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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Amara Aquilla (disambiguation).


Amara Aquilla
Portrayed by Selena Gomez
Codename: Magma
Affiliations: Generation X
Birthdate: 9 November, 1998
Journal: xp_magma
Player: Available for Applications

I think this is a thing I will need to do. I am capable of doing much damage.

After a traumatising and frightening manifestation, Amara tried to find a new place in the world by attending Xavier Institute. After a year, however, her father decided it was time she came home. Her training is far from complete and she may find herself needing more help.


Character Journal: Amara Luciana Olivians Aquilla

Real Name: Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla

Codename: Magma

Aliases: N/A

First Appearance: July 29 2015

Date of Birth: 9 November 1998

Place of Birth: Manaus, Brazil

Citizenship: Brazilian

Relatives: Lucius Antonius Aquilla, father; Bianca Aquilla (nee Gallio), mother, deceased; Maya Aquilla, cousin

Education: Instituto Nova Roma, a small and very exclusive boarding school in Brazil

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Student

Team Affiliation: Generation X



Amara Aquilla came into life into the lap of luxury, though it was the sort of thing she didn’t realise wasn’t normal until she was older. Her mother, formerly an actress and model retired from public life when she married her husband, and became something of a shut in. She kept Amara to herself, teaching her to be strong and proud of herself and that she was beautiful and perfect. As such Amara grew up to be something of a spoiled brat, but again this was something she wouldn’t realise until she began to interact with the outside world.

Which she first encountered at a family celebration. Amara was eight years old, and it was the first time she had met people her own age. An encounter with her cousin Maya turned… physical when Maya took exception to her bossy attitude, and Amara couldn’t understand why Maya didn’t hurry to follow her orders like the family servants did. After hair pulling and a black eye, Amara retreated back into the life of solitude with her mother, sulking at how mean the outside world was and how she was going to stay with her dear mother forever! Her father intervened at this point, arranging for Amara to be educated an exclusive boarding school that offered the students a classical education.

Amara’s father was somewhat distant, being a popular politician in their region. He moved through local and state government with incredibly high approval ratings, and eventually ran for federal government. He has been a Senator for Amazonas since 2002, and has established many programs that have benefitted the local population. In 2012 he was made Government Leader in the Senate, and has recently been named Minister for Mines and Energy. He is a powerful and popular figure in Brazil, even if people do sometimes wonder why his family is never seen with him. When asked, he claims chronic illness on behalf of his wife, and education on behalf of his daughter.

Now that her father was a minister in the Federal Government, he has decided it is time for his family to be seen with him. If not his wife, then at least his daughter. He reintroduced a now teenage Amara to her cousin Maya, in the hopes that Maya could guide Amara into interacting with society at large. The two cousins were quite wary of each other, up until Maya took Amara shopping and she was introduced to the delights of new clothes and shoes that weren’t considered 'proper'. Amara then quickly took to sneaking out with Maya at any opportunity, meeting Maya’s school friends and, more importantly for Amara, flirting with the boys Maya went to school with.


When Amara’s mother found out, she lost her shit, ranting and raving at Amara and eventually shoving her into a car and driving them both as far away from the ‘bad influence’ of her father and his family. Due to a large amount of cash and the surprising presence of a fake passport, Bianca got them all the way to the mountainous regions of Colombia before she stopped.

Amara was, obviously, freaked out and unhappy. She railed at her mother to take her home, that she didn’t want to hide away anymore. The world was amazing! Fantastic! How could she stay hidden away from everything now that she knew what the world was like? Fights between mother and daughter escalated until they were discovered by a group of armed men who decided they would really like to take all of the money and supplies the women had. Oh, and the women themselves. Amara shrieked and tried to fight against their would be kidnappers, until both she and her mother found themselves with guns in their faces. When Bianca refused to hand over anything, the ringleader shot her.

At which point Amara’s mutant powers kicked in, setting off an earthquake and triggered the Doña Juana volcano. Her kidnappers soon vanished under lava spilling up from the ground she’d split, and all Amara wanted to do was let it swallow her whole like it had her mother’s corpse. But she was… unlucky, as she put it, and she was instead found by the X-Men, mired in the still liquid magma days later. After some convincing, her father allowed her to go to America, to learn how to use her strange and terrifying powers.


Even after her experience in a regular Brazilian high school, Amara found America extremely strange and far more permissive than anywhere she'd experienced. The presence of adults who were not teachers - and certainly didn't behave the way teachers would behave - at the mansion made things even stranger, and Amara tended to hide herself away after some unpleasant experiences on the journals. School was also a disappointment, with a different academic standard and no girls' soccer team, a lack which she and Monica Rambeau agreed was 'not cool'. Amara's sense of dislocated also wasn't helped when, in early 2016, Amara discovered the existence of other dimensions and magic when she was part of a rescue party when several of their classmates were targeted by the Slenderchildren.

Keeping to herself and focussing on her studies, Amara completed her Junior year at Bayville Charter High and was glad for the summer vacation. A sightseeing trip with her friends turned into a battle against animal-themed mecha suits, and while the teens were successful, Amara went back home to see her father with a sense of relief. When he decided that she would remain in Brazil instead of returning to Xavier's, Amara agreed, even though her powers training was far from complete.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'4

Weight: 122lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Other Features: Single piercings in each ear.


Current abilities:

Amara has demonstrated that she can trigger existing fault lines, and activate a dormant volcano by calling up magma from deep within the ground. She has also survived being submerged in magma for days. The triggering of these powers are connected to her emotions, and she has yet to figure out how to use her powers when not in an emotional state.

Full extent:

Geokinesis: Amara can psionically control the movements of the tectonic plates that make up the Earth's crust. The area she will be able to manipulate is very small - about the radius of a few city blocks - and she will be able to create both small and large earthquakes in that area.

Pyrokinesis: Amara can create flames and throw around blasts of fire that do not contain any molten rock.

Geo thermokinesis: A twofold power, she can both call up magma from below the Earth's crust to create various sized spontaneous volcanoes and lava flows, and also create magma using a combination of nearby rocks and her pyrokinetic powers. She will one day be able to channel the molten rock into blasts of magma, telekinetically hurling the molten rock at her target.

Magma Form: When Amara uses either her pyrokinetic or magma manipulation powers, she manifests what she calls her 'Magma Form'. Surrounded by intensely bright and hot light, she is shielded from any external sources of heat or light and is not damaged by either her own light or external sources. While Amara is not affected by the heat of this form, her clothes are. Yes, embarrassing things can and will happen with this. She also does not seem to need to breathe while in this form, as any oxygen near her is eaten up by the flames before it gets into her lungs.

Gaia Connection: Amara has a very strong connection to the Earth, and will start to feel sick if she spends much time at certain altitudes - while buildings with several stories do not bother her, send her up in the air in a plane or flying by other means? Yeah, she doesn't do well. She can also get a general 'feel' for the earth in a small area - typically the same area she can influence with her geokinetic powers - and can sense various 'gaps' in them - tunnels, caves, subways, etc, and can tell the difference between a man made cavity or a natural fissure.

Control Issues: Amara's control of her powers is very strongly linked to her powers. Any loss of temper or other heightened emotion can trigger her powers.

As a side effect of her powers, Amara's core temperature tends to run a little higher than the average persons, and thus is very warm to touch. Summer tends to be a little easier on her since she is used to the heat, but oh god winter. She might be able to keep herself warm, but wind, rain and snow tend to knock her around a fair bit. Particularly snow. She is so not fond.




This version of the character is based on Magma from the X Men Evolution cartoon.

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Player Icon Base: Selena Gomez

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Nat played the Phase 1 version of Amara but decided to bring in a new version when she returned to the game in July 2015. She left again in September 2016.