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Miles Morales and Julian Keller both left the mansion; Miles as the result of an on-campus job and Julian after breaking up with Tandy Bowen and deciding to focus more on the family company. An invitation to the Hellfire Gala meant a lot of dressing up and hobnobbing with the rich and powerful for various mansion dwellers, while for members of X-Force it included a heist involving a dangerous magic book that had fallen into the hands of the Black Court and a reunion with Nicholas Harkness.

Maya Lincoln-Lopez, disturbed by the fact she had probably killed someone during a mission got a kind of a pep talk from Matt Murdock, although she continued to question her role in the X-Men. Hope Abbott practiced her new powers application, that of "riding along" in people's minds via her astral form and Laurie Collins starting making inquiries about getting her arm back - mechanical or flesh, either would do. In doing so, she revealed some worrisome opinions on the value of some lives.

And finally, in the wake of Garrison Kane's apparent death, Amanda Sefton became involved in a time-consuming - and mysterious - project.


Sep 1

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Sep 3

Sep 4 - Matt finds Maya in the team training room and they have a chat about what happened during the California mission.

Sep 5

Sep 6

Sep 7

Sep 8 - Laurie emails “The List” to let them know that Namor is shirtless down by the lake.

Sep 9

Sep 10

Sep 11

Sep 12

Sep 13 - Hope emails Jean, plus Sue and Topaz, to ask for help practising her ability to travel the astral plane and ‘ride-along’ in someone else’s mind. Terry lets Kyle know she’s made dinner and asks if he needs it delivered to the treehouse.

Sep 14 - Alani wants to find an aquarium with a kelp forest like the one in Monterey Bay. Terry leaves food for Marie-Ange and Amanda.

Sep 15 - Laurie shares a link to a Lera Lynn song she finds appropriate. Miles announces he will be moving out of the mansion as he has a job on campus.

Sep 16

Sep 17 - Betsy and Hope go dress shopping for the gala and Hope warns Betsy to stay alert as the Hellfire Club can be dangerous.

Sep 18

Sep 19 - Terry sends Angelo and Sooraya a follow-up note about the kids brought back from Madripoor.

Sep 20 - Tandy texts Hope, Molly, and Topaz to inform them that Julian has left the mansion and they've broken up.

Sep 21 - Terry emails America to ask if she'd like updates on the status of her friends from Madripoor. Darcy posts to ask if anyone would be willing to be her sparring partner.

Sep 22 - Marie-Ange shares a bird graphic to lament the raven that dropped a gyro in her bag. Topaz texts America to ask if she's got time to go over some new information. Darcy meets with Doug to work on her hand-to-hand combat work and breaking holds.

Sep 23 - Laurie texts Darcy to plan a spa day. Jubilee asks why she always misses the shenanigans that people get up to.

Sep 24 - Doug texts Marie-Ange to confirm his celibacy following the nanites event.

Sep 25 - Arise, X-Man: Laurie goes to Amanda to ask about magical means to regain her lost arm. Marie-Ange texts Amanda, Angelo, and Topaz to ask that someone pick up Doug from his therapy appointment. Doug texts Darcy after his session to update her on his well-being; when Amanda gets home, Marie-Ange asks about her last minute job which meant she couldn't pick up Doug and Amanda is evasive. Terry texts Darcy, Jean, and Kitty to ask if anyone wants to join her for dinner and drinks.

Sep 26 -

Sep 27 -

Sep 28 - Pictures of those attending the Hellfire Gala make the news. Operation: Dewey Deceptional System: The Hellfire Club's Hellfire Gala brings X-Force in to the social event of New York to show off a past member's art collection; Jubilee and North work to make sure any cameras won't spot the team's extraction; Clea and Darcy remove the guards from the equation; Marie-Ange and Natasha discuss hopeful plans for the future while they work to open an excessively guarded door; Felicia and Topaz sneak their way to disabling the laser security system; on their retrieval attempt, Gabe and Kevin hit a snag that pulls all of X-Force's carefully placed threads loose; following the attempted theft, Amanda and Wanda are brought before the Black Court and the White Court; in a series of flashbacks to prior to the Gala, Marie-Ange and Doug work together to hack history through their forgeries; Topaz is brought into the forgery process by Marie-Ange; Jubilee makes her way down into the depths of the basement with Emma's guidance; Natasha and Topaz combine magic and technology to open a window in the security; using their powers in tandem, Gabe and Wanda make chaos and time just the right frequency for the job; Felicia and North work together to open the safe; Darcy and Kevin work together to plant a forgery; using magic, Amanda and Clea make sure the forged books are just right; back to the current day, with all the pieces in place and under Shaw's eye, X-Force gives the Black Court Nicholas Harkness; Darcy snags Doug for a convenient cover and flirting on both sides; Marie-Ange and Doug set Topaz up with newcomer America Chavez; Terry and Kyle flirt and eat and dance; Darcy and Terry take in the Gala and discuss what money can afford non-passing mutants.

Sep 29 - Gabe posts about the very stark racism of the Gala. Darcy and Kevin finally have that drink and discuss power training. Topaz texts America to let her know she forgot her shoes.

Sep 30 - Laurie texts Darcy and Namor asking if either knows where her underwear ended up. Darcy texts Terry to confirm that she did indeed lick some abs... for science. Terry brings Darcy a meal and they discuss their post-Gala nights and powers. Marie-Ange invites the mansion to judge the fashion of Miss Universe.


Operation: Dewey Deceptional System

Arise, X-Man

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