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The month started with almost a literal bang as the X-Men (and others) were asked by Fred Duncan to take down a brainwashed team of Avengers. While the X-Men (plus Arthur Centino, Namor, Everett Thomas and Sharon Friedlander) fought the Avengers to a standstill, Amanda Sefton, Marie-Ange Colbert, Topaz and Tandy Bowen joined Abigail Brand and SWORD to identify and break the enchantment placed on the Avengers by Loki. Both teams were successful, but not without casualties; Angelica Jones wound up in medlab after being shot by Hawkeye, while Jean-Phillipe Colbert suffered burn out and Everett needed the loan of a healing factor. The away team also had its casualties, with Topaz discovering first hand her mentor's addiction issues after draining her emotions during their battle with an ice giant. The incident did little to help the poor perception of mutants by the public as the nation's heroes (the Avengers) were seen to have been attacked by rogue mutants, and various events, such as the Women's March in Salem Center were cancelled for safety reasons. One small silver lining - Angelo Espinosa and Jean-Phillipe's relationship deepened while Angelo was taking care of his boyfriend and they first began talking about marriage.

Jubilation Lee had a prolonged mission in Hong Kong, while Gabriel Cohuelo returned from his, surprised to discover not only was his goldfish still alive, but that is had acquired new luxury accommodations, provided by X-Force in the hope they wouldn't kill it. St Patrick's passed without too much damage, except to Jennie Stavros' shoes and the medical teams' scrubs as they worked their 'day jobs' in various hospitals. The Mutant Chronicle published an anonymous article on the impact of the federal administration's actions on mutants, and in District X, a bookstore was set on fire. And Megan Gwynn and Billy Kaplan both found unusual pebbles, black on one side and white on the other - their significance would become apparent in the weeks ahead.


Mar 1 -

Mar 2 -

Mar 3 - Darcy decides to make sa’mores. While in Hong Kong, Jubilee tries to reach out to her friends via the journal.

Mar 4 -

Mar 5 - Sue and Hope A. attend a gala event together. X-Men Mission: A vs X: Fred Duncan contacts Garrison to let him know that the Avengers have been brainwashed somehow and are targeting SHIELD and that the X-Men are needed to prevent a bloodbath; Garrison emails Marie-Ange and Amanda for magic-type help investigating the cause of the situation in the Mid-West; in New York, the site of the Triskelion building, Dominion and Rogue encounter the Hulk; Wolverine and Cyclops face Captain America and Black Widow; Bevatron and Dust counter Hawkeye and Deathlok on the roof; Synch and Marvel Girl take on two of the fliers, Falcon and Vision; the Sub-Mariner and Firestar get the other two fliers, Iron Man and War Machine; Blink and Bruiser find themselves facing an insane ‘god’ in the form of Thor and Blink teleports him away; in Minnestoa, the SWORD team and its consultants, Tarot, Daytripper, Dagger and Topaz, land at the site of the Asgardian portal the Avengers had been investigating; Dominion jumps in to help Wolverine against Captain America and Black Widow as Cyclops is forced to switch teams and manages to take down Captain America before Widow knocks him out with her sting; Marvel Girl takes Dominion’s place against the Hulk and they manage to hold him to a standstill, but that’s all; Dust moves to assist Synch against Falcon and the Vision and together they defeat the Falcon and while Synch takes him for medical aid, Dust faces the Vision; Hawkeye critically injures Firestar, so while Blink takes her back to the Blackbird for medical treatment, Cyclops steps in the help the Sub-mariner against the Iron-Men and manage to subdue War Machine; Sharon F.treats Firestar while Longshot provides protection against Hawkeye and buys some breathing room; Thor returns from wherever Blink sent him to and attacks Bruiser and Bevetron; Sharon F.has another patient - War Machine - but with Iron Man trying to kill them, joins Longshot in fighting him off; Rogue defends Dominion from Black Widow despite being in bad shape after the Hulk; Wolverine takes Rogue’s place against the Hulk and between him and Marvel Girl, they manage to wear him down enough for a mind-whammy; Dust finds herself fighting the Vision alone and manages to distract him from his rampage; the Sub-mariner switches places with Bruiser against Thor and the sniping between the two myths gives Bevetron a chance to catch his breath; Synch joins Blink against Deathlok and Hawkeye and things get brutal before Blink teleports them away; in Minnesota, SWORD and the magic team discover the portal is just an illusion and set off a second booby trap - an ice giant - which they go all-out in battling before disrupting the norn stones maintaining the brainwashing spell; Cyclops and Bruiser are battling Iron Man when the spell is broken and all of the Avengers stand down; the X-Men quietly leave the scene while SHIELD treats the Avengers.

Mar 6 - Gabriel announces his return. Everett asks for a ‘loan’ of a healing factor to deal with the injuries incurred during the Avengers battle. Topaz helps Amanda deal with the return of her emotions - and her addiction issues - after draining them during the battle with the ice giant. Later that night, Marie-Ange finds Topaz on their couch, and they talk about the events of the day before.

Mar 7 -

Mar 8 - Gabriel emails the X-Force crew, confused about his goldfish’s new, expensive home. Back from his trip overseas, Gabriel catches up with Miles.

Mar 9 - Amanda is confused about the TV series Topaz had on while she was recovering. Doug is gleeful about the name of one of the characters in the latest Fast and the Furious movie matching his codename.

Mar 10 - Laurie reflects she needs to sleep less as she missed everything that happened in the last week. Jubilee texts Amanda to make sure she’s okay. Amanda gives Topaz a second-hand car for her birthday and Topaz is boggled. Angelo is glad about the death of Joseph Nicolosi who pioneered gay conversion therapy.

Mar 11 - Kevin and Artie have drinks and conversation as a form of training. Maya is bitter about the Salem Center Women’s March being delayed and possibly cancelled in the aftermath of the Avengers battle. Topaz talks to Kurt about Amanda’s history. Amanda announces another “Magic 101” class, including the “Don’t Touch The Thing” section.

Mar 12 - Emma reflects on updates in gene therapy. After the magic class, Ty has some questions for Amanda about his powers and his time in Asgard. Tandy and Topaz have a late movie night and discuss the fight against the ice giants.

Mar 13 - Angel posts to the journals asking if someone would bring her ice cream while in the medlab without telling the doctors, the doctors reply. Amanda checks up on Angelo and they talk about the past.

Mar 14 - Jubilee posts up her to do list which leads to questions about why she raids other people’s fridges. Gabriel informs the mansion that red wine and hot chocolate was a thing now that people did.

Mar 15 - Amanda, Kurt and Meggan spend some time catching up with one another while trapped at the mansion due to a snow day.

Mar 16 - Doug hosts a Lucha Underground Netflix party at his suite and wonders why Kyle isn’t already there. Matt posts to the journals asking for an assistant, Meggan and Megan both express an interest. Megan starts thinking about what she wants to do in the future, and realises she doesn’t want to make fashion a career.

Mar 17 - Jubilee muses about easy listening station on the mansion loan cars as Warren and Alison comment on how much they like Air Supply. Maya wonders about what kind of part time job she could get that would still leave her time for cheerleading and school. Cata brings Clea a present of a little green living army man, she and Topaz both hope Amanda is too drunk to notice they’re still running around. Sharon F.and Jean bond over a hallucinating man who thinks he’s a leprechaun at work. Jean follows up with a complaint about how he slimed her after Sharon F.had left and the two decide to go for beers after work. Jean texts Laurie to invite her along to medical get drunk night. Jennie posts to the journals bemoaning St Patrick’s Day; Jennie posts to the journals questing why there isn’t a service that delivers pairs of shoes to pubs when you need them.

Mar 18 - Kitty reflects about her plans for St Patrick’s Day but reveals she decided to go to the New York City Drone Film Festival instead.

Mar 19 - Warren torments Marie-Ange via text while in the Skype meeting from hell.

Mar 20 - Angelo visits Angel with food and a suggestion for her paper. Hope A. emails Sue with a write up she did of her dad’s company. Sooraya asks for help with a college assignment. Clarice posts about certain colors not looking well. Logan texts Kyle to congratulate him with his birthday. Molly gives Kyle a gift. Kyle texts Molly to thank her. Angelo takes care of Jean-Phillipe, who's still recovering from the Avengers fight, and the conversation takes a surprising, but pleasant, turn.

Mar 21 - Marie-Ange gives Hope A. a quick lesson in pharmacology and mixology, and then sets her on some homework.

Mar 22 - Megan muses on a pebble she found.

Mar 23 - Rogue posts about the change in Netflix’s rating system. Warren follows up on Cece's suggestion for his extra finances.

Mar 24

Mar 25 - Maya posts about the band, A Tribe called Red. Kitty catches Scott in the garage and rescues him from a life of piracy. Molly and Topaz go out for calzones; they are reminded of past missions, and talk turns toward the future.

Mar 26 - Jean and Kitty try out potentially new X-Men uniform ideas. Stephen posts about trials with Cata.

Mar 27 The Mutant Chronicle posts about mutant rights under the new administration.

Mar 28 Marie-Ange wants to hatewatch American Gods.

Mar 29 Billy texts Megan about finding her stone in his backpack, then realises it's not hers.

Mar 30

Mar 31 A bookstore in District X is burnt down. Locals believe it is a result of anti-mutant sentiment. Quentin posts that this is genocide. Kitty posts about an unsettling conversation with her mother, which has Kitty Wondering about the state of things. Hope A. and Warren discuss some insider business. Sharon F.and Cecilia have an excellent dinner, full of conversation. Garrison and Adrienne spend her birthday watching baseball in Florida.


X-Men Mission: A vs X

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