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Bobby Drake, concerned for his friend Miles Morales as the latter was depressed in the aftermath of the death of the man he was trying to save, gifted Miles with random birthday cake. Kyle Gibney, a little more practically, talked to him about the limits of being a hero and the inevitable failures that sometimes occur. In another discussion, Gabriel Cohuelo had a session with Charles Xavier about the losses he suffered and moving on from that tragedy. As part of that moving on, he and Quentin Quire continued their non-relationship. Tabitha Smith heard from her estranged father and was unhappy and confused about how to react.

Sooraya Qadir continued her work with the Mutant Underground, enlisting Jean-Phillipe Colbert and Angelica Jones for help with similarly-powered mutants. She also experienced a breakthrough in her powers while training with Everett Thomas. Gabriel's training with X-Force under Kevin Sydney continued, with the young man being sent on a mission and confusing the team by asking them to take care of an office fish they didn't know they had. Kyle and Topaz discovered the new team proposed by Clinton Barton and decided to get involved in setting it up.

And finally, the magic class had an accident when a convergence of magic led to a sudden shrinking. While security scans showed they were still in the building, the group was too small to be found and had to make their way from the trash cans to Amanda's suite on the third floor in order to reverse the spell.


Feb 1 - Miles posts to the journals thanking Bobby for the cake and offering it to anyone who wants so of his leftovers. Kyle talks to Miles about the death of Dan Hanrahan and the limits of being a hero. Rogue approaches Xavin with a birthday cupcake and an apology for their previously confused relationship.

Feb 2 - Jean leaves a bottle of wine and a mini birthday cake at Kitty’s door for her birthday. Miles admits that since no-one came for the cake he ate the rest of it for breakfast. Quentin and Gabriel spend time together.

Feb 3 - Tandy admits that her suite might be turning into a little bit of a mini library and apologises to Molly for cluttering it up. Kitty admits she never liked birthdays so next year she’s going to celebrate Rubber Band War Day.

Feb 4 - Nica posts, wishing she still had midterms so that she could ignore the state of current affairs in the US.

Feb 5 - After the Superbowl Darcy decides to accept Lady Gaga and her “satanic rituals” into her life as her supreme ruler.

Feb 6 - Scott leaves a belated birthday gift at Kitty’s door.

Feb 7

Feb 8 - Topaz posts about having lost a magically alive catnip mouse. Sharon Friedlander emails Scott and Garrison about the first aid exam simulation being what she is looking for.

Feb 9 - Hope A. posts about needing some help in researching a business. Sooraya and Ev have a breakthrough in her powers training. Sharon F.emails her students about the exams and when she is available for extra practice.

Feb 10 - Cecilia posts about being nostalgic and making a whole lot of rice pudding.

Feb 11 - Darcy has a birthday gift delivered to Warren. Ev texts Wanda about having missed their birthdays and them going out.

Feb 12 - Tabitha posts about having received a late birthday gift from her dad and wondering what to do with it.

Feb 13 - Alison is perturbed to find Midnight, Topaz’ black cat, in her room. Meggan lets Topaz know she’s captured two of the animated catnip mice. Gabriel has a session with Charles and they talk about the difficulty of moving on from tragedy.

Feb 14 - Sooraya asks Jean-Phillipe for help with a newly manifested electrokinetic she met via the Mutant Underground. Amanda provides a romance-free zone in her suite for Valentine’s Day refugees.

Feb 15 - Fourteen thanks Warren for his ‘donation’. Fourteen emails Jubilee to ask her to meet about something they need to confess to her. Clarice wonders if anyone else is obsessed by Halsey. Johnny resurfaces on the journals to talk about the joys of half-price candy after Valentine’s Day.

Feb 16 - Kevin sends Gabriel on a mission as part of his training. Lorna texts Wanda to invite her for a birthday spa day. Clea asks about getting her licence in the States.

Feb 17 - Gabriel emails X-Force to let them know he’ll be away for a time and to ask them to feed the X-Force fish, which confuses everyone, since they didn’t know there was an office fish.

Feb 18 - Molly is excited about a new fashion item - a strap-on dinosaur tail.

Feb 19 - Laurie asks for company while she catches up on everything she hasn’t done due to her residency. Angel points out there is a place in Texas that has three-pound cinnamon buns and suggests a road trip.

Feb 20 - Nica shares an Epic Rap Battle between Frederick Douglass and Thomas Jefferson. Warren thanks Darcy for his birthday cookies and suggests a movie night with Jubilee. Warren announces on the journals that he forgot his birthday and declares it his Birthday Week instead. Hope A. asks Sue and Doug for help on a research project for X-Factor. Honey, I Shrunk the Magic Class: When Billy pops into Amanda’s shrinking objects class, spells go haywire and the six magic users find themselves shrunk down to the size of bugs and battling Topaz’s animated Army men; sucked up into the vacuum cleaner, the group escapes the trash can and heads for the kitchen; Rogue wonders where Amanda has gotten to, having made plans to meet; in the kitchen, Megan tries to get Namor’s attention and is nearly squashed for her trouble, and the group realises they have to solve their own problems; Fourteen wonders at a sudden burst of “oh crap” thoughts and asks for aspirin; Billy and Stephen risk life and limb crossing the halls during dinner rush; Tabitha is Done with animated objects when she encounters Topaz’s Army figures; Tandy also has noticed the missing magic class and the animated Army men; Topaz and Clea find themselves fleeing from Rooney the Cat; Marie-Ange alerts X-Force and the X-Men to Amanda’s absence and asks for a security sweep of the mansion.

Feb 21 - Jubilee shares a YouTube video and Kyle gets an earworm. Honey, I Shrunk the Magic Class: Xavin wonders at Topaz not being in the library; Amanda and Megan encounter the challenge that is Amanda’s bedroom floor; the group scale Amanda’s bookcase to the wych she keeps there and use it to repower themselves and then reverse the shrinking spell; Amanda apologises on the journals for frightening people; Topaz is ‘relieved’ to see people notice if she’s not in the library.

Feb 22 - Sharon F.congratulates her first aid class for passing their assessment exam

Feb 23 - Sooraya asks Angel to help a young mutant with similar powers as part of her work with the Mutant Underground.

Feb 24 - Sharon F.takes Garrison and Scott out for the promised drink for the first aid class' DR simulation.

Feb 25 - Maya needs an adult to go with her to the Women’s March in Salem Center on Saturday next and the ensuing thread devolves into Alex and Arthur planning their fake wedding.

Feb 26 - Topaz and Kyle talk about Clint's team idea after a fighting lesson, and make plans of their own to help.

Feb 27 - Nica announces there are Girl Scout cookies available at Bayville Charter High.

Feb 28- Tandy texts Megan about their joint birthday party.


Honey, I Shrunk the Magic Class

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