel running magically-infused weapons.


Secret Empire Motorcycle Club: Callisto, Wanda Maximoff, Matt Murdock, Monica Rambeau, Maya Lincoln-Lopez

"SWORD": Garrison Kane, Jean Grey, Kyle Gibney, Gabriel Cohuelo; Betsy Braddock, Sooraya Qadir.

Magic Consultant: Amanda Sefton

Abigail Brand, Olivier, the Huns


July 30-August 1, 2021

Plot Summary

SWORD had been tracking a worrying trend for awhile; demonically infused weapons showing up during Cartel clashes in Mexico and the US border. They think they have identified the two elements associated with it; a biker gang called The Huns who run the weapons to Cartel contacts and the Costa branch of the west coast Maggia who are acquiring them somehow. Both the ATF and the FBI have run failed operations to try and shutdown the pipeline, leading the case to be pushed up to SWORD. Director Brand’s first attempts left 11 agents dead, 3 missing, and an entire field office ransacked without getting any reliable intelligence. She’s decided to try another track but realized that she needs the X-Men's help to make it work.

Brand reached out to Garrison, offering an open-information relationship with SWORD in return for the X-Men helping take down Costa. The X-Men, in disguise once again as the Secret Empire MC attack The Huns during one of their shipment runs, taking them out but strategically allowing several to escape. They take the weapons back to a warehouse on the outskirts of Temecula. Brand, playing on her cold, calculating reputation then approached Frank Costa, the head of the family, by suggesting that his weapons would get better prices from SWORD. If Costa agrees, she’ll send a team to seize the weapons under the cover of an agency strike so it is witnessed. Costa reveals some level of powers, displaying his corruption abilities to gain the advantage over them, agreeing to the deal, but forcing Brand and the mutants with her to be enthralled and are recorded in a decidedly out of character orgy.

The location is leaked to the Cartels and The Huns, who send a team to take them back. Prior to the attack, Amanda and Clea teleport in briefly to look at the weapons and based on the information, to try and determine the demon. When The Huns and Cartel attack, a team of X-Men disguised as SWORD agents hits the warehouse, sending them running and ‘arresting’ all the Secret Empire, providing cover to the gangs that the weapons are now gone, seized by the government.

They return to Costa, with the evidence now to tie him to the weapons and arrest him. They go in as SWORD agents again, with several other X-Men undercover. As they approach Costa, he reveals his true nature as a demon at the same time revealing that the club is capable of dimensionally shifting, with them stuck within his hell dimension. They attack, discovering that Costa, actually Olivier, is significantly more powerful than any of them thought. He used his powers to try and corrupt Kane and Brand, while nearly killing Jean, going so far as to engage and defeat an aspect of the Phoenix in the process. The X-Men retreat through the portal, except for Kane, who appears to be lost and according Brand, killed by Olivier.

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Trivia and Meta


It is left ambiguous but Maya may have made her first kill when she slits the throat of a Cartel soldier.

As a result of Garrison's 'death', Christian Kane goes to war with the West Coast Maggia, disguising his attacks as Cartel reprisals under the entire West Coast Maggia ends up in an actual and costly war with the Cartels.


Plotrunner: Dex

Numerous elements echo the 'Sons of Anarchy' television series, especially the gun running aspect of their criminal business with the Cartels.