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Over drinks while still in France for New Years, Emma Frost and Kevin Sydney talked about X-Force and the direction it needed to go in; specifically, the need for Kevin to pass on his wealth of knowledge to the predominantly young spies. Kevin also found himself trying to clean up the mess Warren Worthington found himself in after his demonic possession, talking both to Felicia Hardy and then, on his return to New York, to Lorna Dane about what was happening with Warren the past several months. Warren himself tried to start fixing things, apologising publicly for everything he said and did during that period.

Sooraya Qadir announced the annual District X clothing drive, and received donations from a number of sources, including newcomer Betsy Braddock, who wanted to get rid of her brother's attempt at buying her a wardrobe. Betsy herself was settling down to life in the mansion, although she was plagued by insomnia and bouts of sleepwalking, the latter disturbing Topaz one night in the kitchen. Knives were involved.


Jan 1 -

Jan 2 -

Jan 3 - Rogue posts about not having seen good resolutions for the New Year and shares her own.

Jan 4 - Emma and Kevin talk about Kevin assuming a different role in X-Force. Kevin finds Felicia in a local bar and they talk frankly about Warren's misadventure and their personal histories.

Jan 5 - Artie messages X-Force to let them know about his newest mission, which involved getting beaten up.

Jan 6 -

Jan 7 -

Jan 8 - Kevin gives Lorna some insight into why Warren acted terribly.

Jan 9 - Artie and Maya have a lovely conversation, Maya-style.

Jan 10 - Topaz texts Amanda, asking if she’s heard anything from the Destines. Warren apologizes to Kevin for the mess they got into.

Jan 11 - Maya is watching Ghost and thinks Patrick Swayze is hot. Hope invites Betsy and Topaz to a small gala event as her guests.

Jan 12 - Garrison leads a DR session for Maya. Sooraya posts about the annual District X Clothing drive.

Jan 13 - Molly invites everyone to the 1st Annual Xavier Games: March Madness set on March 1.

Jan 14 - Betsy drops off clothes with Sooraya for the clothing drive and they discuss District X and its denizens.

Jan 15 -

Jan 16 -

Jan 17 -

Jan 18 - Topaz meets a sleepwalking Betsy in the mansion halls early in the morning. Later Topaz texts Betsy to see if she’s aware of her moonlit strolls.

Jan 19 -

Jan 20 -

Jan 21 -

Jan 22 -

Jan 23 -

Jan 24 -

Jan. 25- Jubilee posts asking who's broken their resolutions already.

Jan. 26- Topaz and Kyle do boring paperwork and try to figure out life.

Jan. 27- Sharon posts pondering about going back to school. Maya posts and is happy about a day off from school.

Jan 28 - Warren posts an apology for the things he said and did while under the influence of the demon.

Jan 29 -

Jan 30 - Maya asks if boys care if you ask them out first. Terry posts a request for an assistant. Felicia finds North at the firing range after he returns from a difficult mission and gives him support.

Jan 31 - Clint expresses his frustration at the impact the government shutdown has had on his scientist contacts’ projects.



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