Operation: Mutant of the Seas

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Mutant of the Seas
Dates run: December 19-24, 2015
Run By: Dex
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He has two children. He remembered their faces before the end. He couldn't remember their names. They were buried too deeply when they ran the mutate process on him. We tried to remember their names, before he died, but I couldn't find them in time.

X-Force discovers not all of Genosha's mutates were returned to their former selves...


Kevin Sydney, Domino, Amanda Sefton, Emma Frost, Gabriel Cohuelo, Wanda Maximoff, Felicia Hardy, Jubilation Lee, David North, Carmilla Black

Brian Razanamasy, Wolter Brandt, Wilson Grey, Herbert Mudd, Mariam Cross, Mutate 8, Mutate 9, two others, unnamed power plant mutate


December 19-24, 2015

Plot Summary

Hard on the heels of previous psychic SOS, Emma found herself on the receiving end of another, that of a mutant in pain and being used by others. With some creativity on the astral plane, Amanda and Wanda were able to isolate the source as somewhere in a particular part of the Atlantic, most likely some sort of large ship. The signal is intermittent, suggesting that the source has crossed this same area numerous times. The most likely source has to be someone who has been on a ship for weeks, months or even years.

Over the next few days, X-Force investigated. Jubilee and Cammie turned up a potential connection to that area of the Atlantic in the form of a luxury cruise ship, Emperor of the Sea. Felicia and Gabriel obtained further details from marketing materials while Emma and North were able to identify the potential owners of the cruise ship. The Emperor is an exclusive cruise ship for the rich, offering top flight service and accommodation for high prices. The ship has become popular in part because they do not offer discount packages meaning that the passengers are made up of the financial 1%. It also offers enhanced security and has a few ugly rumours of accommodating more 'particular habits' such as drugs, sex tourism, and other unsavoury elements. The ownership is hidden through a number of shell companies which terminate at a Swiss financial house. The oddity is that the names that they've been able to associate with the company are all linked to the same South African location. More research turns up that the names are all identities that were created quasi-legally by a company that specialized in helping Genoshan citizens disappear following the uprising on the island. That and the fact that the Genoshan navy was one of the few to refer to navel vessels as 'he' as opposed to 'she' suggests that the ship was bought and is run by Genoshan ex-nationals.

Following the Genoshan angle, Kevin and Domino dug up more information regarding the ship's security from a 'motivated' crew man.The ship advertises enhanced security systems, including bio-metric and mutant detection systems, and the crew man confirmed that the ship has a kind of proximity sensor that pings everything that enters or leaves a field within five to ten feet of the ship exterior. He admitted he'd never seen the system or the control room, but they test it every cruise and it works 100% of the time. He also admitted the mutant detector system is a lie, designed to make the monied passengers more comfortable. But they do have a bio-detection system that controls each entrance. On boarding for cast and crew, you're added to the system and every exit is controlled through confirmation of the sensor. He also says that there's a database of existing profiles that his boss claims are criminal records from ports of call but most of the names on it are Genoshan sounding.

Armed with this knowledge, X-Force launched an operation, infiltrating the cruise ship, starting with Emma and Kevin, Felicia and Gabriel as passengers; Kevin, after a quick identity change, also established Cammie’s cover as a monied brat coming on board. Domino and Wanda came aboard as staff and smuggled in Amanda, who had a difficult teleport in. North and Jubilee followed a smaller boat in order to shadow the cruise ship.

Kevin, Domino, and Amanda discovered that the "proximity sensor" was in fact a mutate while Emma and Wanda made a similar discovery with their meeting with the Captain. Jubilee and North continued to shadow the cruise ship, using the information fed to them to narrow down their targets - former Magistrates, all part if Moreau's elite.

Christmas Eve, X-Force made their move on the ship, starting with Kevin, Cammie and Gabriel in security, and Gabriel's education taking on a visceral turn as Kevin shot Brandt in the face. Emma, Amanda, and Felicia secured Mudd, the Captain, after a difficult fight with his electrokinetic mutate bodyguard. Domino and Wanda took on roving security, in the form of Grey and Cross and Cross' feral mutate. North and Jubilee staged a violent assault on the bridge, killing Razanamasy and neutralising his pyrokinetic mutate. Joined by Jubilee and North and hauling Mudd down to the power room, they finally discovered the source of the call for help they had been seeking - the ship's specialized power plant fuel is a mutate who is trapped within it. The pain of the energy extraction is so intense that it creates gaps in the mutate conditioning long enough for him to have broadcast a pure energy signal into the astral plane. And unfortunately, the process has affected the mutate's body so much that to shut it down would tear him apart. The only way to stop the pain was to overload the plant, which would kill him and compromise the bulkhead, likely sinking the ship in hours. To just shut it off would cause a nuclear reaction, destroying the ship and everyone on it.

They agreed to overload the plant and let the mutate die. Emma went into his mind to reassure him before he passed, the experience leaving her shaken, while the rest of X-Force started the evacuation - mutates, staff, entertainers and "entertainment" first and the passengers left to their own devices with the approach of a storm complicating matters. Cammie and Amanda went with the mutates, to ensure they would be able to have the process reversed in Genosha, with the help of some of Kevin's contacts in South Africa.

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The Magistrates involved in this plot were all part of the GDF "Special Force" encountered in Genosha, specifically those who interrogated the Xavierites in prison.

This plot was the first time Gabriel saw a member of X-Force kill in cold blood.


Plotrunner: Dex

The fate of the Genoshans in this plot was determined by X-Force player vote, who all decided on "make them shark food".