Great Attractors

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Great Attractors
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Dates run: January 16, 2016
Run By: Tapestry
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With this knowledge, Meggan almost felt like apologizing for what were her brain squirrels biting Quentin, but decided it wasn’t really her fault. It also wasn’t their biggest problem, if everyone was stuck in her candy coated brain.

Xorn re-creating the world has done more damage to the astral plane than people realise, until the mansion's empaths start showing signs of stress.


Meggan Szardos, Topaz, Emma Frost, David Haller, Fourteen, Hope Abbott, Jean Grey, Quentin Quire


January 16, 2016

Plot Summary

In the aftermath of the Dark Phoenix Saga, the emotional and psychic debris of thousands of Astral Planes destroyed by the Phoenix latched onto the empathic powers of two young mutants who had been there at the end of the world - Topaz and Meggan. The result was that one night, after weeks of feeling 'off', the two young women dragged the mansion's psis into their mindscapes, under attack from what was essentially a psionic parasite looking to create a new home for itself.

Rachel, Jean and Haller found themselves trapped in a dark and lonely library-like space, only discovering it was Topaz' mindscape after a (violently) unsuccessful escape attempt dumped them practically in her lap. Emma, Hope, Quentin and the Stepfords were trapped with Meggan in a candy-cane and rainbow Disney animation of a world, which turned on them when they tried to leave. Hope managed to bridge the space between the two mindscapes and she and Haller attempted to leave Topaz' mind, but failed. They did, however, discover the phenomenon was not caused by either Topaz or Meggan - something appeared to be trying to absorb and combine them. This led to a successful attempt - using the Stepfords' hive mind as a cushion - to break the communication barrier and Emma and Haller compared notes and realised they were facing a psionic entity using the empaths as a foundation for a new Astral Plane.

With this knowledge, a plan of attack was formed, and Fourteen linked the nine minds while the psis began attacking the parasite in both empaths' mindscapes. Haller, however, was felled as the parasite fought back, and Jean lost control of her powers, manifesting as a fire that burned everything that it touched. In the end, it was Topaz and Meggan who removed the parasite and repaired the damage, with their mindscapes returning to normal - Topaz's purged of the extreme negativity and darkness that had been drawn to her, Meggan's of the exaggerated sweetness and light that had been a mockery of her normal state. Haller rallied and was able to help Jean regain control and everyone returned to their own bodies, although not everyone was unscathed.

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Topaz wound up with a kitten, a gift from Amanda Sefton, in the aftermath of this plot.

Rachel wound up leaving the mansion for a time, unable to get through Haller's self-destructiveness in the wake of the incident.


Plotrunner: Tapestry

Plot poster by Mackinzie

Great Attractors poster.jpg Click on the image for the full-sized version.

Mack also created this piece of fanart as well.