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April abruptly erupted into chaos at the mansion when the newly cybernetic Fixer sent a body composed of nanites to the mansion at Zemo's request, to plunder the building of its advanced technology. The residents were taken off-guard, with a group stuck in the Danger Room (to be rescued by Garrison Kane, Kitty Pryde and Molly Hayes), the need to break into the Security Room to sound the alarm, isolating the labs and the medlab scrambling to evacuate resulting in Laurie Collins' prosthetic arm nearly strangling Darcy Lewis and an emergency take-off for the Blackbird (and then a crash landing as Scott Summers had Jean-Phillipe Colbert EMP the plane to remove the nanite infestation). Eventually it was Doug Ramsey, acting on precognitive advice from Marie-Ange Colbert who stopped the invasion, losing his arm in the process. Fortunately, the nanites he absorbed agreed to (eventually) make him a new one as a gesture of goodwill to their new host.

Laurie was less fortunate. In getting free of Laurie's prosthetic, Darcy had used her taser and irreversibly damaged Laurie's nerve endings, to the point she could no longer use the high-tech prosthetic that had made her life almost normal. Laurie responded badly to the news, to the point Garrison Kane paid her a late night visit in the medlab to threaten her with dire consequences if she blamed Jean Grey for her loss. Maya Lincoln-Lopez also suffered a loss, unable to use her cochlear implants until the nerve damage healed; and Tyrone Johnson was evacuated to Muir Island in a coma after using his powers to absorb the nanites.

Theresa Cassidy also returned to the mansion, just in time for nanite madness.


Apr 1 - A parkour video resonates with Jubilee.

Apr 2 -

Apr 3 - Darcy shares the joys of 30s birthdays.

Apr 4 - Terry returns and gets a lift from the airport from Kyle.

Apr 5 - Betsy drops by after Amanda's magic class and they talk about that other world.

Apr 6

Apr 7 - A Fistful of Nanites: On a nature hike, Maya suddenly collapses in pain and Arthur calls in Clarice; in the medlab, Clarice has to restrain Maya and give her morphine to calm her down; Clarice posts to the medlab staff about Maya’s condition and that it seems to be related to her cochlear implants; in the Danger Room, Garrison and Kitty are overseeing a mixed group training; the group begins with Plants v Zombies, but something goes wrong when Garrison and Kitty realise they’ve been locked out of the controls; Garrison lets the teams know the DR is malfunctioning; inside the Danger Room, Artie and Sue are in a space station, Wanda and Betsy are in the Wild West and Alex and Alison are in a musical - all three groups are being attacked by the Danger Room without restraint; Garrison and Molly try to open the doors manually, but Garrison’s omni-skin reacts to something and he loses his clothes while Molly identifies the problem - very familiar nanites; back in the Danger Room control room, Garrison and Kitty contact the untested Danger Room AI in order to fight the nanite invasion; Gabriel, Kurt and Sooraya have to break into the Security Rooms to shut down systems and trigger the evacuation alarm; Darcy posts to reiterate the need to evacuate immediately; Nica runs into Natasha and they go down into the labs to help, finding Matt and Bobby there already; they manage to slow down the creation of a robot in the labs and Nica discovers she can see the nanites with her powers and she and Natasha track them to the lake; Scott and Logan discover the Blackbird has been targeted and Scott is joined by Jean-Phillipe and Arthur in an attempt to EMP the jet’s systems in flight to prevent the plane being used against them; as the jet has a crash landing, Emma, Angelo and Meggan rush to the aid of those on board; Hope A., Stephen and Ty keep the nanites out of Avalon; Marie-Ange gives Jubilee a dangerous package to get out of the mansion asap; Nica posts en route to the lake about her discovery; Darcy and Laurie are evacuating the medlabs when Laurie’s arm is infected and attacks Darcy, who has to tase them both to remove it; Terry helps Jean to prep supplies in a hurry and Clarice uses a portable EMP to de-nanite Maya and get her out of the medlab; Nica and Natasha are joined by Kyle, Topaz and Molly and do their best to keep the villain - the Fixer in a robot body - from getting into the mansion and its tech; with the help of Viv, the Danger Room AI, those trapped in the Danger Room are able to join forces and break their way out (with Garrison and a prybar on the other side of the door); Doug refuses to evacuate and instead attempts to merge with the nanites and use his powers to reprogram them; Marie-Ange texts Emma and Jean from Doug’s phone to warn them he’ll need emergency aid; Emma telepathically assists Doug even as she heads to the Blackbird crash; Doug manages to override the Fixer’s control of the nanites, but loses half of his arm in the process; Jean is there to assist when he comes out of the labs; Felicia posts to Instagram about being evacuated; Topaz posts an update to the teams, explaining she was able to break the psionic connection between Fixer - who is somewhere else - and his robot body, and asks for super-sensed people to help track down the last of the nanites; Kyle, Logan and Matt clean up any remaining swarms, with the Cuckoos assisting telepathically from the safety of a hotel room; Fixer returns to Zemo with the bad news, which is not well received.

Apr 8 - A Fistful of Nanites: Gabe posts an update for the medical staff; Molly is unimpressed by Fixer’s return and has erased the footage of Garrison’s pants emergency; Maya posts from medlab, where she is without her implants for the time being and back to reading lips and ASL.

Apr 9 - Topaz celebrates the death of Prince Phillip. Darcy is sorry/notsorry for anything she posted to the journals while drugged. Matt has set up his new phone.

Apr 10

Apr 11 - Doug wakes up to find he has a new phone and a new case, care of Clarice. Arise, X-Man: Laurie recovers enough to post and is bitter and antagonistic about the permanent loss of her prosthesis. Doug also posts but is more drugged than disgruntled. Kyle comes down to take Doug’s phone away before he replies to Laurie. Kyle brings Topaz a milkshake and they talk about the nanite invasion. Matt brings Darcy cinnamon rolls and they talk about her near-strangulation incident. Doug receives visits - and scoldings - from Fourteen and Emma.

Apr 12 - Arise, X-Man: After Laurie’s post, Garrison pays her a late night visit to issue a warning about blaming Jean for the loss of her arm.

Apr 13

Apr 14 - Jean announces that Ty is being sent to Muir, as he has not recovered from ingesting nanites.

Apr 15 -

Apr 16 -

Apr 17 - Jubilee needs someone to validate her existence. Arise, X-Man: Laurie texts Jean asking to talk; Laurie apologises to Jean and they discuss her future as a doctor.

Apr 18 - Garrison's birthday is celebrated by the mansionites with some good drinking and terrible karaoke.

Apr 19 -

Apr 20 - At lunch following therapy, Topaz takes Doug to task for being stubborn about his one-handedness.

Apr 21 -

Apr 22 - Charles posts announcing Amelia Voght's return in light of the need of help in the med lab.

Apr 23 -

Apr 24 - Maya posts a quote she's been thinking about. Topaz emails X-Force regarding her concerns about Fixer's reappearance.

Apr 25 -

Apr 26 -

Apr 27 -

Apr 28 -

Apr 29 -

Apr 30 -


A Fistful of Nanites

Arise, X-Man

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